Best Destinations to Visit in USA

February 4th, 2016 by Andy White

Destination, the actual thing which we want to travel with our family, loved ones, etc for our vacation. You might be thinking that why are we discussing about destinations to visit in USA. I know everyone would know about The United States. Well with the idol of Statue of Liberty, US is widely considered as the land of liberty. People visit this county for a lot reasons and they are also fond of knowing more and more about which are the best destinations to visit in USA. You would know the places I know but this article is beyond your imagination. This will very precisely explain you that you must visit to suchj places or the cities in USA which will no doubt is going to leave the best impact in your life.

The land of freedom, prosperity, democracy and many of the other things can be considered in just one country that is the United States. It is considered to be a vast nation which consists of many places but I know you might be thinking that to visit all such places is not possible. So you worries are ours and we would be glad sharing you that which are the best destinations to visit in USA by you. This article will help you to know better about USA which you are going to visit in for your vacation.

Best Destinations to Visit in USA

  • New York City

If you are going to visit New York which is situated in US than in accordance to my perception you cannot forget to visit the Times Square. Yes the most lively and active place which you can observe in the whole of USA. The people crowd which you can observe over there is the most interesting thing which you can observe in the Times Square. If you are asking me than I can say that the city never sleeps. The live atmosphere and the surrounding attract the most if the attraction who all is thinking of visiting the USA for their vacation. In accordance to my perception, if you are planning of visiting the New York City than mark my words you are going to get many excitements in your way and you vacation will turn into bright colors.


  • Orlando, Florida

As you are going for the best destinations to visit in USA, than how can you forget to visit the Orlando which is situated in Florida. In simple words I can say it as the home of magical kingdom. There are many things which you will experience if you are visiting Orlando in Florida. The most amazing thing which I know you must not leave to visit is the universal studios and the Disney World which is located in there. And if you are visiting the tour with your family than it is considered to be the best option which you can exercise. Mark my words that your dreams are going to come true if you are visiting it for the vacation spot. And many of the analysis have proved that Orlando is considered to be the most visited and attracted place in the whole of USA. And if you are planning of staying there than let me acknowledge you with the rates of the hotel ranges from 100$ to 300$ of three star hotels and many other options are there which you can exercise as it is considered amongst the best destinations to visit in USA.


  • Las Vegas, Nevada

Whether you are gambler or just want to enjoy the live city at the nigh and the shows, than mark my words Las Vegas is considered to be your toss. Yes, it is considered to be amongst the best destinations to visit in USA. Las Vegas is the most fabulous city which you can experience with your loved ones. The casino, lighting, food tastes, etc and enjoying the surroundings all over the city and many more things which you can experience in Las Vegas. Your kids are going to have fun because of the circus circus or the New York New York roller coaster is the fun part of visiting it. When it comes to staying into the hotel over there, than in accordance to my perception, Las Vegas is a bit costly to stay. But if you are finding for the perfect place to live than you can get it for cheaper rates or the charges of the hotels which is situates over there.


  • Los Angeles, California

I know it is surrounding so exiting that you are going to visit the best destinations to visit in USA. And amongst them one of the destinations which you can go for is the Los Angeles which is situated in California, USA. The Beverly Hills, the famous Hollywood Bowl, etc are only few of the attractions which you can experience in California. Mark my words California is much more than you are expecting it to be when you will visit it. Just imagine the walk aside the Venice beach, drinking bear at the Beverly Hills’ hotels, and many more things can get you increases on your trip which you have decided to visit in USA. And I know I am not wrong, your favorite celebs live in there. Who would miss watching where they live right? It’s like the dream come true if you are panning of having a trip to visit in Los Angeles which is situated in California, USA. The hotel rates are pretty much affordable as in fact guys it is Hollywood.


  • Denver, Colorado

The first thought which has been stricken up in your mind regarding visiting Denver which is situated in Colorado, USA is the skiing. But mark my words, Denver has much more and a lot of options with it which you can experience.  You can have the privilege of visiting the Botanic Garden, than the Denver zoo. From the Red Rock Amphitheater to the Coors Brewery tour, etc and many more things can be explored by you if you are planning of getting your vacation spend in Denver, Colorado, USA. But you must not forget to go with the fun snow activities like the snowmobiling, ice skating, tubing, etc and many more of those things. The hotels prices and it ranges from 100$ to 300$ which is like if you are going there for your vacation than it is worth spending such amount for the case of staying in Denver which is considered amongst the best destinations to visit in USA.


  • Anchorage, Alaska

You might be thinking that what is there in roaming in Alaska. But guys you will be astonished by reading it further. There are many of the fun things which you can exercise and explore if you are visiting Anchorage which is situated in Alaska. In accordance to my perception, Alaska is considered to be having coolest atmosphere and the adventure to explore is the best thing which you can observes by visiting Anchorage in Alaska. You can visit this place with your family and the country’s largest indoor water park is situated in there. Not only that but you can also explore the digging of dinosaurs bones in the Alaska’s museum of natural history. The hotels rates or the charges over here is less and you can also get the hotels for less than 100$ a day which is considered to be nothing when it comes of visiting the best destinations to visit in USA.


  • Honolulu, Hawaii

If you are thinking of spending your time of beach, sandy arena, building up sandy palaces on ground, then guess what Honolulu, which is situated in Hawaii is considered to be the best place which you can visit in USA. Honolulu, Hawaii is considered amongst the best destinations to visit in USA. Walking on the bay side of the beach, eating the cultural food of Hawaii, etc and many more things can be explore by you when you are visiting for your vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii. And in accordance to my perception, the best part of getting into Hawaiian beaches is to sit back and enjoy the moment of sunset with your loved ones or your family. It is considered to be the best part of your vacation. The hotel rents over the Hawaiian beach is ranging from 100$ to 400$ which is worth paying if you are thinking of going for the Hawaiian beach for your vacation trip.


  • Hershey, Pennsylvania

Who would not like chocolate? If you are chocolate lover than mark my words it is considered to be the best place for you which you can visit in the whole of USA. You can visit the Hershey Park and the chocolate world which is situated in the Hershey, Pennsylvania. Yes, I know your mouth might be watering right now but let me tell you, you cannot miss visiting this place because it is under the list of bets destinations to visit in USA. Not only is this but there many other things which you can explore in Hershey, Pennsylvania, which is situated in USA.

Lower Oneonta Falls, Oregon USA

January 14th, 2016 by M.J.

Lower Oneonta Falls, Oregon USAIf you are adventure lover then you must be hunting for the spots which give you such freaking adventurous experience. Lower Oneonta Falls is one such place which is full of adventure and thrill. There are plenty of waterfalls then you must be wondering this one? While exploring other waterfalls you might not experience the bit of haunted feeling, but you really want some haunted adventure you will cherish for the rest of your life the Lower Oneonta Falls is a must see spot.

While exploring this waterfall the most attractive things you will find is experiencing the Oneonta trail. In this specifically middle Oneonta falls and triple falls are spectacular to watch. The loud sound of rushing water will increase your curiosity to know what is deep down there in the waterfall. Lower Oneonta Falls is 100 feet deep and it surrounded by the cliffs which are steep vertical walled. There are fronted clear pools whose water is crystal clear. The water is so clean and clear that you can see the fish swimming in the middle of the submerged rocks. It is that clear. The cliffs, lush green plants and the giant waterfall with the loud noise will take you just to another world. The shape of the rocks is also such that you cannot take your eyes off it.

The falls are in the back of a narrow but still it manages to ne the most scenic and most popular waterfall in the Oregon. Lower Oneonta Falls sits on the head of the Oneonta gorge and thus it makes it really difficult and potentially challenging to access to this waterfalls. Even the climate is also ever changing and it is also a big hurdle in accessing this waterfalls. Lower Oneonta Falls gives a nice shower type effect when it plunges 120 feet down into the pool. The walls of Lower Oneonta Falls are 200 feet tall and you will definitely feel a little bit claustrophobic when you first watch it.

There is a small problem with Lower Oneonta Falls; the fall is penchant for logs to collect at a specific point throughout its length over past years. Going back into the previous years, the situation of Lower Oneonta Falls was better as there was a flat and almost uniform platform of pebbles and small rocks and it was much easier to stroll the length of it. It was so easy that many of the times you don’t even need to get wet. But the3n after of severe storms came and there was a log jammed near the mouth of the canyon which invited a creek and it start6ed pooling and shifting the rocks towards the opening. Now due to this there were several pools in between having water from knees to chest length through which you have to make your way or swim in order to reach the falls. In the months of winter and spring it is too dangerous to do so in fact it is practically impossible to do so. Also the log jam also become more dangerous in the past years and many people are drowned while trying to reach the fall.

Explore the natural beauty: Antelope Canyon, Arizona

January 13th, 2016 by M.J.

Antelope Canyon, ArizonaIf you are fond of exploring stunning natural beauty then antelope canyon is the best spot to visit. Antelope canyon is located in the Arizona on the Navajo Indian reservation. By far it is the most photographed canyon of America. It is total serene and mystical place. Not only serene and mystical, it is also sacred and spiritual place. It is nothing but a quiet reverence; you can realize the inner beauty of nature. Antelope canyon depicts the special work of art displayed by nature. It’s a blend of glowing and attractive pastel colors which gives a brilliant effect when mixed with cascading sunlight beams which illustrate the artistic collection of sculpted sand stones in various shapes, size and forms.

It is similar to a vibrant underground cathedral where each and every step predicts a different depth of brilliance and excellent contrast of natural elements. Close your eyes for a second and imagine a place which is evolving since millions and millions of years where flowing water and wind have carved the sacred stones of different colors. Yes, imagination is beautiful and the reality is even more splendid. Just think how ancient people would have been preserved this place and kept the beauty intact to gift the next generation this invaluable spot to see. Antelope canyon is just beyond your imagination it is that beautiful.

Upper antelope canyon

There are two slots of canyon, but upper antelope canyon is most visited among two. The upper antelope canyon is less narrow and has more level as compared to lower antelope canyon. This is a plus point bas it makes hiking at this spot much easier. There are no stars in this place and it makes it easier for children’s and those people with less ability to climb up. Most people consider upper antelope canyon better for photo session as the light beams falls perfectly on the floor and gives a good demonstration of fantasized colors. The end of the upper canyon is a t a wash and visitors have to walk all the way back to the entrance to exit.

Lower antelope canyon

Lower antelope canyon is comparatively much narrow and there are much more climatic changes here. It took over more than millions years to get this excellent array of colors. At the time of rain storms, water gets collected in the basin which is above the slot canyon. When it gets filled and overflows there is a flash flood which passes through the canyon, carving varied shapes of sandstone and making it look more beautiful. Thus old scenes are removed and new ones are formed thus it keeps on changing with every rain and flood.

Is there any dander getting trapped in new floods?

It is not good to lie that there is no danger; in fact there are fair chances to get trapped in the floods. Especially during rainy season many of the times there are heavy floods. So it’s advisable to see the weather forecast and visit antelope canyon only and only when it is safe and there is no chance of climatic change.

Interesting things to know About Mount Roraima, USA

January 12th, 2016 by Andy White

Mount RoraimaOhh, let’s talk about something interesting today right and so what would be more interesting than knowing about the Mount Roraima. Yes in today’s time, almighty has left some things and his creation is such manner that it dedicated its carving regarding designing the world. And Mount Roraima id one of his creation which human can have the privilege of visiting and enjoying the beautiful scenery which is being designed by god. Mount Roraima is exactly situated in the Venezuela which is situated in South America. Mark my words it is such a beautiful place which you yourself will think of visiting it again and again.

This article will help you to get accessed with the facts which you also don’t know about the mount Roraima and according to me, to know the things and the facts before you are visiting that place is very essential because it is going to increase your views and knowledge of getting more into it.

Interesting things to know about Mount Roraima

  • It is considered to be a humongous tepui, in simple words it is mountains which consists of tall sheer mountain which has its flat top surface. This thing is very weird; you will not find all the mountains having the same structure. If we take it for fun than a person can steadily stand of the top surface of the mountain because its summit consists of flat surface.
  • Mount Roraima is considered to be the biggest peak of mountain which is present in whole of South America. And one of the oldest formation of geological structure which according to my assumption is 2 million years old. And is considered the biggest attraction of South America.
  • The tepui is located on the same national park on which the largest falls are taking their place. You will find the largest water fall which is going through this mountain and is attraction most of the tourist to visit its place every year.
  • You will find the major attraction of tourist in the months of June to December; they can also access the help of boat to drive themselves to the river which is being present in the bottom of the mount Roraima.
  • Another interesting which you would love to read is, mount Roraima is considered to be the triple birder point, and you might be thinking that why this mountain is considered to be the triple border point well let me tell you. It is called such because its walls are of Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil.
  • Mount Roraima is considered of having one of the finest flora and fauna which you will not found all over the world.
  • As you have seen its images too, it is having the flat surface over the top of the summit, and it rains every day over the location, the water has just one way to pass off is towards the downwards. And mark my words this scenery is like picture capturing moment which you cannot miss to capture in your cameras.


Amazing Facts About Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

January 11th, 2016 by M.J.

Mendenhall Glacier, AlaskaLocated in Alaska, Mendenhall glacier is a breathtaking place, covered in blue and white where you can see the water running over the rocks under the extremely beautiful blue ceilings inside a partial hollow glacier. If you are interested in knowing more about this gorgeous eye pleasing place then here are some of the interesting facts about Mendenhall glacier which will leave you amazed with a feeling of visiting it as early as possible.

  • This glacier gives its best views on the overcast days. Mendenhall glacier remains closed in the month of April and in federal holidays.
  • Mendenhall glacier constantly keeps on moving like a river flowing downhill and forms the shape of the landscape as it moves.
  • Before getting this name Mendenhall glacier, it was named as Sitaantaagu by the native Tlingit Indians which meant the glacier behind the town after that it was named as Aak wtaaksit which meant the glacier behind the little lake. In the year 1888, it was again names as Auke glacier by a naturalist John Muir. Finally this place got its ultimate name in the year 1891 as Mendenhall glacier in honor of the famous American scientist Thomas Corwin Mendenhall. This glacier extends its source from Juneau ice field to Mendenhall River and lake.
  • The formation of Mendenhall Lake was due to melting of glaciers. It possesses a very unique eco system and this area is very famous for fishing.
  • This area is under little bit of tension regarding the rate at which this glaciers are melting. It is in danger as due to climatic condition and all human activities, glaciers are melting very faster and it is threatening the fresh water source of this area.
  • Mendenhall glacier is about 12 miles long and it is situated in the Mendenhall valley. It is exactly in the southeast of US in Alaska.
  • As it is a beautiful heritage, the surrounding area of 5815 acre is protected by the Mendenhall glacier recreational area. It is a federally designated unit of national forest of Tongass.
  • The glacier fronts at the terminus and the ice extends up to 150 to 250 feet under the water. It is very famous for ice skating during the winter months as it is covered with thick ice.
  • Mendenhall glacier is formed in the Juneau ice field which is around 3000 years old and this glacier is from one of the 38 glaciers which flow down the Juneau ice field.
  • Mendenhall glacier is the only glacier which is accessible by highway throughout the year.
  • This look spectacular because of its blue colored hue and it looks more amazing when it absorbs all the colors except blue and it reflects back as a spectrum. Your eyes would be wide open when you see these scenes.
  • The fauna and fauna f this place keeps on changing constantly because of the motion of the glaciers and thus it always looks different from the last time you saw it.

Fun Facts of Times Square, New York City

January 10th, 2016 by Andy White

The Times Square, New York CityWell, the Times Square, do I need to give any explanation about what are Times Square and its functioning? No right, everyone has the knowledge and why not it is worldwide famous too. Its crowd, its Shoppe, its food, the hectic area, cars honking and many other things, which you will observe if you are planning to visiting New York City and that too, to the Times Square. But I know you might not know all the facts about time square right?

Well, this article will going to help you out to know the interesting and in simple words the fun facts which you would love to know regarding the Times Square before visiting it. Like its major intersection, the crowd which visits Times Square every year, etc things which you would find interesting to know about. The further discussion of facts of Times Square is as under.

Fun facts about Times Square

  • You know Times Square is the major intersection of and a neighborhood of midtown Manhattan which is now being transferred into walking pedestrian for people and the Seventh Avenue.
  • There are many other names through which Times Square is being named like the Crossroads of world, the center of Universe, The Great White way, etc and many other names through which it is known in different countries and all across the world.
  • The Times Square is considered to be the world’s busiest pedestrian crossroad and the major intersection of the well known industry which is being situated in Times Square. Well keep your pockets full if you are visiting Times Square because it is well famous and costly too to take a pace.
  • You won’t believe but approximately 335000 people travel through that Times Square intersection on the daily basis, which is very huge according to the calculation. I know you might be thinking upon it right.
  • If we are discussing about the history than let me tell you that Times Square was considered to be the Center of New York’s carriage industry in the year of 1872.
  • As you have noticed a rapid growth of the economy, Times Square has also grown on a speed. It is now considered the hub for entertainment, fashion, theaters, huge malls, etc which can be considered as the biggest attraction for the visitors who are visiting the Times Square.
  • You know that the Times Square has its own Visitor center and the museum which is kept free of cost for the visitors who are planning to visit it.
  • How can I forget to discuss about the dropping of the ball. Yes we all know about it. On the New Year’s Eve millions of people get congregate to enjoy the ball dropping. This is celebrated since long time in the Times Square.
  • This ball is dropped from the pole which is considered to be 25-story of height. And this experience you cannot miss to watch if you are going to visit the Times Square in the New Year’s Eve.

Fun Facts About St. Louis

January 9th, 2016 by M.J.

St louisBeing the second largest city in the Missouri, St Louis is located along the Mississippi River. This city is totally independent that means it is not part of any country. This is an extremely beautiful city and by knowing these amazing facts, you will be in depth knowing this city and want to travel and explore it.

  • Louis is built on the top of the network of caves. These caves was very useful over the years for hiding spot for slaves, a place for localities to rouse a toast and cool their beer and escaping through the underground railroad. It was useful for smuggling when it was strictly prohibited.
  • It possesses the tallest national monument, the gateway arch. It is about 630 feet’s high. It is not only high it is wide as well. It is spanning 630 feet between the outside legs at the ground level.
  • Every year, around one million visitors decide to take a ride at the top of the arch in a tram car which is enclosed. While the rest three million prefers to stay at the ground only and watch others going that high. This arch possesses set of stairs which is 1076 steps in total but it is only during emergency maintenance.
  • There is a key stone of the arch which contains a time capsule along with the signatures of 762000 school children of St Louis.
  • People of St Louis are very fond of barbecue. The most of the per capita income of this city is generated from barbecue. They can slather this barbecue style in any kind of meat but pork steaks are most popular among them.
  • You would be glad to know that 7 up were also invented by St Louis. A salesman of St Louis named Charles Lipper Grigg invented 7 up in the year 1929.
  • Pepper which was invented in Waco was introduced to the public in St Louis only in the year 1904. It was introduced in the year 1904 in St Louis world’s fair.
  • The waffle cone which we all love to eat was also invented by St Louis in St Louis world’s fair only. This invention was out of a necessity, an ice vendor was short of cups so he turned to nearby waffle vendor and the idea of waffle cone came into existence.
  • Other food stuff like hot dog, hamburgers, iced tea, cotton candy, peanut butter and puffed wheat cereal were also introduced in the world fair only in St Louis.
  • The very old and famous gas balloon race, the Gordon Bennett was held for the second time ever in 1907 in St Louis.
  • The famous mercury and Gemini space capsules were built in St Louis By McDonnell Aircraft Corporation.
  • The cathedral basilica of St Louis has largest collection of mosaic art. Its walls and ceiling depict the great and immense beauty of mosaic art.
  • The first kindergarten in US was established in St Louis in the year 1873.

Best Tourists Attractions in Dallas, United States

January 8th, 2016 by Andy White

Dallas, which is situated in Texas, United States is such a city which has all its history which will impress you to get coordinated with it. Its history is the evidence about its formation and its successful tourism which has taken place in days. There are many stories which you will love to hear about Dallas. Until the civil world war which took place in United Sates, Dallas was overshadowed by its sister city named Fort Worth but after its pace it grew rapidly. The city than grew and its core earning path was depending upon grains, cotton, oil, etc but during the post war it was considered the attraction for the insurance companies and the bankers. This was considered to be its history and there are further many things which must sound interesting to you if you will read it more about Dallas, Texas.

This article will help you to know more about Dallas, yes there are many other things which you must visit and is considered to be the best attraction of Dallas for the tourist who are planning of visiting it.

Best Attractions in Dallas, Texas, USA

The Reunion TowerThe Reunion Tower, well if you are visiting Dallas than you must know its famous things and places which you can have the glance. The reunion tower is considered to be its status symbol of Dallas, which is very interesting and rich in knowing it. You would glad to know that this tower was completed in the year 1978 which is like very much old and still having its pace stagnate as the symbol of Dallas. I know its structuring is very different than other towers; it is appearing of having the geodesic ball on the top surface of the building which is supported with five cylindrical poles. Most amazing thing which you will notice is it is 560 feet lighted up all night which makes you feel fantastic on seeing it.

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical GardenThe Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, yes, I know you might have seen many garden all over the world but this garden has its facts which you cannot miss seeing and visiting it once you are visiting Dallas. It is situated just minutes from the downtown Dallas, which is spread over 66 acre of space. This garden is worldwide famous for its seasonal flowers, the shrubs, collection of plants and trees. And is also considered to be the best garden amongst the list of famous gardens of world. You will find most of the tourists get attracted to watch this garden when they are visiting Dallas.

The Nasher Sculpture CenterThe Nasher Sculpture Center, you cannot miss to look and go for the sculpture center which is situated in Dallas. There are many benefits and mark my words you are going to feel so good by visiting it. It was opened in the year 2003 which is considered of having the first rated modern and contemporary sculptures. You can have the fun of visiting the art gallery which is situated in there and can have the privilege of knowing the customs with the blend of their culture and history in Dallas.       

Best Places to Visit in California

January 7th, 2016 by Andy White

If you are thinking of for having you vacation spends on the beach area or you want to enjoy it in crowed town. I know confused right? Well, you confusion can be given a break. Yes you have got such a place which can be considered as the best place to hang out and let your families and you get relaxed. It is none other than California. In simple words California is considered to be the place where you can get nutshell things which you want to enjoy in your life. So if you are visiting to California than buckle up your shoes because it is going to be the crazy vacation of yours.

Not only are the beaches of the town but there many other things which you can visit if you are planning of going for vacation to California. This article will help you to get accessed to different place which you can visit in California with your family or friends.

Places to visit in California

The Catalina IslandThe Catalina Island, if you are going for California for your vacation, you must visit to the Catalina Island which is situated in California. It is 22 miles away from the Los Angeles and it is perfect spot if you are planning to take your spouse for honeymoon. Not only that but it is considered to be good spot to enjoy if you are visiting it with your family. This island has two major population attraction one is the harbors area and the second one is the Avalon area. Most of the tourist stays in the Avalon area. Reaching this island is very easy, you can take the bus, or boat, or taxis for getting it there.

The Sequoia and Kings Canyon National ParksThe Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, these are the famous national parks which are very well famous for their enormous giant sequoia trees which you will only found in these national parks. You might be thinking that why am I discussing about it but you must know the fact behind it. These trees can grow 300 feet in height and 100 feet wide. Yes it is very huge in calculations. These parks are also the home for the wildlife habitat of California

The Napa ValleyThe Napa Valley, the tourist who is in love with the wines, will definitely going to love over here. Napa valley is considered to be well famous for the wines in United States. Camping grounds with best bears and wines in hand is the best experience you would love to do, right? Well all your wishes are going to come true, you can now get the best accommodation service and hotels at Napa valley.


The Death ValleyThe Death Valley, ohh, the word is very scary right but it’s not such at all. It is considered to be the desert which is located in the Mojave Desert. It encompasses of Death Valley national park, and supplies with many historical and natural sites which can be loved by the tourist. There is no other place like Death Valley in whole of California. The unique desert landscape is one of the interesting aspect of death valley which is situated in California.

Vacation Spots In Mexico, USA

January 6th, 2016 by M.J.

Most of the industry of tourists in Mexico is set around resorts ion the Caribbean se and Pacific Ocean. There several beach destination which was town before but now it gains popularity as tourist destination. Having a vacation time in Mexico always refers to crystal clears water, crystalloid sands, Dazzling sunsets, romantic walks and picnic with family. In short Mexico is such a destination which you can enjoy with any person of your choice or any person of any age group. If you are with your soul mate, you can have some unforgettable memories, if you are with your friends you can have some crazy experiences or if you are with your family you can wonderful and sweet vacation with them which will adore in future. Here are some of the vacations spots which you will love to visit in Mexico.

  • Cancun

CancunExtremely famous vacation spot, Cancun lies on the Caribbean coast of Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. Cancun is such a destination which is mixture of fabulous beaches, world class resorts, modern attractions and Mayan ruins. But what makes Cancun one of the best spot in Mexico is its all year beautiful weather. Cancun has the same beauty throughout the year whenever visited. The hotel zone of Cancun is built up entirely around the tourist industry. There are all inclusive resorts which gives the perfect stay with all facilities you desire of. Visit the downtown area which is more popular as El centro, it gives you the feel of authentic Mexico with Mexican tuned restaurants, clubs, bars and markets.


  • Los Cabos

Los cabosLos cabos a lovely vacation spot of Mexico is regarded as the marlin sport fishing capital of the world. It has gained popularity very rapidly over some of the last decades. Los cabos is basically made up of two towns, San Jones and san Lucas. These towns are divided by the twenty miles of highway known as “the corridor”. The town of cabo sane José is traditional one with quite and serene beauty relaxed atmosphere and elegant ambience.  While on the other hand san Lucas is all about luxury, resorts, glamorous restaurants, night life, exciting parties and all. Cabo san lucas is also well known for its natural spots for attraction.


  • Tulum

TulumTulum is well known for two things archaeology ruins and Caribbean beaches. It is a beautiful walled city. Tulum is one of the last cities which were built by Mayans and it is situated on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is one the best preserved spot of Mayan on the east coast on Mexico. The ruins of this Tulum offer some of the best views of the Caribbean Sea. Apart from this travelers can take fun from activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and sun bath. You can have an excellent day trip to the ruins from Cancun. Thus take fun from beach activities and enjoy the eye pleasing sunset sitting on the sandy beach.