What Is The Best Time To Book A Flight

November 5th, 2014 by cooldude

flight bookingEvery traveller’s holy grail is to look for flights and the rates from time to time. The destination which has almost 100 routes is bound to be clustered with bookings but destinations to where the flights are limited do not get easy booking. Research conducted in U.K suggests that flight booking should take place 53 days in advance. On an average this would make your rate cheap by 29%. Apart from the days time of the flight also matters. Earlier Tuesday was supposed to be the cheapest day for travel but now Sunday has become the new cheapest day to travel.

According to Airlines Reporting Corporation, the fares of domestic flights should be booked 8 weeks before as it gives you 19% less than the average price. It s a myth that booking early fetches you cheaper flights rather it will give you the desired seat that you want. Today the flight discounts have become flexible and on any given occasion the rates are cheaper and on some occasions high. The flight tickets booking from Asian countries vary from that of American and European countries. While in Asia weekdays usually fetch goo drates in flights in outside countries weekends are cheaper. Certain steps that you should follow to get the best deals are as follows:-

• Advance planning by signing up for alerts of e-mails- for going to a specific destination you have to enrol in the cheapest flight alert category. Best prices are provided by the Airfare Watchdogs both in the case of departure and arrival so make sure that you look into both. Variation occurs in domestic as well as in international flights but booking it early is safe.

• Time when the flights are cheap- usually on Monday night the airlines post the sale of the week for flight rates. Then on the succeeding days the prices are matched of the competitor’s sale. Search for best deals on Tuesday and Wednesdays. During vacations the prices are usually high so booking the flight early is good.

• Browsing through sites of aggregate for fares- there are too many sites for airline travelling and tours but there are calendars that are provided and hence you can check the price time and again. Nearby airports are also included in your search category. You have to take care that not all airlines are included so you have to go to the specific sites and search.

• Shop for flight tickets thinking that you are from different country- it is often the case that purchasing for air tickets not from your home country saves you lot of money. If you want to go to Thailand from America then you should check the price from Thailand airlines as that makes sense.

At times you get plain, lucky when the deals are announced and given in newspapers and it makes it less of a hassle for you to travel by flight. Business class and economic class usually have offers at different times.

Things To Do In New York

September 14th, 2014 by cooldude

travel new yorkUnited States of America is home to some of the most beautiful and popular places in the world. One of these places is the city of New York. If you are visiting New York for the very first time then you must realize the fact that it is almost impossible to visit all the wonderful highlights of New York City in a short span of time. In the same way, even if you have visited the city earlier, you will find something interesting to do in New York in your next trip as well. This article will put forward certain mind boggling things that you can do in New York City.

• You have to walk down the High Line which is a park stretching from the Meatpacking District right through Chelsea. The park has been constructed on a previously elevated and derelict railway track and it is around 1.45 mile long. The beauty of the High Line has been revived with the help of gorgeous water features, pathways and gardens.

• Viewing the magnificent Statue of Liberty either from the Staten Island Ferry or Battery Park is something that you must not miss. You must even ascent it and catch the glimpse of New York City from a height of about 151 feet.

• New Yorkers always brag about the pizzas that are made in their city. So if you are fond of pizzas then you must make it a point to visit some of the famous pizza joints in New York such as Patsy’s Pizzeria, Lombardi’s etc.

• Central Park is considered to be the natural gem of New York City. Things that you can do in Central Park are: horseback riding, rollerblading, jogging, bike riding etc.

• In case you are an art lover or just want to witness the true beauty of art then you should stop by the Metropolitan Museum of Art as it houses some of the exceptional expressionist and medieval masterpieces along with an amazing Egyptian temple.

• A stroll down the quiet neighborhood of the West Village will surely be memorable for you. Highlights in the village include Magnolia Bakery, Spotted Pig, Jefferson Market Courthouse and so on.

• Those of you who just love eating must stop by the Eataly which is basically a perfect combination of Italian food arcade and gourmet market.

• In order to get acquainted with the true spirit of New York City you have to visit Times Square and enjoy the flashing Jumbotrons, ruby-red giant stairs, neon lights etc.

• Witness the beauty of New York’s skyline and its historic energy by taking a stroll down the pathway on the Brooklyn Bridge.

• Visit the night clubs, discos, bars and so on in the city to get a closer glimpse of the happening night life in New York City.

• You can very freely and happily indulge in window shopping in New York by visiting places such as Upper West Side, Barney’s, Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Diamond District, Broadway, Columbus Avenue etc.

5 Things To Look For Before Choosing A Hotel

August 8th, 2014 by cooldude

hotel bookingWhen you plan a vacation, the most important factor on your mind is the place you will be staying or as we call it the ‘Hotel’. What you have to do is that you need to think of all the things that you want in the hotel. Make a list of your needs and then search for a hotel. You will be getting a variety of options and so filtering for the best option is very necessary. Below are a few points that you need to keep in mind before choosing a place to stay:

• Location: This is very important. Location says it all. The proximity to beaches, parks, tourist spots, markets play a very important role in choice of a hotel. A family vacation would call for all these things to be near so that you can spend your time with fun but in case you are on a business visit, the proximity to a township is more important.

• Facilities: The importance of facilities depends on what kind of a trip you are on. A family trip would probably need a park, kids club or even a swimming pool. A business trip needs a good Wi-Fi connection and also some secretarial services. Just in case you are accompanied by your pet, you will also need a hotel that allows them and also offers services for them.

• Transportation: this is a very important point. You should check if there is enough parking spaces in case you are travelling in your own car. You should also see whether the hotel itself has itsshuttle service to airports, tourist spots, etc. look for a taxi service or any kind of transport facility that is available nearby.

• Value for money: see what the hotel has to offer you for the money that you are paying. Value added services like laundry and 24 hours room service is a very important factor. Think of all the facilities you need and see whether such facilities are included in the rate. This is just a precautionary measure so that you do not have to pay extra for anything. Compare the rates given by different hotels with the same facilities. Sometimes the hotels offer deals or discounts just to compete with another hotel. Grab such an offer.

• Reviews: There are websites for this work. A lot of hotels have customer feedback websites and you can find reviews there. Tourist reviews are generally the best way to get an idea of the accommodation and amenities the hotel has to offer. Check what is there about the hotel staff being family friendly and what things are provided in the rooms, for example-telephone, refrigerators, air conditioning (in warm places) and room heaters (in cold places). See what is written about the room service like whether it is prompt or not.

This is a general guidance on what you should look for before selecting a hotel to stay. Do not be shy to ask about your queries. Hope you have a lovely time.

Top 5 festivals of India

May 1st, 2014 by cooldude

festivals of IndiaThe most typical of all the items that are required for Indian Festivals are colors, dance, prayers, songs, oil lamps and lots of sweets. The vast Indian subcontinent is comprised of various religions that celebrate their own festival in different manner. There are various religions in India namely, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Christianity, Parsian etc. Some festivals are unique that are celebrated only by the local people while the others are celebrated throughout the nation. Some of the most celebrated festivals of India are mentioned below:

1. Durga Puja and Dussehra: Durga Puja is one of the most celebrated and biggest festivals of the Hindus in India. In this festival the Goddess of Power, Goddess Durga is worshipped. Though it is a ten day festival, the main offerings and rituals are performed at the last six days. The end is marked by the tenth day which is known as the Dashami or Dussehra. This festival is generally held in between the months of September to November. This is mostly celebrated in East India as well as in cities like Karnataka and Delhi. Hence it can be said that this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. Knows by different names in different regions of India. Navratri in the Western region, Durga Puja in the eastern region.

2. Diwali: This is the festival of lights. Diwali is celebrated throughout the country, by different religions in their own way. But the history behind Diwali being celebrated is the same for all the religions which talks about the victory of Lord Rama over the evil, Ravan. Usually it is a five day celebration and each has its own meaning and history.

3. Ramzan Eid (Id-Ul-Fitr):
The word Id means Festivity and Fitr stands for the braking of the fasting period. This day marks the end of the whole month of fasting for the Muslims. This day is celebrated with seeing the new moon. All the Muslims worship the Almighty Allah. It is a three day celebration. This is a world wide celebrated festival.

4. Holi: Holi is the festival of colours. It specifies the victory of good over evil deeds. It occurs on a full moon day in the month of March each year. It originated from Mathura at Vrindavan which is Lord Krishna’s birth place and is celebrated across the country. People smear each others face with ‘abir’ (colorfull powder).

5. Janamashtami: It is the day of birth of Lord Krishna. It is dependent on the cycles taken by the moon. It usually occurs during August to September. Fasting is done until midnight when the Lord was born. Many devotees travel to pilgrimage on this day.

Travel to Lucca in Italy

February 28th, 2014 by cooldude

Lucca in ItalyItaly offers a group of destinations which are the main spot for the travelers. Lucca city has been regarded as one of the cities in Italy with most of the amazing attractions. This tiny city in Italy is positioned between Florence and Pisa townships. Most of the people like to visit this city because of its exceptional historical tombstone and sightseeing. These constructions signify the skill and architectural features of the prehistoric people of Italy Lucca.

• Lucca has many stunning attractions. Starting with churches, the Romanesque churches, the duomo of San Martino, the church of San Michele, the Basilica of San Fradiano are some of the famous churches to visit. Basilica of San Frediano bears in mind, the first Roman premature churches. The mosaic on the frontage is superb, as well as the frescoes by Bolognese Amico Aspertini within the church. In the duomo of San Michele the tourist are astounded by the loveliness and elegance of fifteenth century shrine dedicated to iilaria del Cerrito and also to the ascetic somberness of ghirlandaios sacra Conversazione.

• Some of the palaces show the affluent creativity and architectural drawing of the early people of Lucca. These palaces represent the dignified life of the ancient people. For example Palazzo Ducale palace is also recognized as Palazzo Della Signoria. This palace is one of the main magnetism of this city.

• Some other attractions of this city are the muesems. For instance Museo National di Villa Guinigi is one of the popular museums in Lucca city where a group of artwork of the early period of the middle ages to the 18th century has been conserved. There is also an array of mountains and garfagnana which provides a series of beautiful sceneries for the tourists. Beach of versilia Riviera is one of the amazing beaches where you can relax.

Because of the various lodging services of the Lucca city in Italy, it is considered as the destination of variety. The deluxe boutique hotels are some of the expensive adjustments. There are villas, farmhouses and castles where you can stay. Many of the tourists take advantage of villa holiday package to tour this city as they are the most inexpensive accommodations of Lucca and experience the rare excitement from the series of tourist attractions. The famous residences and the relias are also parts of Lucca housing facilities. The relias and historic residences are mainly situated in the notable city of Lucca.

Places To See In Gothenburg, Sweden

February 2nd, 2014 by cooldude

Gothenburg, SwedenThis city being the largest port in Scandinavia is home to a million thousand people who live here. This is a busy city with no rest for ships and flight traffic buzzing into the city continuously at random timings. Gothenburg is also blooming with tourists throughout the year and there are a lot of spots which make Gothenburg an amazing place to visit in Sweden itself.

Southern Goteborg Archipelago:
except for the fact that everything here remains shut during the winter months it is a complete treat during the summer months. There are kayaks which are offered on rent and allowed to be taken into the water on your own and enjoyed to the fullest.

Liseburg Amusement Park:
this place is a treat for people of any age group and is also the largest amusement park in all of Scandinavia. There are flowers of various kinds to fill in the background, fast roller coasters for adults and children, children’s carousels and musical entertainment provided by renowned artists.
The botanical garden: also called the Botaniska Trädgården is the largest botanical garden in Sweden. A bamboo grove and 12000 plant species find a home in this beautiful floral saving park. A greenhouse with exotic species, a rock garden, herb garden and bulb garden are also featured here.

Kungsportsavenyn also the main street of Gothenburg is also known by the name of the Avenyn meaning avenue. This is like the main street of every place where people go to shop and eat after the whole day of sightseeing. A whole range of food with varying price tags can be found on this street and you can shop for your necessities too.

Slottsskogen means the ‘castle forest’. Over here people mostly come to visit the natural museum, a family park and a children’s zoo.

Popular Beach Destinations In Asia

January 2nd, 2014 by cooldude

Beach Destinations In AsiaAsia is home to some of the best of beaches of the world. Whether you are planning a beach honeymoon or in a mood for a fun-filled beach retreat, the oriental beaches are ready to cater promising best of experiences. The article here is a little bit on the popular beach destinations in Asia.


Lombok in Indonesia is famous for its Senggigi beach which is a true paradise with pristine sandy stretch and cool blue water. . The good bit is that Lombok carries a versatile range of tourist interests. Albeit a fair share of Lombak beaches are renowned for their serenity and tranquil ambience yet you will also find a handful of beaches here bustling with great shopping stalls & other amusing venues.


When you are looking for best Asian beach destinations, you cannot miss out on Thailand’s Ko Samui. Chaweng Beach is the most visited destination here which is popular for its adventure packed beach antics for the tourists. You will love blue waters and soft sand bordering the beach- moreover there are awesome Thai eateries, an electrifying nightlife and shops waiting for you just behind the Chaweng.


Then, obviously you have Langkawi from Malaysia which is loved for its beautiful private beaches perfectly suited for those in mood for a tranquil gateway, far away from the hustle bustle of daily life. The Tanjung Rhu is the most famous beach in Langkawi which never fails to mnesmerize with its true postcard beauty. Tanjung is really wide and looks magical with deep ocean blue waters, palm trees and soft sandy stretch. The beach has got a single resort only and hence you are guaranteed of the much desired space and privacy amidst beautiful surrounds. In fact, this Langkwai beach is ideal for the newly married honeymooning couples.

Visit To Prague

December 28th, 2013 by cooldude

Visit To PragueThe capital city of Czech Republic- Prague is a very enchanting city because it has a history that is extremely fascinating. In the past, Prague was a communist city. However, today Prague symbolizes freedom in the best possible manner. This city is home to lively modern cafes and shops, beautiful cathedrals, ancient castles, medieval bridges and other architectural wonders. Prague is considered to be the timeless and classic city of Europe. You will actually witness a perfect blend of ancient and contemporary world in this mesmerizing city of Czech Republic.

You should make it a point to stop by the district of Old Town in Prague which is filled with sights such as the Old Town Square, Jan Hus Statue, Astronomical Clock, Museum of Communism, Museum of Czech Cubism and so on. Also make sure that you visit the Charles Bridge because the views that you will behold from this bridge are extremely gorgeous and picturesque.

Your holiday to Prague will be incomplete if you do not visit the Prague Castle because it is the oldest castle that was constructed sometime in the 19th century. Currently, the Prague Castle is home to the Czech Republic President. St. Vitus’s Cathedral situated in the center of the Prague Castle is a truly a masterpiece.

If you like visiting museums then do visit the National Museum of Prague as it houses around fourteen million artistic works and artifacts. You can even stop by the National Technical Museum if you have time.

In case you are an animal lover then you must go to the Prague Zoo which consists of around six hundred and ninety species of animals. Remember to visit the Petrin Tower in Prague as it has strong resemblance to Paris’s Eiffel Tower. Some other tourist attractions in Prague are the Jewish Quarter, Dancing House, the Lennon Wall and so on.

Going to Madagascar to meet Alex and Marty

December 26th, 2013 by cooldude

trip to MadagascarMadagascar is a picturesque island situated off the east coast of the African continent, amidst the mighty Indian Ocean. Its grand heritage of flora and fauna along with some of the most idyllic landscapes has made Madagascar one of the most spectacular visual treats. You must have relished the 2005 comedy classic “Madagascar” where its 2 principle characters Alex the lion and Marty the zebra were shipwrecked on the island with their other fellow zoo inmates- if you are interested to meet them in Madagascar and explore the beauty of the island here goes a list for your Madagascar must-visit itinerary.

Ranomafana National Park

It’s one of the most significant tourist attractions in Madagascar. You will surely love the eastern edge of the park which is oh-so-scenic with countless streams flamboyantly gushing through dense woods. The park is the abode for the nearly extinct gold bamboo lemur. The park is situated in Ranomafana village and hence the name.

Masoala National Park

Located in northeastern side of Madagascar, the very national park promises a true beautiful vista with its dense rainforest stretching across 250 miles, including 3 marine parks. Masoala is famous for its lemur habitation and preserves 10 species of the animal including the biggest nocturnal primate of the world- Aye-aye. Besides, you will also enjoy the versatile range of birds encompassing the park as well as several reptiles. The marine parks, namely, Ambodilaitry, Tampolo and Ifaho offers kayaking and snorkeling adventures for the tourists here.

Royal Ambohimanga Hill

It’s the seat for Malagasy royalty and is considered as an auspicious site for the locales here. The archaic historical village had been existent since centuries- the most spectacular feature of the ancient imperial site is its Mahandrihono compound with solid rosewood walls. The compound houses several artifacts of the great Madagascar royal King Andrianampoinimerina.

A trip to Ireland

December 9th, 2013 by cooldude

trip to IrelandIreland is a small country but it offers a gorge of places to travel. Unless you have some knowledge about local places you cannot plan for a trip to foreign country. Some attractive spots in Ireland to visit are as follows:-

Dublin city- Dublin is Ireland’s capital city. It was founded as a Viking settlement and offers plentiful sight attractions to keep you busy for several days. Visitors can enjoy the open bus tour or they can hire a bicycle which can be found at various selected points operated by the local council. If you are young then only visit temple bar at weekends.

The lakes of killarney and ring of Kerry- Killarney is most famous end for north American tourist, and if you want to enjoy the coastal scenery, incredible mountain landscape, old world monuments, and the calm old world charm of killarney’s lakes castles then this is the perfect place to visit.

Glendalough- This is regarded as the garden of Ireland. Here you will find one of the most vital early Christian sites. Glendalough settings are simply good looking and are tucked in a valley beside calm lakes.

The hill of Tara- It is well significant to visit and the exceptional audiovisual show in the church will help to understand the meaning of this site.

Cliffs of Moher- It is regarded as on of the most fabulous coastal areas in Ireland, the cliffs of moher presents a pure drop of more then 650 ft to the Atlantic Ocean.

Bun ratty castle and folk park- It was originally built by O’Brien family has undergone wide renovation with no secured expense’s medieval banquet is offered very evening complete with period entertainment. The folk park next to the castle provides a distinctive sight into Ireland’s past.