5 Things to do in Vienna

Vienna is basically a city that relishes its past, and many of the attractions for proving its beauty. Whether you’re really interested in watching for the classical music compassed by Vienna’s Mozart, long-reigning Habsburg family or simply watching around for its architects and sculptures, Vienna is almost having many of the things for keeping your most entertained for many of the days. Well, visiting Vienna will not at all let you down as its beauty and aesthetic looks will surely increase the tendency of visiting the place again and again. Are you looking for things to do in Vienna? Here is the list of best pick-ups of the art galleries, museums, drinking dens and lunch spots that will surely prove beneficial for the travelers visiting for the first time!

Time to visit and do certainly some of the best, things to do in Vienna. Make yourself free and let loose for enjoying the best parts of Vienna. Don’t forget to shoot some of the best scenic views that you might not get to watch again!

Vienna – Things to do:

Enjoy the flea market bargain:

Have you heard about the largest flea market in Vienna? Vienna’s largest open air food market is something that might increase your interest of exploring more of Vienna. It is called by the name of Naschmarkt. It is open from Monday to Saturday. You can simply start exploring it taking a round of the things that you find interesting in the market.

Admire the stalls bounty, taking from the pickles to the bucket of tulips, plump and wines, Tewa or Do-An or simply can stop by the place for enjoying a nice full meal breakfast. Well, it’s advisable of getting to the market by 7 on Saturday for bargaining the best price. Along with the market you can also look for beautiful Otto Wagner Houses. They are the construction that is embossed with flowers and vines.

Exploring Vienna’s favorite film:

The Third Man movie
Poster of The Third Man movie

When it comes for enjoying the things to do in Vienna, how can we forget to have a look over the city’s oldest and a tribute to the classic film. The Third Man Private Collection houses have some of the best collection of The Third marginalia and many of the documentation on the aftermath of the war that was observed in the past of Vienna.

There are many of the themes, posters, star portraits from worldwide of the chronicle movie’s marketing and some of the unforgettable galleries of rogues’ secondaries. You can also take the advantage of hearing the haunting theme tune of the original zithers and also can grab the opportunity of watching for the spin-offs like lighters, board games and clocks.

Even, there is a new section presented for fascinating and making you aware with the insight life into post-World War 2 of Vienna under the power of four occupations. Travelers have the chance of enjoying a film on German Ernemann 1963 in the form of projectors.


Almdudler is basically an Australian soft drink that is prepared by using apple juice and grapes. Well, I can say it simply tastes like ginger ale. But a bit sweeter with more amount of flavors of fruit. It also looks like somewhat ginger ale too. Well, you can call it as the national drink for Austria. It is considered to be very much popular in Vienna.

The second most popular drink after Almdudler is Coke. Even, you can get the chance of drinking it the way you want to. You can get them still, carbonated and even sugar free. I know you might get a little bit surprised, but you can also get to drink a beer version of it! No doubt it is said that it is being exported all surrounding the world, but the joy of drinking it in Vienna on the streets and in the local stores is something that you should not miss at all.

Visit the Viennese Vino:

You might not know this but it is included in the list of things to do in Vienna. The eight square kilometer of vineyards that is located in the boundaries of Vienna is termed to be the world’s largest wine growing and producing capital city.

It is among the most extensive and rich area that consists of varied types of wine producing crops. While visiting Vienna, you can simply explore the place by joining the Viennese for spending an evening in Heuriger. It is among the scores of some rustic wine taverns located among the vineyards. It’s advisable of gathering certainly some knowledge before you head ahead to the vineyards. This will help you in knowing the information which is offered and shared while visiting it.

Further if you go into the vineyards, there are higher chances of capturing some of the breathtaking views that simply make your trip to be one of the memorials amongst all.

Don’t miss the aerial view of Vienna:

Giant wheel - Vienna
View of Giant wheel – Vienna

It is well said, no trip to Vienna is complete if you’re not gathering and enjoying a trip for an aerial view of the entire city Vienna. It the ride of the 19th century Riesenrad or you can also call it as the giant ferris wheel that is featured in the movie, “The Third Man”

Well, it is the only remains of the work of the British engineer Walter Basset who basically construct wheels for London, Paris and even for Blackpool. The construction of the giant wheel was completely in the years of 1898. It basically takes more than 20 minutes for completing a single round. It functions with gentle feel and approximately has 15 to 16 wooden gondolas in the giant wheel. If you want to enjoy the highest thrill, its highest peak point if 65 meters that is approximately 214 feet high up in the sky.

You can also explore the city by borrowing a car on rent and roam around the city ion your own. This will not only let you roam freely but you can also capture some of the breathtaking scenic views in your camera.

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