5 Things To Look For Before Choosing A Hotel

Choosing a hotel on its reception counter
Booking a hotel at its reception

When you plan a vacation, the most important factor on your mind is the place you will be staying or as we call it the ‘Hotel’. What you have to do is that you need to think of all the things that you want in the hotel. Make a list of your needs and then search for a hotel. You will be getting a variety of options and so filtering for the best option is very necessary. Below are a few points that you need to keep in mind before choosing a place to stay:

• Location: This is very important. Location says it all. The proximity to beaches, parks, tourist spots, markets play a very important role in choice of a hotel. A family vacation would call for all these things to be near so that you can spend your time with fun but in case you are on a business visit, the proximity to a township is more important.

• Facilities: The importance of facilities depends on what kind of a trip you are on. A family trip would probably need a park, kids club or even a swimming pool. A business trip needs a good Wi-Fi connection and also some secretarial services. Just in case you are accompanied by your pet, you will also need a hotel that allows them and also offers services for them.

• Transportation: this is a very important point. You should check if there is enough parking spaces in case you are travelling in your own car. You should also see whether the hotel itself has itsshuttle service to airports, tourist spots, etc. look for a taxi service or any kind of transport facility that is available nearby.

• Value for money: see what the hotel has to offer you for the money that you are paying. Value added services like laundry and 24 hours room service is a very important factor. Think of all the facilities you need and see whether such facilities are included in the rate. This is just a precautionary measure so that you do not have to pay extra for anything. Compare the rates given by different hotels with the same facilities. Sometimes the hotels offer deals or discounts just to compete with another hotel. Grab such an offer.

• Reviews: There are websites for this work. A lot of hotels have customer feedback websites and you can find reviews there. Tourist reviews are generally the best way to get an idea of the accommodation and amenities the hotel has to offer. Check what is there about the hotel staff being family friendly and what things are provided in the rooms, for example-telephone, refrigerators, air conditioning (in warm places) and room heaters (in cold places). See what is written about the room service like whether it is prompt or not.

This is a general guidance on what you should look for before selecting a hotel to stay. Do not be shy to ask about your queries. Hope you have a lovely time.