6 Best Places to Visit in Ukraine

Evening view Ukraine
Ukraine – Scenic view

While the world is going crazy behind the heart shaped pillows, red roses and cute teddy bears, there are certain places that are left unexplored by the travelers. But, don’t underestimate Ukraine when it comes for selecting best places to visit in Ukraine. Ukraine is among the less touristy and under visited as compared to other parts in Europe. But, Ukraine is still the most proud and a colorful country perched with rugged beaches, craggy mountains, and wild forests and with the essence of black sea.

You’ll find Ukraine with a history of diversified cultures and folk traditions that increases the anxiety of travelers visiting it. Ukraine also offers the travelers with many options of modern cities, ski resorts, scenic beauty of traditional villages and many of the sites announced by the World Heritage UNESCO. So travel with me, as I’ll take you through the mummies to the mammoths in this article. Wait a second for exploring the best places to visit in Ukraine.

Places to explore in Ukraine:


It is found on the river namely, Khorol river. Myrhorod is especially famous for its spa town that makes it more famous due to the mineral properties found in its underground springs. Even, you can explore the place by drinking the slightly salty water for improving any of your digestive issues.

Travelers can take the benefits of bathing at number of places in this town. It is listed in the tops most places to visit in Ukraine. But, if you not prefer to swim, you can easily take a tour of the place by hiring a pedalo or a boat.

There are different quirky features for the travelers to seek out in Khorol River like the musical water fountain and illuminating and fascinating windmill. Even the woodlands in the city are way more popular, but for the utmost romantic experience you can simply take the horse carriage with your better half and take beautiful rid through the scenic landscape.


Odessa - Day view
Odessa – Featuring beauty of Ukraine

Odessa is among the third largest cities of Ukraine. Odessa is considered to be a seaport that is on the shores of mythical black sea in Ukraine. But, now it has transformed into an important city for trade and business. Travelers can now travel to Odessa for its beautiful sandy beaches, sparkling water and the clement climate. And for the sun worshipers, Lanzheron beach is best suitable to explore.

Even, Odesa is also referred with title of “Pearl of Black Sea”. Odessa, might no doubt would be a huge city but its architectural structural and designs shows up with its intimate feel. The view of delighted houses painted with yellow pastel colors and paint is something unique to be found in this city. Don’t forget to enjoy the leaky parks like the City Gardens as well as the cultural frontier of Odessa, the Opera House and the historical theaters of the city which makes it more relevant in the list of best places to visit in Ukraine.


It is a village namely Bakota, situated in the Podillia area is considered the home for very popular cave monastery constructed by some orthodox monks. Bakota monastery is the underground caves from the 12th of century era. Travelers can enjoy the well preserved paintings, Frescoes as well as the remains of some orthodox monks who actually stayed and live in those caves. Due to its rural population, Bakota is now under the National Environmental Park.

It depicts the featuring effects of craggy hills on the shores of Dniester River. Visitors can simply enjoy the candid work of art and paint by the monks and explore the settlement, for taking a splendid flora of the place.


The city of Chernivtsi that is situated on the base of Carpathian Mountains is amongst the famous place as it is designated and acknowledged by the World Heritage UNESCO. It’s the site recognized by UNESCO of the former complex of high priests that is now considered to be the home to the National University.

It was constructed in the Romanesque and Byzantine styles of architects. It is said that the architectural design of Chernivtsi is similar to that of Vienna. It has been lead with the name of little Vienna. The city’s many parts and its local points are among the relaxed culture. Café culture is the highest one observed as well as the huge book stalls and book shops are reflecting its intellectuality and romantic atmosphere of the city.


Lviv - Architectural view
Lviv – Beauty of Ukraine

It is termed to be the historical signature of the city which is renounced as a world heritage site by UNESCO. Well, travelers can easily understand, why it is acknowledged by the UNESCO once they visit the place. It is wealthy with its beautiful building and ancient architectural designs, many of them are also date long back in 13th or 14th century.

Apart from its historical beauty, it is also famous for its artistic work in Ukraine. You can call it as an artistic hub. You’ll find beautiful artistic galleries all over the city. Don’t forget to watch out for the Lviv National Art Gallery that is said to be recognized with more than 50000 works including different installations, painting and beautiful sculptures.

And, if you’re really fond of ballet or opera, visiting Lviv as your option to explore is well suitable because it is well known for its classical and traditional trained performers.


It’s time to explore the southwest of the city Lviv. Slavske is best known for ski resorts. If you’re really fond of snow, it’s among the best places to visit in Ukraine. If your love the snow, it’s among the best place to visit once. You’ll find ski lifts and cable cars as well as the option of primary slopes for the skiers to enjoy the scenic beauty. The best months for visiting this place is from the November and it extends to the month of March. Even, it’s advisable of visiting it in summer months because there’s lot more things to enjoy other then only snow skiing.

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