6 Stunning Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Waterfall in Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Waterfall

Sri Lanka, basically a teardrop shaped nation, well a country that is well known for its beautiful waterfalls. Many of these hundreds of waterfalls in Sri Lanka make it more accessible and hence you can enjoy the scenic beauty of waterfalls in Sri Lanka. This country is a home to more than 100s of waterfalls in Sri Lanka. The water of the rivers and the waterfalls at the end gets their destination to the Great Indian Ocean. Waterfalls are mainly situated to the hilly countries. In fact some of the waterfalls are even manmade but still doesn’t stop short of being such stunning creation of nature.

In Sri Lanka there are many unknown waterfalls which are still haven’t discovered officially. Even, most of the waterfalls are even difficult to find because of the dense and immense forests. The beautiful mountain named Ella is filled with wonderful waterfalls with its scenic beauty. There are many scenic beauties of waterfalls in Sri Lanka that you should not forget or miss while you’re visiting Sri Lanka. Here is the list of beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka that should definitely count in the list of places you’re visiting in Sri Lanka.

Beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka:

Rawana Ella:

You might expect some of the crowd near Rawana Ella because it is among the popular and famous waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is amongst the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. And for the best view, it’s advisable of visiting in rains. It looks just stunning when viewed in rainy season. The history states that it is named after the great Ravana who has appeared to be the leading role in the most famous epic Indian Ramayana. While you’re visiting the waterfall, it’s advisable of not missing the Ravana Ella cave, which is just situated 11 to 12 kms away from the waterfall.

The cave behind the waterfall is the place where Sita was hidden after seizing her from India.  This waterfall in Sri Lanka is comparatively shorter than other waterfalls, but it consist of wide flow of water by offering a stunning appearance fort the visitors.

Baker’s waterfall:

two people standing at Baker’s waterfall
Day time image of Baker’s waterfall

Stunned and colored by the brightness and charm of purple-pink Rhododendron and the ingredients of lush green ferns makes it more relevant for visiting by the travelers. The Baker’s waterfall is named after a well-known British explorer, Mr. Samuel Baker. It is rated in the list of widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It forms many of the streams further as it comes down and meets up the river.

It’s advisable avoiding traveling to it while rainy season because both the road as well as the area of waterfall is risky and scary too. It is a very dangerous waterfall for bathing, do if you’re planning for bathing in the waterfall, avoid it! It’s 20 to 25 meter height. The scenic view present in the surrounding of the waterfall will definitely take your breath away.

Dunhinda waterfalls:

For the travelers visiting Sri Lanka, trust me, there’s just no ways you can miss this waterfall. It’s amongst the beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. it is formed by the diversion of Badula Oya River. Travelers can capture the moment because it is best known for its Smokey arena spraying effects in the place.

It is 64 to 65 meters high from the ground level. When Enroute back, you’ll come across to see Kuda Dunhinda, which is another attractive waterfall that might increase your curiosity of visiting it again and again. It is amongst the easiest accessible waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is well-known and famous for its misty-like spraying effects which fall down long the stones of the waterfalls. Visitors can dip in and enjoy the most breath taking experience of their life.

Devon waterfalls:

Devon waterfall ranks in the list of famous waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It stands at the position of 19th in the series of waterfalls. Devon waterfall stands out due to its beautiful tiered creation. It is named after the most famous English coffee planter, Yes Again!! It is also popular and famous by the name of Veil of the valley.

This waterfall is easily can easily be spotted along the Talawakele road. Trust me guys; it’s really a glorious and charming water fall that offers with thrilling adventurous experiences too. Despite of its gigantic shape and structure, it’s very graceful and beautiful that helps in relaxing your mind.

Diyaluma waterfalls:

Diyaluma waterfalls are very much famous in Sri Lanka. It ranks to be the second highest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is sixth highest in whole of the world. Travelers in wish of viewing something really majestic, a perfect sight to capture in your camera is by visiting the Diyaluma waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

It is structured in a horse tail shaped view after leaping and falling over a cliff of the waterfall. It is 560 feet high from the ground level, and it’s situated around the Wellawaya road. Due to its situation most of the people believe that it is the tallest waterfalls amongst all.

Bopath Ella:

Scenic view of Bopath Ella
Bopath Ella, Sri Lanka

Amongst the list of beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka, Bopath waterfall supplies with the unique yet beautiful featuring effects. It derives its name from the sacred Bo leaf and in its resemblance. But the most striking, yet the stunning feature of this waterfall is its shape. It flows down passing through the narrow rocks and opening up wide to a huge area further.

It opens up in a breath taking cascading effects that increases the curiosity of the visitors. It is situated in the village namely, Devipahala. This is located close enough to Rathnapura. Well, if travelers are planning of having a dip in the waterfalls, then let me tell you, it’s amongst the most dangerous waterfalls for bathing and swimming. As there has been noticed many deaths of people who have tried to perform swimming in the waterfalls. And the facts, the name of the waterfall are derived from the shape of it. It is Bo tree shaped which makes it more relevant for the travelers to visit.

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