7 Scenic Places to Visit in Ohio

Ohio - City glance
Ohio Scenic view

Well, there’s nothing more interesting in going for a trip with your closest ones to a place that actually replicate your wishes, Ohio. Yeah, I know, there are lot more places to visit in the United States, but there is one such place that you shouldn’t even dare to miss, that is simply the enchanting, fascinating and beautiful state of Ohio.

Ohio, the Buckeye State, offers us with some truly amazing and beautiful places to visit and explore. The stunningly beauty and mesmerizing nature to endure in your experience and admiring the little towns and some of the larger cities to explore is just what Ohio offers to its explorers. So planning for a trip to Ohio as your next option to explore your travel gateway, here is the list of top most attractions and scenic places to visit in Ohio. Don’t miss the photo out. Capture each and every edge of beauty in Ohio for preserving your memories of traveling to Ohio!!

Places to visit in Ohio:

The Dexter Mausoleum:

Are you scared of ghost!! AAhh forget about it and simply visit one of the scenic places to visit in Ohio, the Dexter Mausoleum. It is a silent sight to behold in a grove cemetery. The story is, Dexter was an immigrant who traveled over the United Kingdom and planned for making his fortune in the whisky industry. The Mausoleum was constructed for the family for using it on their eventually passing in the form of cemetery.


Cincinnati - Night view
Aerial view of Cincinnati

If you’re thinking Ohio is simply a town, then let me remind you is a beautiful state with not only the traditional and cultural aspects but it also depicts the modern touch of construction and modern buildings. Cincinnati is amongst the largest cities in Ohio and a home place for number of cultural sites and interesting cultural and traditional institutes.

It works as an outdoor gathering point in summer, the fountain square is the right place to visit in summer where you can find the entire tourist and the localities gathering altogether. For knowing the attractions of the city, there are number of art galleries and museums. Don’t forget to visit the lovely and beautiful garden of Krohn Conservatory.


Well, when it comes for knowing the history of flights, Dayton is the first one which depicts its existence. It was the home of Wright Brothers. In today’s time it hosts an aviation heritage park and an impressive air force museum for the travelers to explore.

It is the ancient and the largest museum of military aviation, including more than 250 missiles and aircrafts. It also includes the Apollo 15 Spacecraft and also the Wright brother’s wright flyer. Even near this premise, you’ll find a monument of wright brother too. You can enjoy the scenic and historical view of wright brother’s bicycle factory in the carillion Historic Park. You’ll find many reproductions of Wright brother’s aircrafts, factory of bicycle and log setting and covered wagons. Even, you can join to watch out the numerous documents and relics on Wright brothers in Old Courthouse situated in Dayton.


Cleveland is situated on the shores of the famous Lake Erie. It has increased its tourist and population ratio due to its professional sports team and many cultural as well as traditional attractions. How can we forget the Rock and Roll hall of Fame situated in Cleveland. It is amongst the greatest tourist attraction in Ohio.

This city also offers many places to explore your experience like Historic Gateway District which is amongst the oldest place to visit in Ohio. It is still on an ongoing process of restoration. If you’re interesting in seeing some of the historical and ancient architectural structure of the city, you shouldn’t miss visiting the Historic Warehouse District situated in Cleveland. Well, you can call it as an ancient gold mine of interesting ancient beauty of Cleveland.


Want to explore something interesting in the state of Ohio? Well, tourist has now the opportunity of exploring the best and worthy enough is by exploring Toledo. Some of its highlights offer the view of butterfly house, Toledo museum of art, the touch of historic west end with old Victorian homes, The African safari Wildlife Park and the beauty of Merry-Go-Round Museum.

Don’t miss the amazing view of Toledo zoo. The zoo was opened in the earlier stage of 19th century. It has significantly expanding till now with incredible collection of different species of animals and even you can see the beauty of white tigers, moved from their native place to Toledo. Its amongst the best place to visit in Ohio with your kids.


Sandusky - Amusement park
Amusement park view – Sandusky

If you’re traveling to Ohio in summers, travelers can simply enjoy an adventurous ride at Sandusky. It is a summer resort destination that is approximately 6 to 7 miles along the shore of the popular Lake Erie. It comprises by offering the travelers with a wide range of leisure facilities and amenities that is situates on the Kelleys Island beach.

Here you can enjoy a large amusement park namely the Cedar point. You’ll find many of the tourist during summer months crowing to the amusement park. Further there’s another place namely Port Clinton, which is another popular place for visiting for your vacation or trip!


Want to visit the world’s capital hub of rubber? Akron is the exact place to visit in which is situated 35 to 40 miles from the south of Cleveland. It is called by the name of, “Rubber capital of t world”. Here, there are many headquarters of Uniroyal, Goodyear and Bridgestone. You can also enjoy one of the most popular and interesting sites is the Gardens and Stan Hywet Hall. It was built by FA Seiberling, the well-known founder of Goodyear Rubber and Tire Company.

Travelers can easily visit it because it is opened for public tours for visit. Akron is not only popular for its rubber name in the world, but it offers many historical and ancient sites. Surplus to that it also has a huge zoological park in the city.

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