9 Fun Facts About Bali, Indonesia

Image of Bali
Bali image

According to the recent research and the traveling trend, Bali is stated to be among the most visited destination in the entire world. Bali is termed to be a magical and beautiful island that is targeted by most of the travelers now days. Traveling to Bali is not much costly and budgeted travelers can also enjoy the best scenic views offered by the destination. Taking from the luxurious travelers to the backpackers, Bale is the perfect destination with the entire thrill, adventurous and beneficial features. Bali has all the things in it which you’re in need of for your trip. Even there are many interesting facts about Bali that you might even not know. Explore your vision by visiting it and understanding its beauty at its best

Well, Bali is a huge enough island that offers with beautiful beaches, mesmerizing sites to watch and explore, mountains, scuba diving and waterfalls that are waiting your way. On the other hand, Bali is not much spread over island. It is big but can be seen within few hours of the day. Probably it can be said that Bali is more famous than the country in which it is located. Well, Bali is also considered to be the only Hindu island in Indonesia. The world famous book Eat, Pay, Love is making Bali to be interesting to the travelers. It is helping Bali in increasing the number of tourists every year. Here are certainly some of the interesting facts about Bali that might increase your anxiety of visiting it. Well, pack up your bag and don’t forget your beach clothes as the sky is blue and the beach is waiting for you!

Facts about Bali:

  1. When properly thinking about beaches in Bali, there are many beaches that will surely mesmerize you, but the first thought that will strike up your mind is the white beaches with beautiful and refreshing breeze, isn’t it? But, wait a minute, Bali offers the tourist with different perception of beach that you should not miss at all. There are many of the stunning beaches in Bali that offers with black sand instead!
  2. Take the example of Lovina beach. The beach is covered with blank sand that comes from the cooled lava of the volcano of Mt. Agung. I know, this might not be what you’ll think for when visiting any tropical island, but Lovina is a wroth while place that you should not miss at all while visiting Bali.
  3. You might not know it much but Bali is basically an island that is depended upon the tourism that comes in the island for enjoying their trip and vacation. I know, it might be a huge surprise, as the fact already states that Bali is a well-known destination which is popular and highly tourist attracted. But, you might not know this that approximately 80 to 85 percentage of Bali’s economy depends on tourism. Well, we can say that Bali would not be certainly what it is without the tourists.
  4. In fact we can say, Bali is standing sturdy today just because of the tourism. Lovina Island is among the most famous beaches in Bali. But, do you ever thought of seeing dolphins in Indonesia? The north tip of Bali, in Lovina, you might encounter with plenty of dolphins. You can grab the opportunity of seeing the south east Asian spinner dolphins, the Frasers dolphins, spotted dolphins, Rissos dolphins and the suspected sightings of most of the common bottled nose dolphins in that area.
  5. Kopi Luwak coffee with Civat cat
    Kopi Luwak coffee

    Have you ever heard about the most expensive brand of coffee? Bali is the place where the most of the expensive coffee in the world is being grown. It is called by the name of Kopi Luwak and it is not basically the typical coffee beans you’re thinking of. The beans of the coffee are basically collected from the designation of the Civat cat. It is a shy type of cat which is mainly found in Asia.

  6. The Civat cats only eat the cherry portion of the fruit and don’t digest the beans. Well, the rates of the coffee are quite expensive. It might cause up to 50 dollar for a cup of coffee. You might not know this but people living in Bali are following the calendar of 210 days and not the one with 365 days. This type of calendar is known as Pawukon calendar. Basically, the Bali calendar with 210 days consists of 10 week system and is the basic source of many of the event in the entire year.
  7. Let me tell you some really interesting fact about Bali. It is mostly believe that a Balinese child when born, he or she is protected by a guardian angle. It is said that those guardian angels are around them unless and until they turn up to their fourth year. Also it is stated that Balinese children are not kept or touched the ground until 3 months. So they carry the baby for twelve long weeks unless they turn to the fourth of the month.
  8. Lovina beach
    Black sand Lovina beach

    It is being a little more surprising that while on the other hand people across the world decides and plans for different names for their kids, Balinese need to perform this process as they have the knowledge and they already have the name decided before the birth of any. This is simply because Bali people have only four different types of names and that is already decided by the people.

  9. The first baby name would be Wayan, Second one would be Made, the third one would be Nyoman, and the forth one would be Ketut. And if the fifth one of born, the cycle stats again of the name. And each and every people in Bali have to follow the ritual as it is stated in their law. Have you even wonder how difficult would be for them for differentiating wayan with the other wayan? But they still follow the rituals and the law.

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