A trip across Melbourne

Deep blue waters of Melbourne
Exploring places in melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most significant cities of Australia drawing in tons of tourists every year. The capital city of Victoria is the 2nd most populous cities in Down Under and welcomes everybody with umpteen numbers of attractions. Are you planning a trip to Melbourne off late and looking for suggestions on your itinerary? Well, the article below is a brief on the must visit delights across the Victoria capital.

Melbourne Aquarium

It’s one of the most visited attractions while you are at Melbourne, especially when you have little ones with you. The Melbourne aquarium promises an exhilarating experience with its amazing marine exhibits like gentoo, sea horse, sea dragon, stingrays, archerfish, lungfish, turtles, hermit crabs, blue-tongue lizards etc.

Melbourne Zoo

The award winning Melbourne Zoo is house of over 300 fauna species. You will find the orang-utans, mighty Asian elephants, gorillas, koalas, wombats, platypus, penguins and many more. The zoo organizes a number of interesting programs for the visitors where one can relish a close-up meet with the animals and can even book an overnight stay in the zoo itself.

Fun Factory

It’s another great attraction for the Melbourne tourists. The Fun Factory is often dubbed as the biggest arcade in the city for paint ball, indoor games, “dodge’em” cars, rollerblading rink & more. The gaming spot is the perfect retreat if you are tired of touring the city on a hot summer day.

Queen Victoria Market

You should not miss out on the heritage of Queen Victoria Market, one of the most prolific historical landmarks in Melbourne. The grand market is often termed as the Mecca for shoppers here, courtesy its versatile stalls for imported gourmet, fashion as well as general merchandise. The market takes on a delightful carnival ambience on Sundays when entertainers amuse the visitors with several shows.