Amazing Facts About Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

Breathtaking view of Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska
Place covered in blue and white, Mendenhall glacier, Alaska

Located in Alaska, Mendenhall glacier is a breathtaking place, covered in blue and white where you can see the water running over the rocks under the extremely beautiful blue ceilings inside a partial hollow glacier. If you are interested in knowing more about this gorgeous eye pleasing place then here are some of the interesting facts about Mendenhall glacier which will leave you amazed with a feeling of visiting it as early as possible.

  • This glacier gives its best views on the overcast days. Mendenhall glacier remains closed in the month of April and in federal holidays.
  • Mendenhall glacier constantly keeps on moving like a river flowing downhill and forms the shape of the landscape as it moves.
  • Before getting this name Mendenhall glacier, it was named as Sitaantaagu by the native Tlingit Indians which meant the glacier behind the town after that it was named as Aak wtaaksit which meant the glacier behind the little lake. In the year 1888, it was again names as Auke glacier by a naturalist John Muir. Finally this place got its ultimate name in the year 1891 as Mendenhall glacier in honor of the famous American scientist Thomas Corwin Mendenhall. This glacier extends its source from Juneau ice field to Mendenhall River and lake.
  • The formation of Mendenhall Lake was due to melting of glaciers. It possesses a very unique eco system and this area is very famous for fishing.
  • This area is under little bit of tension regarding the rate at which this glaciers are melting. It is in danger as due to climatic condition and all human activities, glaciers are melting very faster and it is threatening the fresh water source of this area.
  • Mendenhall glacier is about 12 miles long and it is situated in the Mendenhall valley. It is exactly in the southeast of US in Alaska.
  • As it is a beautiful heritage, the surrounding area of 5815 acre is protected by the Mendenhall glacier recreational area. It is a federally designated unit of national forest of Tongass.
  • The glacier fronts at the terminus and the ice extends up to 150 to 250 feet under the water. It is very famous for ice skating during the winter months as it is covered with thick ice.
  • Mendenhall glacier is formed in the Juneau ice field which is around 3000 years old and this glacier is from one of the 38 glaciers which flow down the Juneau ice field.
  • Mendenhall glacier is the only glacier which is accessible by highway throughout the year.
  • This look spectacular because of its blue colored hue and it looks more amazing when it absorbs all the colors except blue and it reflects back as a spectrum. Your eyes would be wide open when you see these scenes.
  • The fauna and fauna f this place keeps on changing constantly because of the motion of the glaciers and thus it always looks different from the last time you saw it.