Amusing Facts about Sweden

Sweden flag
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Sweden officially called by the name of the Kingdom of Sweden. It is situated on the borders of Norway to the west and Finland to the east, and is connected to Denmark on the southwest side by a tunnel-bridge. Well, Sweden is among the Scandinavian nations and is also the home to thousands of forests, islands, inland lakes and mountains. Gothenburg and Malmo are its coastal cities and its capital city is Stockholm. Well, Stockholm is considered to be the major attraction in Sweden which most of the tourist visit for. As it is the home to many of the museums and Royal palaces. But the best thing which you cannot afford to miss is the interesting facts about Sweden. There are many interesting facts about Sweden that you might also not know.

Well, Sweden gets the bad rap in the North of America. Many a times, we even don’t know where the country is actually at. We often confuse it with Switzerland or we even assume that everyone sounds like a Swedish chef from the Muppets, shops at IKEA and easts meatballs every time. Well, I can say some of them might turn up to be true. Sweden is basically a fascinating and beautiful country with blends of unique culture, strong history and many of different experimental ideas and tricks that makes Sweden to be one of the most suitable places to enjoy, live, play, works and visit. Here is the list of certain interesting facts about Sweden that you should know before you head ahead for visiting Sweden as your destination port. Make a note of certain important ones that you think can work like guiding principle for you while you’re visiting Sweden.

Facts about Sweden:

  • Both the cultural as well as the modern combination of blend is something unique that increases the interest of learning something new and untold about the country. You might not know, but it’s really something unique. Sweden pays approximately US$189 per month to the students for attending the high school.
  • Despite of the fact that Sweden is having the most powerful military in the 17th and 18th of century and was considered to be one of the world’s largest weapon producer countries, Sweden has not participated in any of the world war for almost two to three centuries. Not even the huge world wars.
  • You might not know but Sweden has actually banned the corporal and spanking activities of punishments on children from 1980.It is interesting to know that Sweden comprise of a Charles 7 but there is no Charles 1 to 6 in Sweden.
  • Do you really want to know something interesting fact about Sweden? There’s a golf club on the border of Finland and Sweden. It is really amazing to know but half of the holes are in one country and the other holes are in other country.
  • The Nobel Prize ceremonies are conducted both in Sweden and Norway each of the year. They have the Nobel Prize winners in literature that makes it more relevant to celebrate the ceremony. There are approximately more than 90 percentage of people who don’t speak Sweden but speaks English language.
  • Models standing by H&M
    Mannequins standing by H&M

    The world famous H&M and IKEA are the most famous Swedish companies. We all are fond of the clothes of these companies. Folks now you got the real and the actual address for increasing your shopping list. You might not know but Sweden is also the home to many number of McDonald’s outlets as compared to the entire Europe. Even, the invention of the very first ice hotel was built in Sweden.

  • Advertising to the children below the age of 11 to 12 years are banned in Sweden. You cannot take a child with the age of 12 into promoting or any other aspects when it comes for the media. It is illegal both in Sweden as well as Norway. I found some really interesting fact about Sweden, you might know but aborting a child due to its gender is legal in Sweden.
  • As we know, Finland and Sweden shares the same border, but in the middle ages up to the years of 1810, Finland was the part of Sweden. It dint had borders at that point of time. It was separated afterwards. Sweden has a scarcity of trash, so basically it imports garbage from Norway.
  • Have you heard about the famous band Abba? Well the band Abba use to wore ridiculous clothes and outfits for avoiding Sweden’s imposition on taxes, which latter on allowed deductions for clothing. But with the terms and conditions that the clothes wasn’t meant to be wore in their regular days.
  • You might not know this, bit Swedish wasn’t made as its official language until the year 2010. English is being spoken since long and still prevailing. Every year from the year of 1967, in the town of Gravel, situated in Sweden, stands up a giant straw goat for the Christmas. And vandals are called for burning the giant goat.
  • Sweden, Finland and UK passports offer visa free for traveling to many and different countries than any other country’s passports. You might not know this but in Sweden, parents are entitled for getting paid parental leave of 480 days when a child is born or when a child is adopted. Isn’t it something interesting to hear? Even it is considered among the interesting facts about Sweden.
  • Sweden flag in Twitter symbol
    Sweden Twitter

    In Sweden, the official twitter handle @Sweden is given to any of the random citizen of Sweden every week for handling the affairs of the account and for managing it. Well, there’s a cruise ship that runs and functions between Sweden, Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm simply for purchasing cheap alcohol from one place to another.

  • Even, there are many of such incidents that might prove breathtaking for the readers. A man rode his bicycle from the Sweden to the way to the Mount Everest. He also tried to summit but turned around 320 feet from the top most surface of the summit. There are many interesting facts about Sweden that might increase your interest of visiting it.

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