Attention-Grabbing Facts about Italy

Flag of Italy
Day view of flying flag of Italy

Are you seriously known to Italy? Do you actually known to the old Italy? Have you any idea about who was Alessandro Volta or what Italy actually means of? I think, you might not know any of the depth details about Italy. Well, let me tell you folks, there are many interesting facts about Italy that you should not miss at all before you step ahead to your dream destination.

Italy is a European country having the longest Mediterranean coastline. A powerful mask of western touch is something you’ll find in Italy. Its capital is Rome, which is the perfect landmark for architectural ruins and ancient beauty. Even, there are many of the major cities namely Florence, Venice the city of love and how can we forget the great Milan, the city of fashion, where the fashion sense and trend actually start from. Italy is no doubt a fascinating and a perfect place if you’re planning your vacation trip. Even, a vacation trip to Italy can simply pack many of interesting things to do and place to visit to you.  But, if you’re still unknown the depths of Italy, have a look here. Here are certain interesting facts about Italy that you might not know. It’s advisable of keeping these interesting facts in mind while boosting around on the streets of Italy.

Interesting facts about Italy:

  • Italy has precisely the eighth largest economy in the world. You might not know, but approximately 3000 euros are thrown in the Trevi fountain the visitors on a daily basis. Government makes the perfect use of it by collecting it and donating it to the charity.
  • The name Italy is derived from the word Italia, it simply means “calf land” Italy is spread approximately 116401 square of miles. It is a little amore wider than the Arizona. Well, this nation is considered to be one of the most crowded nations of the entire Europe. The official name of Italy is the Italian Republic.
  • Well, it is well said that Italy comprise of many of its beautiful and architectural piece per square mile than any other country or nation of the world. Well, nobody might know from where Italy got its name from. It comes from the word that simply means the land of young cattle. A bull was the symbol of early Southern Italian tribes. But many of them also believe that it is derived from the name of their kind.
  • You might not know, but it is among the most populated nation in Europe and the reason behind this is the high birth rate and the low death rates which are observed in the country. It has 10 to 15 times more of the population as compared to that of the Arizona.
  • Day time vew of Italy
    Beautiful view of Italy

    There are more than 62 inhabitants in the entire Europe, and Italy stands to the 5th highest populated country that makes it more relevant to be in the list of its superiorities. Even Italy is recognized and considered to be the home to the largest number and amounts of UNESCO world heritage sites.

  • You might not know, but Italy is only a country formed from last 154 years. Even, you would be able to have a look and experience the breathtaking scenic view of volcanoes. Italy is basically the home to three active volcanoes in Europe. Stromboli, Etna, and Vesuvius.
  • If you want to hear something interesting about Italy, Vatican City is considered to be the smallest country in the entire world. It has approximately 50 to 60 UNESCO recognized world heritage sites that makes it more relevant for the visitors for visiting Italy for their vacation. It is the most of which any country might have in the entire world.
  • You might not know this, but the first thermometer was made by an Italian inventor. His name was Sir Santorio Santorio in the year 1613. We all are fond of many of the shakespears romantic novels and stories. Many of his plays where plays and pictured in Italy. The merchant of Venice and the Othello are some of its examples.
  • Italy, according to its name is amongst the most romantic places to visit in the world. How can we forget its wine collection? Italy is the largest country to produce wine in the whole world. So, if you’re visiting Italy, don’t forget to grab a glass of wine of your favorite and enjoy it with your better half.
  • This is something really interesting about Italy, 50 to 60 percentage of Italian are unable to afford a vacation trip. Are you fond of some hot and luxurious cars? Well, let me share with you, Italian traffic police has more than two Lamborghini Gallardo for using them for the services purpose.
  • Galileo's middle finger
    Galileo’s middle finger preserved

    You might not be known to this fact but Galileo’s middle finger is displayed at the museum situated in Florence a city in Italy. According to the law, all gondolas are required to be painted black in Italy and Venice.

  • Let us further step towards knowing something really haunted that you might not want to know. Poveglia an island in Italy is dangerous that is recognized to be haunted and no access of humans are permitted to the island. Something interesting coming your way ahead. In Milan, a city in Italy, it is a legal requirement of smiling all the times. Only for visits to hospitals and funerals you are liberated not to smile for.
  • This is genuinely something weird to hear but a cat inherited more than 13 million dollars by his owner in Italy. Isn’t it something unique yet interesting to know about? Even, there are certain facts which are not known to anyone till now. Have a look and enjoy your journey ahead folks!

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