Best 5 Places To Visit In Indonesia

Exploring places of indonesia
Places to visit in indonesia

Indonesia is considered as one of the largest archipelago in the world with a total amount of 18330 numbers of islands, 6000 of which is inhabited. Indonesia is having total 167 active volcanoes which you may not find in any other spot. Indonesia is like a treasure hunt, there are plenty of places to visit in Indonesia and apart from active volcanoes, and Indonesia is also not so much behind in mesmerising beaches. Places to visit in Indonesia also have tropical forests and have some of the amazing snorkelling and scuba diving spots. Hence places to visit in Indonesia have all types of activities and spots to explore. Places to visit in Indonesia are such varied and exciting that you will never get bored of it and once visited you will want to visit it again. Well Indonesia is a big place and when you are exploring it, you cannot see all of them. Hence to help you out, here are some of the best places to visit in Indonesia.

  • Jakarta

Places to visit in Indonesia are really diverse, the reason being Indonesia is such huge. The capital city of this huge country is Jakarta is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. This country has a population of 20 to 20 million people. This city is very upscale and while you are in Indonesia, you must have a visit at this place. There are trendy shopping malls, some delicious street food and many beautiful heritage sites. Try putting the local things while you are exploring places to visit in Indonesia. If you are done with trying the street food of Jakarta then some high end dining sites as there are several high end dining sites in Jakarta offering you the best experience.

  • Komodo

Dragon reptile of komodo
Reptiles of Komodo

While you are thinking of places to visit in Indonesia, the very first image coming to your mind images of coffee table on the tropical islands. If you want your imagination to come true, some of the best places to visit in Indonesia are Komodo. Komodo is place with world class beaches, white sand, crystal clear turquoise water with beautiful rice terraces and lush green jungles. If you want to see something really stunning, you must visit Komodo Island. You will get really surprised by visiting this beach and this is because it has pink sand. Yes you heard it right, pink sand. Now this is not what you see every now and then. Actually it is a mix of white and red sand which creates this strand of pink color. This is actually one of the best places to visit in Indonesia and it is not just because of the pink sand beaches but it is also because of the popular komodo dragons. These komodo dragons are considered as the largest lizard on the earth and they can be seen only in Komodo Island. These dragon lizards don’t blow fire from their mouth but their length is approximately 10 feet and it’s really worth seeing them once.

  • Mount bromo

One of the most adventurous places to visit in Indonesia is mount bromo. This is one of the most popular national parks of Indonesia. This is located in the east java and the full name of this national park is bromo tengger semeru. This national park covers an area of 800 square kms. There are so many thrilling activities to do in this place like you can trek on a pony across the desert or for getting more thrilling feeling you can also do it by jeep. One of the experiences you cannot miss out while exploring the best places to visit in Indonesia is climbing the Mount bromo’s top. It is basically a 7000 foot volcano which gives splendid view from the park of smoking peak. This scene can be most impressive and beautiful at the time of sunrise. Take your camera and climb up the before the sunrise and capture some of the most beautiful views of your life. This would be one of the best places to visit in Indonesia and one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

  • Bali

Crystal clean water of bali
Beaches of bali

Bali is one of the top places to visit in Indonesia. You should not miss this destination on any cost. If you want to spend a relaxing vacation, then Bali is one of the perfect places to visit in Indonesia. You can try some of the most exotic spas. You will feel so much chilled out and relaxed and even active with spas. Some of the other mind blowing activities to do in Bali are visiting Bali safari park and also Marine Park, you can also visit monkey forest and watch the monkeys or you can also to a wildlife adventure for watching animals from Africa and from overall world. Make sure to not to miss the nostalgic experience of night safari. You can also go for visiting Bali Bird Park which houses approximately 1000 birds and have 250 species of birds. One of the best experiences to have is watching the sunset by sitting at the ocean of Pura Tanah Lot. This is one of the most scenic temples of Bali.

  • Tanjung putting national park

While dragons of Komodo are the species which people are fond of seeing but there is some other reptile also which can be really amazing to see. This animal is organ utan which people are really fond of seeing. You can watch this charming and very rare species of animal or let’s say beautiful beasts in the jungles of tanjung putting national park. This national park almost covers up the area which is equal to the size of Bali. For seeing more animals, you can go on trekking in the jungle and see birds of various species; you can also see bush pug over there. You can also go for a boat trip to the sekonyer river and spot the eight species of monkey including the special one proboscis monkey.

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