Best Places to Visit in Paris

Places to visit in Paris - Night view
Paris – Unforgettable experience

If you’re visiting first time to Paris, you’ll probably want to spend some of your precious time near the Eiffel Tower, or enjoying the beauty of Notre-Dame, but while exploring such beautiful and most popular gems of Paris, don’t miss out the other scenic beauty, the heart of Paris. Paris is a gold mine, completely surrounding with beautiful, historical and popular architect that you cannot miss, while experiencing the best places to visit in Paris.

Taking from the world famous Eiffel Tower to the museums, there’s so many things and places to visit in Paris that a long is not just enough for exploring PARIS!! So if you’re actually planning of visiting the beautiful yet a romantic hub, Paris and want to explore each and every edge of your trip, then the list of best places to visit in Paris is just the right things for you!! Here’s an expert selections of the best places to visit in Paris that should not be missed by any traveler, traveling to the beautiful city of France, Paris!!

Places to visit in Paris:

Eiffel Tower:

Night view of Eiffel Tower
Scenic view of Eiffel Tower

We all have once in our life admired the beauty and the wish of visiting the world famous Eiffel Tower, isn’t it? What would Paris do without its symbolic patent, the Eiffel Tower? It is constructed by Gustave Eiffel for commemorate the centenary of the famous French revolution. It was constructed in the year of 1889.

The diameters and the height say it to be 324 meters high in the sky and is counted in the list of one of the most visited places in the world whole year. More than 7 to 8 million of people or travelers visit Eiffel Tower for exploring their vision to historical beauty of Paris. There are mainly three floors in Eiffel tower. The first level consists of houses namely, the Eiffel Tower 58 that easily extends up to the second level. It is 58 to 59 meters above the ground level of the construction.

When you step up to the second level, the view is at its best. It is 155 to 116 meters high from the ground level. And it also offers a diving view to the travelers who are exploring the same. And here comes the third level which is nearly 276 meters high in the sky. You can have a look to the office of Gustave Eiffel on this level. And still if you’re wishing more to explore, you can simply make the use of steps and climb up high up to the summit for capturing one of the best experience of your life. Well, the travelers are recommended for skipping the huge lines of the Tower and simply climb up to the summit for enjoying the best picture of portrait ever!

Louvre Museum:

We might have seen Louvre Museum in many of picture and postcards. Well, let me tell, it is a place of gem that you cannot miss while you’re exploring the best places to visit in Paris. It is among the most visited art museum in the world. The historical architecture, depicting its beauty is simply situated in the heart of Paris. Louvre Museum is a former palace, consisting with the area of 210000 square meters. The museum is situated and housed in the Louvre. It is actually a fortress build up, whose remains are still appeared in the basement of the Louvre Museum.

Basically the collections of the historical pieces are still preserved and are divided into eight different departs.

  • Oriental antiques
  • Islamic art work
  • Graphical art work
  • Roman, Greek and Etruscan art
  • Egyptian antiques
  • Sculptures of modern times and middle ages
  • Art objects
  • And many different paintings

It gets open from morning nine to evening six. Enjoy the beauty of the artistic and historical touch of ancient sculptures and art work.

The Catacombs of Paris:

The Catacombs in Paris
The Catacombs

While most of the travelers visit Paris for its eternal romance but Paris also has its darker side too. In Paris, an underground burial complex namely, Catacombs consist of more than six to seven millions of skeletons dating to the date of 18th century. The skeletons are stacked in the endless corridors, but let me tell you it’s a dangerous and really scary place to visit.

But, But, But!! Folks if you have a little amount of courage, it’s amongst the best place to visit in Paris. It came up as a burial place for the Parisian bones in the 18th and 19th of century. It was made due to the overpopulation of Parisian cemeteries and also for the closure of many innocent cemeteries.

It is situated in the underground quarries of old gold mines, a small portion of Paris. The bones and the skeletons were then moved from Saint Nicolas des champs cemetery to the old gold mines. Further on the remains of skeleton were amassed and organized at the Catacombs. It is among the fascinating, beautiful yet a bit of haunting tourist attraction in Paris. Well, this place is best suitable for the travelers who are not claustrophobic. A well worth place, that should not be miss while visiting the best places to visit in Paris.

The Disneyland, Paris:

We all are a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and many other cartoon characters aren’t we? Fans of Mickey and other characters can simply visit to Disneyland Paris. It is situated 32 kms away from the central Paris. There are two theme parks in Disneyland Paris, One is the Disneyland with sleeping beauty castles and the other is the Walk Disney Studios. But amongst all, its top most attractions are Big Thunder Mountain, a small world and the space mountain.

The Disneyland in Paris is considered amongst the most entertaining attraction. Well, for the travelers with kids, it’s a must place to visit. Along with the entertainment options, there are food courts and other shopping complexes that you can explore. Even there are seven resorts and a golfing area with the premise of Disneyland. It has been rated as the favoured destination for the kids as well as the adults.

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