Best Places To Visit In Singapore

Exploring places in singapore
Places to visit in singapore

You might know that Singapore is known as the playground for rich people. This is totally true as this place have some bulk of wealth. However Singapore is not only just about the expensive shopping malls, fine dining and luxury hotels, though this are damn good if you can afford it. Places to visit in Singapore have wide historical significance with varied ethnic quarters to explore including plenty of family friendly spots and splendid public areas which can make visiting these places worthwhile. Places to visit in Singapore have great transportation facilities which make travelling around very easy and convenient. Once you get the knowledge of the metro maps, it will be very easy for you to hop from one place to another in no time. The basic language of Singapore is English, it is used everywhere and each and every person over there can speak English. In fact, Places to visit in Singapore is very comfortable and easy to navigate in entire Southeast Asia. If you are impressed by the description to Places to visit in Singapore and want to know more about it, refer this article depicting you the Places to visit in Singapore while your visit over there. Must read this article if you have already decided to go there as it can help you a lot in deciding which place to go and which one can be left out.

  • Singapore flyer

This is definitely one of the top Places to visit in Singapore as I is located at the very top. Singapore flyer is the largest observation wheel in the whole world. Pick out from the various packages which allow you to be pampered and served properly while giving you the view of not only the skyline of Singapore but also the spice island of Malaysia and straits of Johor. There are many packages from which you can choose but make sure it includes the journey of dream exhibit which shows you the history of Singapore along with the creation of Singapore flyer. The flight of this flyer is 30 minutes long and it starts from early morning and lasts till late night. This allows you to choose at which you want the view of the city from such height. Choose whether you want to see the bustling day of Singapore or you want to see the glow of Singapore at night.

  • Marina bay islands

Visiting Marina bay islands
Marina bay islands in singapore

It is the most popular resorts which includes high end luxury hotels with malls having different brands and also a canal running through it. Some of the best places to visit in Singapore include marina bay sands sky parks and the art science museum which are the vantage points in the entire city. The sky park giving the view of deck and also the infinity pool are there in the ship, yes you heard it right in the ship which is at the top of the hotel. Only the guest of the hotel can make use of the infinity pool but observation deck is open for anyone. When you are at the sky park, you can have a look at the innovative structure of the double helix bridge, the gardens by bay, innovative skyline and also the port. When you are there on the top of the city, you can also the coffee at the roof top of the restaurant or you can also pick up some of the keepsakes from the souvenir stand. You can also buy a picture of yourself in front of the massive hotel as the view of this hotel at night is breath taking all lighted up beautifully. Singapore is considered as major tourist attraction and marina bay islands are one of the best Places to visit in Singapore.

  • Gardens by the bay

The beauty of Singapore is never lasting; any place you pick it is going to give you the aww moment. Another such places to visit in Singapore include Gardens by the bay. If you want some distance from the hustle and bustle of the city life for some time, you can visit the bay east garden and see the vibrant plant life. While visiting there, don’t miss out the supertree grove where you will explore the cluster of futuristic and iconic structures which are designed specifically for performing environmentally sustainable functions. After that, visit the cloud forest dome for having a look at the tallest indoor waterfall in the whole world and get some knowledge about the biodiversity.

  • Chinatown

Visiting Singapore's Chinatown
Chinatown of singapore

If you have visited china in your life and then you are going for Places to visit in Singapore and that too Chinatown, you will see how they both are similar. From the bright red lanterns to the small mom and pop stores along with the authentic Chinese food, Chinatown of Singapore has got it all. You can have a look at the Chinese heritage center and explore the unconditionally beautiful Sri Mariamman Hindu temple.  Along with that you must also have a look at Buddha Tooth relic temple. If you can wake up early in the morning say at 4 you can hear the drum ceremony also. If not this ceremony, you can see the closing ceremony in the evening time.

  • Little India and Arab street

This is considered as one of the significant Places to visit in Singapore. The best things about this place are the biodiversity of the neighborhood. This country is undoubtedly a shopper’s paradise along with being rich in culture and traditions and not forgetting the delicious local cuisines. This street was developed because Indian community has a great contribution in the history of Singapore and this has been coming from more than 200 years. The name Singapore has originally generated from Sanskrit words for lion city. In today’s time the neighborhood of here is quite thriving and colorful place where all the traditional holidays are taken into account and celebrated with joy. The tourist can visit the temple and also buy saris from the local vendors. There is also good music and food surrounding this area.

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