Cities you should be to when in Europe

cities to visit in europe
Cities to explore in europe

Europe is a very beautiful and huge continent. It is defined not only by its language, culture but Europe has the world’s most amazing mountain range running right through the centre of it- The Alps. They extend from Germany in the north to Italy in the south. Sine Europe is a very big continent it is not at all possible to see the whole of it in the first visit itself. Here are some cities to look out for in this breathtaking heavenly land of Europe.

Vienna, Austria to start with goes on far back and has a history of its own. People of Vienna to this day savour civilities and proper attire hence to blend in with the environment one has to be at ones best. This city is called the City of Music for a reason. It has been home to the most renowned and influential composers- Mozart and Beethoven. There are innumerable museums to keep the art enthusiasts at their feet so much so that one entire lane is called the museum quarter. This shows that Vienna not only has the taste for music but also for art and architecture adding to it. Spring is the best time to be in this city.

Another beautiful city not to miss out on is Barcelona in Spain. It is known for its scenic beauty and it is a very picturesque place. The climate here is lovely there are a number of places of tourist attraction here in this city and cuisine to die for. Once travelling this city would be a lifetime experience.

Moving on we cannot miss Paris in France also called the ‘lovers paradise’. It is the place which encapsules one of the world’s wonder- The Eiffel Tower. Visiting all three sections of this tower at night is a wonderful experience.