Exotic travel destination in Europe

Beautiful scenic view of Switzerland
Switzerland – The beauty of nature

Are you setting off for your first Europe tour? Well then let us tell you about a couple of best tourists’ spots that you must visit during your vacation. The city of Dubrovnik in Croatia should be your destination. Europe’s Great Wall of China is located in this city and from its peak the view of the Mediterranean is simply awesome. If you want to get some taste of the history of the 17th century then you should visit Amsterdam in the Netherlands where you can find romantic long lazy canals and great architecture based city buildings.

Berlin, Germany could be an amazing stopover in your Europe trip if you are interested about 20th century European history. The Berlin wall, The Brandenburg Gate is the most popular sites to visit. The ineffable natural beauty could be experienced once you are in Switzerland. Zurich, Geneva is famous for their hilly roads, snowy mountain peaks, lakes and towns.