Explore the natural beauty: Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Mystical place-Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Antelope Canyon, Arizona-most photographed spot

If you are fond of exploring stunning natural beauty then antelope canyon is the best spot to visit. Antelope canyon is located in the Arizona on the Navajo Indian reservation. By far it is the most photographed canyon of America. It is total serene and mystical place. Not only serene and mystical, it is also sacred and spiritual place. It is nothing but a quiet reverence; you can realize the inner beauty of nature. Antelope canyon depicts the special work of art displayed by nature. It’s a blend of glowing and attractive pastel colors which gives a brilliant effect when mixed with cascading sunlight beams which illustrate the artistic collection of sculpted sand stones in various shapes, size and forms.

It is similar to a vibrant underground cathedral where each and every step predicts a different depth of brilliance and excellent contrast of natural elements. Close your eyes for a second and imagine a place which is evolving since millions and millions of years where flowing water and wind have carved the sacred stones of different colors. Yes, imagination is beautiful and the reality is even more splendid. Just think how ancient people would have been preserved this place and kept the beauty intact to gift the next generation this invaluable spot to see. Antelope canyon is just beyond your imagination it is that beautiful.

Upper antelope canyon

There are two slots of canyon, but upper antelope canyon is most visited among two. The upper antelope canyon is less narrow and has more level as compared to lower antelope canyon. This is a plus point bas it makes hiking at this spot much easier. There are no stars in this place and it makes it easier for children’s and those people with less ability to climb up. Most people consider upper antelope canyon better for photo session as the light beams falls perfectly on the floor and gives a good demonstration of fantasized colors. The end of the upper canyon is a t a wash and visitors have to walk all the way back to the entrance to exit.

Lower antelope canyon

Lower antelope canyon is comparatively much narrow and there are much more climatic changes here. It took over more than millions years to get this excellent array of colors. At the time of rain storms, water gets collected in the basin which is above the slot canyon. When it gets filled and overflows there is a flash flood which passes through the canyon, carving varied shapes of sandstone and making it look more beautiful. Thus old scenes are removed and new ones are formed thus it keeps on changing with every rain and flood.

Is there any dander getting trapped in new floods?

It is not good to lie that there is no danger; in fact there are fair chances to get trapped in the floods. Especially during rainy season many of the times there are heavy floods. So it’s advisable to see the weather forecast and visit antelope canyon only and only when it is safe and there is no chance of climatic change.