Fascinating Facts About Canada Which Will Blow Your Mind

Interesting facts about canada
Facts about canada

Canada is a vast country and you will be definitely aware of it. Now you will know about Canada and might have visited it many times but still you don’t know many things about this country. Canada is not only large it is also interesting. There are many fascinating facts about Canada which you are not aware of but will blow your mind for sure. Canada is neighbor to USA and it has been very gentle and quite. However this is the wrong belief, Canada is an extremely interesting country and there are so many fascinating facts about Canada which will prove that Canada is not as gentle as it seems to be. To make you aware about this, here are some of the fascinating facts about Canada.

Facts about Canada’s famous people

  • You might be glad to know this fun fact about Canada that superman was created by two Canadian person named Joe Shuster and American jerry Siegel. This famous character of superman was created in the year 1934 when Shuster was visiting Siegel in Cleveland.
  • Some of the amazing facts of Canada include the famous celebrities like Justin Bieber, James Cameron, Mike Myers, Michael Buble, Celine Dion, Ryan Gosling, and William Shatner.
  • Some of the inspirational Canadian people include Rick Hansen who is a paraplegic athlete who completed an around the world marathon for a research on spinal cord injury. Other fascination facts about Canada’s remarkable person include Donovan bailey that is considered as the world’s fastest man. Another remarkable Canadian include terry fox who tried one leg cross country just for the sake of cancer research.

Facts about Canada’s geography

  • Canadas national flag
    National flag of canada

    One of the most interesting facts about Canada is that it is world’s second largest country in area after Russia.

  • The capital city of Canada is Ottawa which is considered as the second coldest city in the entire world.
  • The highest amount of tides occurs in the Bay of Fundy located in New Brunswick which is again in Canada.
  • Other interesting facts about Canada are it has the longest coastline among other countries in the world which 243977 in kilometers and 151600 in miles.
  • Canada is home to ten provinces and three territories.
  • The highest mountain in Canada is Mount Logan which is located in Yukon Territory and is 19551 feet in area.
  • Another fascinating facts about Canada is that it has longest fresh water beach in entire world named Wasaga beach.
  • Other fun facts about Canada includes the two world’s largest lakes are found in Canada. It is located in the North West territories of Canada named Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake.
  • Other interesting facts about Canada are that it is home to largest fresh water island across the globe which is Manitoulin Island.
  • The border lying between US and Canada is officially considered as the International boundary which is 5525 miles long among which the 1538 miles of border is between Alaska and Canada. This border is the longest unprotected border in the entire world.
  • Canada being second largest country, it is recorded as the forth lowest population country across the globe with just 3 people living in area of 1 square kilometer. Approximately half of the population of Canada was not born in Canada and are from other countries.
  • 1/10th of the words forest is in Canada and approximately half of the country is covered with forest only.
  • 9% of the renewable water supply of the world comes to Canada.
  • When it comes to education Canada is considered as the most educated country in the world and almost half of the residents of Canada have college degrees.

Animal facts about Canada

  • Polar bear of canada
    Polar Bear Walking Across Ice

    One of the shocking facts about Canada is that the people residing in Churchill usually leave the doors of their car unlocked in case if their neighbors want to make any quick escape from the polar bears.

  • Other surprising facts about Canada are there is a prison for the polar that goes into homes of people for getting the food and hurt them. Now this is not something you will see in every country.
  • None of the cows in Canada are given artificial hormones just for increasing the milk production. Hence the dairy products of Canada are so natural and there are no artificial hormones in it.
  • The only city in the entire world which is free of rats is Alberta which is located in Canada.

Food facts about Canada

  • The highest selling grocery item of Canada is Kraft dinner. 55% or more of Canadian uses KD. It is basically an American item but it is consumed more by Canadian.
  • One of the surprising facts about Canada is that the purity of the tap water of Canada is superior as compared with that of the bottled water.
  • The consumption of cheese and macaroni is highest in Canada. As compared to rest of the countries of the world, Canada uses highest amount of this.
  • One of the hygienic facts about Canada is that Canadians consumes the highest amount of fruit juice as compared to citizens of other country.
  • The highest amounts of doughnut shops are also in Canada as compared with other countries.

Cultural facts about Canada

  • The largest totem pole of world was organized in victoria in the year 1944. It is 54.94 meters tall.
  • The official language of Canada is English and French.
  • The national flag of Canada came into existence in the year 1965 for replacing the union jack. The flag has a red maple leaf on a plain white square.
  • One of the shocking facts of Canada is that prostitution is totally legal in Canada but however you cannot buy the services of prostitute as it is not legal in Canada.
  • You will be glad to know that the license plates in the northwest territories of Canada are having the shape of polar bears.
  • Canada is home to third largest oil reserves in the world after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

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