Fun Facts About Singapore

Fun Facts about singapore
Interesting Facts about Singapore

Whether you have been residing in this island for 50 years or just 15 years, you will always find something interesting about this place. You will always be exploring something intriguing about this island. The original name of Singapore is republic of Singapore and is one of the global cities in Southeast Asia. This city was taken by japan at the time of World War 2 and today it is considered as one of the easiest place to do business according to World Bank. Singapore is extremely different from the other Countries of Southeast Asia like Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Basically it is more similar with that of New York. Singapore is the land built on the ground without any natural resources; this is really very much surprising. This has some really great ideas which make this place very much different from others. This place is really very much different on a global scale. If you are interested in exploring this place more, here are some of the cool, funny, interesting and unique facts about Singapore.

  • You can’t eat chew gum in Singapore

Now this is extremely surprising facts about Singapore as chew gum is very basic thing and it is strictly prohibited in Singapore. This is one of the funniest laws of Singapore that except nicotine and dental gums, any gums are not allowed. You go in any store; you will not find any chew gum. Only doctor has the right to prescribe it to you for medical reasons. Now you must be wondering why there is such a weird law. The main purpose of this country’s government is to keep this place clean and tidy and we all are very well aware that how many people throe chew gum on the street just like that after eating. To avoid such things, chew gums are officially prohibited.

  • It’s a new country

Singapore and Malaysia were together till the year 1965 but after that it got separated. In today’s date it has completed more than 50 years and it’s a new country now. Formerly it was also dependent on japan and Britain but it is not the case.

  • Previously Singapore was Malaysian city

There are several people who are still not aware that Singapore is not just a city but it is also a country now. You will many times come across people who thought that Singapore is a Malaysian city just like Kuala Lumpur which is not true. Both these countries are very much connected with each other but are separate countries. There are several Malaysian people who go Singapore for trade and business and there are many Singapore people who very often go to during their free time like in weekends.

  • Island-city-state

There are many city-states in the world like Vatican City, but its only Singapore which is a city state along with being an island. Singapore is very small and stills a country but however it is not the smallest one.

  • It is not allowed to build high building

Now you must be thinking there are many sky scrapers and he largest one in Singapore and how can it be forbidden to build high building. There are approximately 64 sky scrapers in Singapore but still it is not allowed to build buildings which are higher than 280 meters. The reason behind this is that it is a small country and has a military base called Paya lebar Air base which is located very close to central business district. When there are high buildings, it can be hindrance for the planes to fly and thus this law has been enacted.

  • Lion – symbol of Singapore

Symbol of Singapore, lion
Lion, symbol of Singapore

Lion is called as Singha in Malaysian language and that’s the reason why Singapore is also called as the lion city. Head of lion is the official symbol of Singapore. However it is quite funny that there were no lions in Singapore ever found. However this fact doesn’t really matters for Singapore as they say that lion indicates courage, strength and excellence and hence it is declared as the symbol of this country.

  • Singlish – language of Singapore

Now you would have never heard of any such language called singlish. Singlish is also known as Singaporean language and many people believe it should not be spoken as it is not exquisite. This language is spoken in certain parts of Singapore having words from several languages like Chinese, Malay and English.

  • Lake in shopping mall

This is one of the extremely fascinating facts about Singapore. Have you ever spotted gondolas and lake inside a shopping mall? No of course no would have except for those who have visited Singapore. The name of the mall is marina square shopping mall, where there is a lake inside.

  • Millionaire’s city

Shopping mall having lake
Lake in shopping mall

You might find this facts bit unbelievable but it is true. One from every six house of Singapore has more than 1000000US$. Now this is just the disposable wealth, here the materialistic things like cars, business and properties are not taken into consideration. This country has the highest number of millionaires in the entire world. Now this is pretty awesome fact about Singapore.

  • Famous hotel of southeast Asia

If you have ever visited South East Asia or have ever researched or known about it then you will definitely have heard about the popular Marina bay island. This is one of the most popular hotels not only in Singapore but in the entire Asian world. There are many awesome features about this hotel which has made it this popular. The primary thing about this hotel is its unique architecture. There are total three buildings of marina along with a huge boat shaped roof which is located on the top of the hotel. Another interesting thing about this hotel is the infinity pool which is also located on the roof top and is in the list of one of the best across the globe. There are many interesting events happening in this hotel, one of the examples is the grand finale of Asia Got talent.

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