Fun Facts About St. Louis

View of fireworks in St louis
Night view of St. louis

Being the second largest city in the Missouri, St Louis is located along the Mississippi River. This city is totally independent that means it is not part of any country. This is an extremely beautiful city and by knowing these amazing facts, you will be in depth knowing this city and want to travel and explore it.

  • Louis is built on the top of the network of caves. These caves was very useful over the years for hiding spot for slaves, a place for localities to rouse a toast and cool their beer and escaping through the underground railroad. It was useful for smuggling when it was strictly prohibited.
  • It possesses the tallest national monument, the gateway arch. It is about 630 feet’s high. It is not only high it is wide as well. It is spanning 630 feet between the outside legs at the ground level.
  • Every year, around one million visitors decide to take a ride at the top of the arch in a tram car which is enclosed. While the rest three million prefers to stay at the ground only and watch others going that high. This arch possesses set of stairs which is 1076 steps in total but it is only during emergency maintenance.
  • There is a key stone of the arch which contains a time capsule along with the signatures of 762000 school children of St Louis.
  • People of St Louis are very fond of barbecue. The most of the per capita income of this city is generated from barbecue. They can slather this barbecue style in any kind of meat but pork steaks are most popular among them.
  • You would be glad to know that 7 up were also invented by St Louis. A salesman of St Louis named Charles Lipper Grigg invented 7 up in the year 1929.
  • Pepper which was invented in Waco was introduced to the public in St Louis only in the year 1904. It was introduced in the year 1904 in St Louis world’s fair.
  • The waffle cone which we all love to eat was also invented by St Louis in St Louis world’s fair only. This invention was out of a necessity, an ice vendor was short of cups so he turned to nearby waffle vendor and the idea of waffle cone came into existence.
  • Other food stuff like hot dog, hamburgers, iced tea, cotton candy, peanut butter and puffed wheat cereal were also introduced in the world fair only in St Louis.
  • The very old and famous gas balloon race, the Gordon Bennett was held for the second time ever in 1907 in St Louis.
  • The famous mercury and Gemini space capsules were built in St Louis By McDonnell Aircraft Corporation.
  • The cathedral basilica of St Louis has largest collection of mosaic art. Its walls and ceiling depict the great and immense beauty of mosaic art.
  • The first kindergarten in US was established in St Louis in the year 1873.