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Toronto is located in Canada and is the Ontario’s provincial capital.  It is located on the shore of Lake Ontario on the southern part of Ontario. Establishment of this town was made in the late of the 18th century. A British crew bought a land from the mississaugas and they started establishing a town which now turned out to be this most popular city of Canada. It is considered as one of the largest and most populated cities of Canada and must visit place. When the things come about knowing some interesting things about Toronto, the list can never end, this is place is that amazing? Toronto is a collection of deep ravines, urban forests and chain of rivers and travelling to Toronto would definitely be a lifetime experience for you and once visited you would surely want to revisit it again. People residing in Toronto are among the most welcoming people across the globe. If you are interested in visiting this place, you would surely be interested in exploring the history, knowing the cultural and every single information about Toronto. Here are some of the interesting facts about Toronto which you would love to know and would help you to explore and know the city in better manner.

  • The city of Toronto has more than 180 languages. Now this is really amazing, when you are in Toronto try to learn 1 or 2.
  • Toronto is included in the list of top most lively cities in the world.
  • Toronto has one of the largest underground shopping complexes in the entire world. This shopping complex covers an area of thirty kilometer’s in length. This is also recorded in the Guinness book of world record.
  • Based on the research and study of an economic magazine, Toronto is considered as one of the best cities to live in.
  • Toronto is hosting approximately 80 film festivals in a year. This basically reflects the rich, multicultural, diverse communities and multilingual characteristics of Toronto.
  • Must visit museum of toronto
    Museum of toronto

    Toronto was the host of pan American games which was held in the year 2015 and is considered as the largest sporting event which Canada has ever hosted.

  • Toronto is considered as one of the biggest centers for creative industry which houses almost 100000 people and provides wide range of service providers.
  • Toronto is considered as the fifth largest city of North America after Mexico, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.
  • Previously Toronto was known as York in the Upper Canada in the year 1793. Then in the year 1834 this city was renamed as Toronto.
  • Toronto is having 301 days and it has sunshine all these days. Hence it can be said that Toronto is a sunny place. Least days are in the month of December. There are only 19 days in December.
  • The city of Toronto is considered as the second most business friendly city across the globe after Hong Kong. Hence if you are a business person, you must consider visiting Toronto.
  • Data taken from the market capitalization, the stock exchange of Toronto is considered as the third largest stock exchange in the North America and is the 7th largest in the whole world.
  • Toronto has a caribana parade which is considered as the biggest parade in the entire North America. There are more than 10000 performers which are costumed and stretching a distance of over 3.6 kilometer’s. The starting time of this parade is from 10 AM and it ends at 8 PM.
  • There are approximately 8000 or more restaurants in Toronto which is a clear indication that people of Toronto take their food very seriously and are foodie persons.
  • 50% or more of population of Toronto was born outside of Canada.
  • The shoreline of Canada can stretch over 43 kilometers of distance.
  • Toronto was settled by some wide range of aboriginal groups before 11000 years.
  • Toronto's flag
    Flag of toronto

    Toronto is having 6 professional sports team of its own.

  • Based on the reports of plenty of sources, Toronto is considered as one of the safest metropolitan cities in entire North America. The crime rate of Toronto is very low as compared to that with other cities of Canada.
  • The street car system of Toronto is the largest in the entire western world in case of the length of the track, number of cars and also regular riders.
  • City of Toronto is also quite green. It has around 1600 popular parks, undeveloped area of 8000 hectares which includes rivers, creek fields, ravines and such other things. It also has more than 200 kms of trails. It also has probably 10 million among which 4 million trees are maintained properly and also owned by the city.
  • There is one of the secretive and extremely guarded locations situated under the PATH. It is said that there is scotia banks gold and metal stores in there. The operation and management of this section is done by the scotiamocatta which is one of the divisions of the bank itself. No one is actually aware about what goes in there as there is no guest pass issued for this section.
  • There is a unique building in Toronto which is known as the eye of the government. The latest name of this building is the new city hall and when it is seen from the air it gives the look of an unblinking eye. This was actually built by the finnish architect named as viljo revell.
  • World’s first permanent IMAX theatre cinesphere is located in Toronto.
  • Toronto is home to the longest street in the world. The street is named as the yonge street and it starts from the north and cover up the distance of 1896 kilometer’s.
  • Toronto is the home to Eaton center which is considered as the third largest mall in the entire Canada.

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