Fun Facts of Times Square, New York City

The Times Square, New York City
Crowded Times square, New York city

Well, the Times Square, do I need to give any explanation about what are Times Square and its functioning? No right, everyone has the knowledge and why not it is worldwide famous too. Its crowd, its Shoppe, its food, the hectic area, cars honking and many other things, which you will observe if you are planning to visiting New York City and that too, to the Times Square. But I know you might not know all the facts about time square right?

Well, this article will going to help you out to know the interesting and in simple words the fun facts which you would love to know regarding the Times Square before visiting it. Like its major intersection, the crowd which visits Times Square every year, etc things which you would find interesting to know about. The further discussion of facts of Times Square is as under.

Fun facts about Times Square

  • You know Times Square is the major intersection of and a neighborhood of midtown Manhattan which is now being transferred into walking pedestrian for people and the Seventh Avenue.
  • There are many other names through which Times Square is being named like the Crossroads of world, the center of Universe, The Great White way, etc and many other names through which it is known in different countries and all across the world.
  • The Times Square is considered to be the world’s busiest pedestrian crossroad and the major intersection of the well known industry which is being situated in Times Square. Well keep your pockets full if you are visiting Times Square because it is well famous and costly too to take a pace.
  • You won’t believe but approximately 335000 people travel through that Times Square intersection on the daily basis, which is very huge according to the calculation. I know you might be thinking upon it right.
  • If we are discussing about the history than let me tell you that Times Square was considered to be the Center of New York’s carriage industry in the year of 1872.
  • As you have noticed a rapid growth of the economy, Times Square has also grown on a speed. It is now considered the hub for entertainment, fashion, theaters, huge malls, etc which can be considered as the biggest attraction for the visitors who are visiting the Times Square.
  • You know that the Times Square has its own Visitor center and the museum which is kept free of cost for the visitors who are planning to visit it.
  • How can I forget to discuss about the dropping of the ball. Yes we all know about it. On the New Year’s Eve millions of people get congregate to enjoy the ball dropping. This is celebrated since long time in the Times Square.
  • This ball is dropped from the pole which is considered to be 25-story of height. And this experience you cannot miss to watch if you are going to visit the Times Square in the New Year’s Eve.