Going to Madagascar to meet Alex and Marty

trip to Madagascar
National park in Madagascar

Madagascar is a picturesque island situated off the east coast of the African continent, amidst the mighty Indian Ocean. Its grand heritage of flora and fauna along with some of the most idyllic landscapes has made Madagascar one of the most spectacular visual treats. You must have relished the 2005 comedy classic “Madagascar” where its 2 principle characters Alex the lion and Marty the zebra were shipwrecked on the island with their other fellow zoo inmates- if you are interested to meet them in Madagascar and explore the beauty of the island here goes a list for your Madagascar must-visit itinerary.

Ranomafana National Park

It’s one of the most significant tourist attractions in Madagascar. You will surely love the eastern edge of the park which is oh-so-scenic with countless streams flamboyantly gushing through dense woods. The park is the abode for the nearly extinct gold bamboo lemur. The park is situated in Ranomafana village and hence the name.

Masoala National Park

Located in northeastern side of Madagascar, the very national park promises a true beautiful vista with its dense rainforest stretching across 250 miles, including 3 marine parks. Masoala is famous for its lemur habitation and preserves 10 species of the animal including the biggest nocturnal primate of the world- Aye-aye. Besides, you will also enjoy the versatile range of birds encompassing the park as well as several reptiles. The marine parks, namely, Ambodilaitry, Tampolo and Ifaho offers kayaking and snorkeling adventures for the tourists here.

Royal Ambohimanga Hill

It’s the seat for Malagasy royalty and is considered as an auspicious site for the locales here. The archaic historical village had been existent since centuries- the most spectacular feature of the ancient imperial site is its Mahandrihono compound with solid rosewood walls. The compound houses several artifacts of the great Madagascar royal King Andrianampoinimerina.