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Night view of Barcelona
Barcelona – Night site

Barcelona! What is the first thing that comes up in your mind while pronouncing one of the most famous words of the world? Its beauty, its scenic views, the beaches, sunny skies and what not. Barcelona is among the second largest city in Spain and is basically situated on the Mediterranean coast. You might not know the fact but the city name has become more famous recently even since the famous football team FC Barcelona won the Champion’s League Trophy. They defeated the highly enthusiastic and winning tea the Manchester United in May 2009. There are many interesting facts about Barcelona that you might even not know. Are you planning of visiting and selecting Barcelona as the place for your trip? It’s advisable of knowing certainly something about the destination you selected. Let me introduce you to some of the basics about Barcelona.

Barcelona is a Modernist and a Gothic marvel that is situated on the Mediterranean Sea. It is basically a city that is well known for its culture, cosmopolitan, cool and quirky character. Whether it’s by enjoying its charm of modernist city or by unearthing it’s past hidden historical aspects, you’ll definitely get the chance of discovering something really interesting facts about Barcelona that you might not have encountered with. Barcelona is one of the most enjoying, energetic and livable cities that you should visit. Well, simply I can say, it is among the most interesting cities to visit in Europe. So, it is important to know the interesting facts about Barcelona before you head ahead to the airport. Don’t forget to grab your camera for capturing some of the most important and unique experiences of your life. Here are some interesting facts about Barcelona that might help you in proving to be your guide while visiting it!

Fact about Barcelona:

  • Did you know that Barcelona is a well-known city that is also recognized by the cannabis smoker’s paradise? It is also the hole for the hugest metropolitan park in the world. You might not know this but Barcelona is the only city that is awarded with the Royal gold medal for the architectural structures constructed by the Royal British institute of the British architects. The facts states, the medal is given to a person or group of people, Barcelona is the first and the last city on the planet that is recognized by this award.
  • FCB - Football team
    Football team – FCB

    It is the only city that has received this honor of award. You might not know, but Barcelona does not comprise of any beaches until 1992 Olympics. But, in today’s time, there are seven blue flagged beaches that are stretched to almost 5 to 6 kms of the city’s coastline. Barcelona is mentioned by the tag of “Beast Beach City” by the National Geographic.

  • Did you know, Barcelona is the best city and to be considered the busiest pedestrian street in Spain? It is situated in the Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella, basically the old town of the city, the shopping mecca Portal de 1’Angel is among the most expensive street in Spain. It is among the country’s busiest walkways. Approximately 150000 people might be walking down daily on a regular base.
  • Gathering some interesting facts about Barcelona before visiting it is among the best decision you’ve ever made. You might not know but, Barcelona is even older than Rome. It is stipulated in one of the stories of origin of Barcelona that the city might had the chances to be founded by Hercules, 400 to 500 years before Rome was actually constructed. But, let me tell you, it is true or not, is still a mystery.
  • Barcelona is well known and famous for the highest rate of smoking cannabis. Yes, you heard it right, the highest amount of cannabis are smoked in Barcelona. It is also legal so people can freely smoke the way they want to. It is a home to more than 700 to 800 cannabis club.
  • Don’t get surprised, as Spain is often termed by the name of “Holland of the South”. A perfect word for all the cannabis smokers, a Smoker’s heaven. Bu, if the travelers are thinking of doing the same, let me tell you, you guys cannot. This is only valid for the resident of Spain and taking the membership for smoking cannabis is also not an easy task. Without any membership you cannot take part into its legal activities.
  • Barcelona image
    Image showing Barcelona

    Barcelona is a place that is filled with different interesting facts. You might not know, but it is among the most visited place in Spain. It stands at the 4th place when it comes for the top most attractions in Spain. It is most visited even before Rome, Milan, Paris and even London. There are approximately 2.9 million of travelers and visitors that visits Barcelona in a year.

  • When it comes for the Mediterranean Sea, there are many cities which reside on its coastlines, but Barcelona is among the biggest city that is situated on its coastline. It covers at least an area of 101.7 kms and consists of the population of 1.608 million, which simply makes it among the largest city on the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second largest city of Spain after Madrid. Madrid is the capital city of Spain.
  • You might know, but every 23rd of April in every year, Barcelona celebrates the patron saint of Catalonia with books and roses. This is inspired by the World Heritage UNESCO and gave this day the name of World Book and Copyright Day in the year of 1995. This is something really interesting fact about Barcelona. Eiffel Tower might be in Barcelona if the project was not rejected.
  • Yes, you heard it right, if everything would went well, Gustavo Eiffel might have constructed and build his Eiffel Tower in Barcelona. But, Spain rejected the project of architect stating that it is too radical and did not actually fit into the aesthetic looks and appearance of the city. It is also among the busiest hub for cruise port in the entire Europe. Mark my words; you can get more of the information by reading it.

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