Interesting Facts About Cambodia

Fun facts about cambodia
Interesting facts about cambodia

In the year 1975, Cambodia was considered as one of the most terrifying place to reside in. There was a communist party named Kampuchea which was led by the Pol Pot and backed up by the North Vietnamese people. This party took the power of Cambodia by force and they evacuated the entire city of Cambodia leading it to an agrarian society. This party forced every single person to work in farm labor camps. Each and every industry of Cambodia was stopped forcefully, all the books were burned and all the religions were outlawed. The heights of cruelty didn’t end here as teachers, artists, musicians, business owners any single person who questioned against this new government was murdered. Even each and every person who was educated was killed. Even the persons wearing glasses were also killed on the grounds that they look smart. The situation of Cambodia was this bad. This turned to be worst as in the period of 4 years, in the reign of khmer rouge. Approximately 1.4 million to 3 million people died because of the former school which turned into prison which was called as S-21 or in the execution of the killing fields or from disease or starvation.

Cambodia's national flag
Flag of cambodia

The situation of Cambodia took a U turn in the year 1979 when the Vietnamese people took over the khmer rouge and established the people’s republic of kampuchea which was nothing but a puppet state of Vietnam. UN stepped in this place in the year 1992 and restored a monarchy and conducted election of parliament and the name of the place was changed to kingdom of Cambodia. After that Cambodia has observed a great economic and political growth. However in today’s time, Cambodia has gained quite lot of growth and have many wonderful and spectacular sites, places and activities to do and attracts lots of tourists every year. The landscapes, the ancient temples and the wonderful forests are the real beauty of Cambodia which people are fond to see. To know more about this beautiful place with splendid history, here are some of the interesting facts to know and explore the beauty of this place even more.

  • The name of Cambodia is changing whenever any new government is appointed in the country. Now this is very strange fact about Cambodia but a very true one. This trend has been seen since period of last 60 years starting and finishing from the kingdom of Cambodia.
  • During the period of 1953 to 1970 when it was ruled by a monarchy the name was The kingdom of Cambodia
  • During the period of 1970 to 1975 when it was ruled by the president lon Nols government the name was the Khmer Republic.
  • During the period of 1975 to 1979, it was ruled by the pol pot’s Khmer rouge regimen and the name was Democratic Kampuchea.
  • During the period of 1979 to 1989, the name of Cambodia was The people’s republic of Kampuchea under the rule of Vietnamese government.
  • It was named as the State of Cambodia under the rule of United Nations Transitional Assembly during the period of 1989 to 1993.
  • In the year 1993, it was the given the final name as the Kingdom of Cambodia under the rule of restored constitutional monarchy.
  • One of other interesting facts about Cambodia is that it is among those few countries which don’t have MC Donald’s along with the Yemen and Ghana. There are several countries where it had started hut was then kicked out like Bolivia and Iceland but in Cambodia, MC Donald’s have never set their foot in. They do have KFC, Burger king and their own MC Donald’s which is called Lucky burger.
  • One of the most interesting and let’s say beautiful facts about Cambodia is that it has Angkor Wat which is one of the beautiful places you will ever see. This is one of the basic reasons why people are driven to visit this Cambodia. Angkor wat is one of the wonders of the world and one of the largest religious buildings in the entire world. You might be glad to know that the famous and important Cambodian beer was named after that.
  • Costly funeral ceremony of cambodia
    Expensive funeral ceremony of cambodia

    One of the interesting facts about Cambodia which you will be glad to know is that Cambodian flag is the only flag in the entire world which features a building. This building is one of the most popular wonder of the world.

  • One of the amusing facts about Cambodia is that it has more young population which is of course a god thing. The half or more of the population of Cambodia is below the age of 15 years. There is scarcity of the people over the age of 50 years in Cambodia.
  • Now you will be shocked to know that the funeral ceremony in Cambodia is highly expensive. The average cost of the funeral including the cost of cemetery would be around $9000. Now this is way too much high cost especially for a country that have the average monthly salary of just $100. The families of Cambodia have to gather together the savings of their whole life and even sell their priced possessions if they want to give proper funeral to their loved ones. The funeral of Cambodia basically last for 49 days by keeping their body preserved for the first 7 days. After completion of the 100 days of the funeral, there is another prayer ceremony held. This can be even shortened but it is said that the longer the period the better will be the afterlife of the deceased person. The chants and prayers of this funeral ceremony is said by the monks who plays a very important role in the en tire funeral ceremony.

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