Interesting Facts about Egypt

Egypt fresco
Egypt – The scenic picture

Are you interested in knowing the beauties, speculation, and theories of Egypt? There are different historical aspects that you cannot miss when you’re visiting Egypt. But wait a minute, do you know, there are many interesting facts about Egypt? If you’re visiting it for the first time, you should know before you step ahead for Egypt. Making Egypt a destination for your trip is not at all a bad idea, as there are many expectations and surprises waiting your way ahead.

Do you know the history about how rules, rule the country, how they were killed, about the day to day activities they perform in the pyramids? We might all know that still Egypt is a mysterious destination with lots of surprises; there are quite few questions that were answered. Still there are certain questions that are still unanswered. We might get all those images in our mind about the dead mummies, the pyramids, and the beauty that all strikes up ion our mind while we think of Egypt. But, trust me folks, Egypt has many of fantastic stories that are still hidden and many of the travelers might not have the knowledge of it. If you want to learn something interesting about Egypt, head here. Here are certain interesting facts about Egypt that might increase your anxiety of visiting it for once in your life.

Egypt – Interesting facts:

  • You might not know, but Christianity is considered to be the core religion in Egypt. It was accepted during the fourth and the sixth of centuries during Egypt.
  • When it comes for worshipping the different gods and goddess in Egypt, you might not know that they worshipped more than 1400 to 1500 different goddess and gods that might turn up to a higher level.
  • Egypt beauty
    Beauty of Egypt

    Egypt is considered to be standing with the highest position of largest population of Arabic in the entire world. Isn’t it something interesting to know? And also the former name of Egypt was something different thou. It was the Arab Republic of Egypt.

  • You might not this, but approximately 90 to 91 percentage of population in Egypt are Muslim. The remaining 9 to 8 percentage of population is Coptic and the 1 percent of people is Christian.
  • You know, they actually dint rode camel in the desert. Actually, the use of camel was not done regularly. Instead of that, they made the use of donkeys as their beasts of burden. They used boats and termed to be the highly used means for transportation. You will also find many natural highways that are created by the river Nile, it passed through the fertile land that is simply making a pass way in the form of natural highway.
  • Even, the toilets were found in many of the ancient Egyptian tombs. I know, right, isn’t it something really interesting to know about. But, it is considered to be one of the interesting facts about Egypt.
  • You might know, but the world’s oldest dress is found in Egypt. It might be approximately 5000 to 6000 years old. There are many of the interesting facts about Egypt that should be known before you visit it. In the border between Sudan and Egypt, there are approximately 796 sq. miles of land that is still left unclaimed by any of the country.
  • The history depicts its importance in the world heritage. The written language was invented by Egyptians and that too independently. Even Chinese, Mayans and Sumerians are certainly amongst them to independently investing the written language.
  • If you’re thinking that each and every dead body was mummified, then let me inform you, not each and every of the dead body was mummified. As mummification was a time consuming and an expensive process, it was only reserved for those of the people who were well known and highly wealthy.
  • Most of the varied dead bodies were buried in a box and then to the desert. Not all the dead body was mummified. But, did you know the reason behind mummifying the dead? They though and believed that there is possibility for living again after the death. But only if the body still preserved to be its recognized human form.
  • This might be certainly too some change as it was decided that the dead bodies will be preserved and certainly buried under the hot sand in the desert, but the elite decided to preserve them in the form of mummy beneath the tomb in the coffins. It simply means that the dead body will never get contact with the sand for the chances of getting rot.
  • Animated image of Mummification process
    Mummification process animated image

    You might not know, but Sudan comprise of more pyramids as compared to Egypt. It’s advisable of visiting both the destinations while you’re visiting Egypt for your trip. WE all might have seen the Steppe eagles roaming up high in the skies of Egypt. Well, the Steppe eagles are termed and recognized to be the national animal of Egypt.

  • The great statue of Liberty was designed and was intended to construct for Egypt. You might have heard that myth about, the construction of pyramids was made slaves, but the fact states something else. The pyramids were built by paid laborers and not the slaves. It is simply a myth spread over by the Herodotus. They were the Greek historians of that century.
  • The lost city of Egypt namely the Heracleion was found after 1200 to 1300 years under the sea region. Isn’t it something interesting to know? It is interesting to know that the ancient Egyptian made the use of pillows of stone for sleeping.
  • You might not know this but the world’s largest and hugest pyramid resides in Mexico and not in Egypt. Egyptians were well known with the sailing boats they used. The first sailing boats were invented by the Egyptians.
  • We all have exchanged the wedding rings with our better half. This tradition has travelled from the ancient culture of Egypt. You might not know it, but the Egyptians use to shave their eyebrows for consoling the death of their cats.

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