Interesting Facts About Iceland

Iceland - Volcanic mountain
Volcanic mountain – Iceland

In the recent times, Iceland has captured many of its beautiful views and improved its reputation among hikers, travelers and backpackers as they has the benefits of seeing some amount of more advantage for exploring the country. From the outer side of the world, it might be hard to understand the top rated attractions. What is so great about this island in the north of the Atlantic, inhabited by fewer than 36000 people and still battered by the rough seas are certainly some of the questions that might turn up to our mind. But, it is advisable to talk to anyone who has already been to Iceland. But, trust me folks, you might come up in making an entirely brand new perception about Iceland.

Iceland is among the most unique place which offers the travelers with the blend of experiences precisely because of its harsh climate, small amount of population and northerly latitudes. Iceland is considered to be the land of fire and ice that is filled with all sorts of surprises. The country of Iceland is unique in so many features and factors that can let you feel to be completely on another land. Taking from the volcanoes to the trolls of glaciers, there are many things and certainly some of the interesting facts about Iceland that you cannot afford to miss. Here are certain interesting facts about Iceland that can help you in knowing more about the country you’re planning of visiting for your trip or vacation. Don’t forget your camera for capturing its beauty and its charming views in your cameras.

Iceland- Interesting facts:

  • You might not know this, but hotdogs are considered to be the most popular food item in Iceland. They are sold virtually to each and every corner of the country including restaurants, gas stations, and also on the roadside stops. Many of the Iceland believers think in this existing time about the presence of elves. They thing that in today’s time, there is the presence and existence of elves.
  • Iceland is the land of extremes. The first thing that you might come across while visiting Iceland is about the harsh climate. Iceland is situated in the north of Atlantic. The island is basically formed by a volcanic hotspot beneath the surface of the ocean. And due to this reason most of the volcanoes are still alive and active. Don’t miss the site of experiencing a visit to the volcanoes situated in Iceland.
  • There are some of the most famous volcanoes in Iceland that you cannot afford to miss at all while visiting Iceland for your trip. There are many things that the travelers might get the chance to explore in Iceland. Some of the most powerful waterfalls are situated in Iceland. These are among the hugest ones in Europe.
  • Image of Northern lights
    Northern lights – Iceland

    How can we forget the northern lights? The charming view of enjoying the northern lights is something that might increase up your experiencing list. These northern lights are visible during the longest winter nights and it might be really interesting to know but during summers the sun sets for certainly few hours only. Isn’t it something really interesting fact about Iceland to know.

  • I know you might be thinking, Iceland consists of small population. It doesn’t mean that it has small number of people living but the wild life and the forest section is found more in the country. These areas are making much of the great hiking and camping spot for the travelers visiting it.
  • It might really be a shocking thing to know but, Iceland is considered to be the first place of parliament ground in the entire Europe. In the year 930 AD, it was the first parliament that met in Iceland. The site of parliament is now being dubbed by the UNESCO world heritage center and it termed to be the site of it too. It is the site of historical, geographical and cultural significance.
  • Have you heard about the tectonic plates of the earth? The geographical section of the site which is dubbed in to the world heritage site by UNESCO is simply because it is among the only two places in the entire world where you can have the look at the earth’s two of the tectonic plates meeting above the surface of the earth. You can even go for diving and snorkeling the surface between the two plates near the lake.
  • As Iceland is situated on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, it is considered to be the country with incredibly active country for volcanoes. There are approximately 125 to 130 volcanic mountains in Iceland that are termed to be among the most famous in the world. A handful of them are still very much active in the country. They are also becoming active according to the changes and the growth that are observed in the country.
  • Volcano in Iceland
    Iceland- Volcano

    It might be surprising for you to hear Iceland is covering approximately some of the section into glaciers parts too. Glaciers are most probably responsible for easily carving out each and everything that hasn’t been shaped by earthquake and magma. It is seen that strip clubs are banned from the Iceland since the year of 2010. You might get surprise by hearing that there is zero percentage of mosquitoes in Iceland that you would come across.

  • Rotten shark or namely the Hakarl is considered to be the national dish of Iceland and it is also termed to be the delicacy of the country. You might not know but the island nation produces relatively more number of writers than compared to any other place in the entire world. You might get shock hearing this but babies are routinely left outside the home or the store for nap in freezing temperatures. Iceland prohibited the consumption over beer until the year of 1990. It might be really interesting to know but there are highest amount of swimming pool to the human ratio in the entire world.

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