Interesting Facts About Maldives

Crystal clear waters of maldives
Over water bungalows of maldives

When we thin k about Maldives, there is blue crystal clear waters, this beautiful sparkling sun, white sandy beaches and a beautiful romantic dinner. This is all we think about Maldives. Well Maldives is a lot more than this. Maldives is a gorgeous sun kissed island which every couple wants to explore. It is included in the top 10 honeymoon destinations across the globe. There is romance in every corner of Maldives. There are also varied activities which attract you so much to this destination, starting from snorkeling to scuba diving, from fishing to swimming, Maldives has it all. When talking about Maldives, you cannot forget the amazing over water bungalows, staying there is like a beautiful retreat. Chilling at the beach, trying its activities is not only thing which attracts you about Maldives. If you are fond of Maldives, then you might be interested in knowing various different things about Maldives and exploring the place from from top to bottom. Maldives is island but it still has a culture which is 3000 years old with an extremely good educational system and a wild and intolerant government. Maldives consists of 1190 coral island and atolls which can stretch for about 90000 square kilometers. These were the basic information about Maldives, to know more about it here are some of the interesting facts about Maldives which will surprise you. Knowing the facts about Maldives will make you more interested about this destination and it can also help you flaunt your knowledge on the dinner table in front of your parents or your annoying siblings or any other person you want.

  • Establishment by an exiled prince

The history of Maldives has been very interesting and exploring it can be really great. Maldives has always been a very important chain as it has many routes passing through it for business and trade. The people who landed for the very first time on the island of Maldives were Indians. The actual date of this event is not there in the history of Maldives but it was before 269 BC. It is said that there was no government in the island of Maldives and there was a small group of people who were living peacefully and were worshipping the sun and the water. The first and the original kingdom of Maldives was originated by the son of king kalinga who was from India. The king was not very much happy and pleased with his son and hence he sent his son to Maldives. At that time, this place was known as Dheeva Maari. The establishment and development of this island was handed over to the son of the king. The king was from lunar dynasty and he got married to the queen from solar dynasty. Due to this, they were banished from their home island and the queen wrote a transcript which was then buried in the sand to make it lost forever.

  • Underwater cabinet meeting

Underwater meeting held in maldives
Underwater meeting in maldives

The climate change and also the rising level of ocean is a constant threat of this island. There are already several islands which have been evacuated because of the rising level of water. Even the fresh source of water has increased. For drawing attention to this concern, Mohamed Nasheed the president of Maldives organized a cabinet meeting in the bottom of the ocean in October 2009. This meeting consists the president and also the other 13 government officials who put on scuba gears and sat on a specific desk which was sunk to the bottom of the sea with an intention to check the dangers which the island was facing. This is really exciting that meeting can also be held underwater.

  • Typical Muslim nation

You might not be aware but Maldives is a strictly Muslim territory and following of the local laws and all the traditions is compulsory. Both of types of schools ja’fari and shari’a are prevalent in Maldives. It was originally a Buddhist nation and then it was converted in the 12th century by those who were Islamic men who were accompanying merchants and traders on their long journey. This island was again colonized by the Portuguese people in 16th century who tried to convert Maldives in Christian. However this conversion failed very badly and it resulted bloodshed and violence. When the government restored, the position of king seem to be fixed. There was a new rule which came into force that the president and all the cabinet ministers of Maldives should be compulsorily Sunni Muslim.

  • Coconut rigging an election

Coconut rigging the election
Election rigged by coconut

Plenty of people of Maldives have strong belief in super natural powers along with belief in black magic and white magic. In the year 2013 in September, a police officer detained a coconut on the grounds of loitering and suspicious action at the time of presidential election. This weird coconut was seen outside of the polling station and it was blamed of being placed at that spot with the intention of rigging the election. Coconut is considered as one of the essential element in black magic and all the suspicious spells and rituals. A white magician was called for examining the coconut for any curse or any threats. Nothing as such threat or curse was found in the coconut. The white magician declared the coconut as innocent. Coconut was not arrested and he was released in the custody of the family.

  • High literacy rate

Literacy rate of Maldives is extremely high. The literacy rate of Maldives is 98% among the adults. It was 70% and it gradually grown to 98%. People of Maldives are so much keen in their education process and this can be considered a major key in their future growth and success. With the help of UNICEF, Maldives has developed a unified education program since 1978. These program has built a teacher resource program which makes use of internet for undertaking long distance teaching. This association not only provide education to children but also to parents or any other caretaker.


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