Interesting Facts about Texas

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Have you ever thought of visiting Texas for your trip? Texas, a lone state, is among the second largest state in USA. IT is also among the most populated place that you can visit in USA. You might not know but it also holds some of the most beautiful and wonderful places to visit in the world. Lovely people, amazing scenic views, beautiful sightseeing and its culture makes it more relevant for the travelers to visit Texas. Trust me folks, you might get literally amaze by seeing its beauty and the mixture of cultural as well as modern aspects of the state.

Texas is among the amazing state that is filled with different Contrasting. They say everything is bigger and huge in Texas, and certainly it is true as there’s a varied range of things to do and places to visit in Texas. But have you ever heard the interesting facts about Texas. Well, visiting Texas for your trip will definitely increase your interest and will make you feel proud. Whether you’re interesting in knowing the culture and the history of the state or the art work and the cowboy culture, each and every thing is present in Texas. The states is named and addressed by “The Lone Star State” It is advisable to check whether you know what the place is all about or you don’t even know a bit about the destination you selected for your vacation. Make sure to know the basics of the place before you visit. Here are certain interesting facts about Texas that you might not even know. Knowing them would be in your benefits as you’ll know and can easily be able to explore the state you’re visiting for your trip.

Facts about Texas:

  • You might not know it but Texas declared its independence from Mexico in year of 1836. It became a republic unless and until it was joined back to the USA in the year 1845. It is really interesting fact about Texas that it is still a hanging offense to put graffiti on someone’s cow or to steal any of the cattle.
  • You might even not know but it is also termed to be an offense of taking swear or indecently expose in front of any of the corpses in Texas. Even a simple camel run on the beaches is illegal in Galveston, Texas. Also killing someone for preventing the theft of property is legal in the state of Texas.
  • It is really interesting to know about Texas that if Texas might have been a nation, it would among the largest producing nation of oil. It would stand at 7th position in the entire world. We all are familiar with the word of “Earth” Only Texas is the place on the entire world which is named by Earth.
  • Are your familiar with the largest colony of bats in the world? Texas is the place where it actually resides. More than 20 to 21 million of bats live in the bracken cave that is situated in Texas. It is termed to be the world’s largest and hugest colony of bats.
  • We all have heard about different construction and structural architecture of highways. So as in Texas. One of the world’s hugest and widest freeways is in Texas. The Katy Freeway is among the widest highways that will simply blow up your mind. The constructions and the structural design are created in such way that is amongst the most tourists attracted thing in Texas. It is in the part of interstate 10 in Texas. It consists of more than 26 lanes of highways all across the area.
  • It is really interesting to know, but Texas comprise of its own pledge of allegiance that is something unique and which makes the state stand out. Let me take you to the history of Texas. Sam Houston, the general in command who won the Texas independence from Mexico, was removed from its designation and his post as Governor, after refusing to be the support of confederacy on the civil war which was prevailed in that era.
  • Person standing on Bigfoot, Texas
    Image of Bigfoot, Texas

    Have you ever seen a Bigfoot? Well, in Texas it is legal to kill any Bigfoot of you ever find it in your way. It was observed in the late of 1990, an innocent man was punished with the penalty to death in Texas, because of the jury. The juries were actually confused him for the other with the same name and he even looked similar to that culprit too. He has similar height and looks that made the jury members to take such decision.

  • It is something really interesting to know about, but there is species of fungus that is called by the name of chorioactis. This only exists in the section of rural Japan and in Texas. Well, it is here from last 19 to 20 million of years which is really something unique to know about. Even, visiting Texas offers with many distinctive places and things like there’s a massive abandoned supercollider which is situated in Texas.
  • Evening view of Oil producing unit
    Oil producing unit image

    You might not know, but Texas has approximately 8.6 percentage of population in USA which produces 12.9 percentage of totally greenhouse, while California hold approximately 12.1 percentage of population of the total country and remits the greenhouse gas of 7 percentage. It is interesting to know but in Norway, Texas is considered to be the slang for craziness.

  • Are you interested in watching out the largest list of airports? Texas has approximately 731 airports. It is termed to be the second most state in USA. You might not know this, but the name of Texas is based on a caddo word “Tejas” that simply means allies and friends. Are you frightened about ghost? Texas comprise of approximately more than 200 ghost town in the entire state.
  • When it comes to the population of the state, Texas is termed to be the second most populated state in the entire USA. Make your initiative for visiting one of the most beautiful places on the earth.

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