Interesting Facts About Thailand

Fascinating facts about thailand
Interesting facts about thailand

Thailand is very large and dynamic Southeast Asian country. Thailand is all about its royal palaces, ancient ruins and tropical beaches and beautiful temples featuring the figures of Buddha. Thailand is an extravagantly beautiful destination to explore. If you have visited it once you would definitely want to revisit it. However how many times you have visited Thailand, there many facts about Thailand which you are not aware of and knowing them will surprise you and will give this destination a close place in your heart. There are plenty of interesting facts about Thailand which have not been disclosed yet. There are some interesting facts about Thailand’s flag, interesting facts about Thailand’s national anthem, interesting facts about Thailand’s food and interesting facts about Thailand’s king. Exploring this different facts about Thailand culture and facts about Thailand’s religion will make you realize that this destination is not only about Bangkok and all those fun but has a rich history and ancient culture. You have visited this destination a lot before and would know the facts about Thailand beaches but there are lot more you can know here in this article and make others learn about it. Here are some of the really hidden facts about Thailand which will amaze you.

  • Smallest mammal in the world
    Smallest bat in the world

    The first fact about Thailand which will shock you is its real name. Name of Thailand in Thai is Prathet Thai which has a very decent meaning land of free.

  • Another fascinating fact about Thailand is that it is the only country in the entire Southeast Asia which has never been colonized by Europe.
  • You will be glad to know that Thailand has many names over past centuries and previously it was known by the most dominant cities like Ayutthaya, Thonburi and Sukhothai. Since 1800 the name has been kept on fluctuating between Thailand and Siam.
  • One of the interesting facts about Thailand is that it has the world’s largest Buddha of gold along with the largest crocodile farm and the longest single span suspension bridge and also largest restaurant and tallest hotel.
  • Thailand is having border with four countries Laos to east and north, Myanmar to north and south, Malaysia to south and Cambodia to southeast.
  • At one point of time, Thailand set the record of longest line of the washed plate in the year 2010. They lined up 10488 washed plates which were crushed in the year 2011 by India having the line of 15295 washed plates which is equal to 2.36 miles.
  • One of the interesting facts about Thailand is that in past all the young men’s including the kings have to become Buddhist monk for some period of time before turning to 20 years. In todays time only few men’s follow this practice.
  • Buddhism is one of the largest followed religions in Thailand. Almost 94.6% of the total population is of Buddhist, 4.6% is of Muslims, 0.7% is of Christian and 0.1% is of others.
  • One of other interesting facts about Thailand is that it has the world’s smallest mammal. Kitti’s hog nose bat is the smallest mammal of entire world. It is just two to three centimeter long and has a weight of only 2 grams. They reside near the limestone caves and eat the inbse4cts surrounding them.
  • Another interesting facts about Thailand is that it is home to world’s largest fish. It is the whale shark named Rhincodon typus.
  • Another shocking facts about Thailand is that it has man having the longest hair. A man named man hoo sateow has 1611 long hairs recorded as the man with longest hairs and he says that his long hair keep him warm and nice.
  • Thailand is the home to most expensive pet wedding across the globe. In the year 1966, there were two diamond eyed cats named ploy and phet. They were married in grand way making expense of $16241.
  • Thailand-home to largest lizard
    Largest lizard found in thailand

    Thailand’s is considered as the 51st largest country in the world. Russia is the largest country in the world and US is considered as the third largest.

  • Of the fascinating facts about Thailand is that it has set the record in one of the largest cat walk in the world on 9th April 2010. This catwalk was 1584 meters long and it was a major part of the pattaya’s international fashion week.
  • You will be really surprised to know this fact about Thailand that the world famous Bangkok’s original name is krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin mahintharayutthaya mahadilkphop noppharatratchathaniburrirom udomratchaniwetmahasathan amonphimanawatansathit sakkatthattiyawitsanukamprasit. Yes you heard it right the original name of Bangkok is this long that you cannot even pronounce it. The meaning of this long name is the city of angels, great city of immortals, magnificent city of the nine gems, seat of king, city of royal palaces, home of gods incarnate, erected by visvakarma at indras behest.
  • Before a century, north Thailand was covered up by the dense forests and in today’s time, this lush green forest has extinguished and only 1/4th part of country is covered with forest and has wood. One of the saddest facts about Thailand is that it has the second highest rate of forest loss in entire Southeast Asia. In recent times lodging is totally banned in Thailand.
  • Another sad facts about Bangkok is that the traffic police in Thailand have to wear face masks because of the extreme air pollution. Not only this has the police man had to get equipped with the oxygen tanks in case exhaust fumes overwhelms the officers. The condition of pollution in Bangkok is that bad.
  • Another interesting facts about Thailand is that more than 1/10th of the species of animals on the entire earth reside in Thailand.
  • Thailand is homer to longest snake in the whole world which is known as reticulated python. The largest snake which is found in Thailand is 33 feet long.
  • Thailand is native to the largest living lizard in the world. This lizard can grow up to 7 feet long.
  • One of other interesting facts about Thailand is that it is home to one of the most dangerous snake in the world known as cobra.

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