Interesting Facts About the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, USA
Grand Canyon day time view

Well, if the travelers are asked to take the name of the most famous canyon of the world, I know your answer is likely to be the Grand Canyon. But, if you’re asked to name another one, ammmm let me guess; probably you won’t be able to tell the name either!! So hence, it’s obvious that we might not know any other Canyon except for the Grand Canyon. But, despite of being one of the most visited and popular tourist attraction in the United States of America, there are still certain surprises that are holding you’re surprisingly to know.

The Grand Canyon stretches over 228 miles and is considered to be the home to the Grand Canyon National Park. Even, there are many different points for accessing to the Grand Canyon. But how much do you actually know about it? There are varieties of things to do and perform in the Grand Canyon. It’s advisable to know for the place you’re visiting before you head ahead. Visitors are advisable to be aware of certain things before they head ahead for the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon interesting facts:

  • We all know that the Grand Canyon is a wonder of nature. Simply by visiting the towering cliffs of the Grand Canyon, you can explore the ahhs and ohhs of the beauty. It is carved in a copper colored land that increases its anxiety and attracts more and more of tourists every year.
  • But, do you even know how old is the Grand Canyon is? Many of us might know that Colorado River is the starting which further shaped and carved the Grand Canyon. That is approximately more than six million years ago.
  • Grand Canyon - Scenic view
    Grand Canyon

    But according to the study of 2012, it becomes and proves to be a real shocker that the actual process of beginning of carving the Grand Canyon might start from before 70 to 80 million of year ago. We all know that the Grand Canyon started forming its shape not in some recent times and are not also amongst the hugest Canyons in the world.

  • Majority of Canyons might have started forming and carving before more than 70 years back. Well, you might not know, but the Grand Canyon creates its own weather. I know it might be something different to figure out, but the facts states so.
  • It is among a pretty cool fact about Grand Canyon. Due to the sudden changes observed in the elevation, it has enormous effects on its temperature. So it might be possible that the weather you’re enjoying might change in some time according to the wreathing effects. It might drastically change the weather depending upon the region where you’re right now in the Grand Canyon.
  • Even, you might find the difference in the atmosphere of North Rim and the South Rim too. The wettest and the coldest weather station are observed on the north rim. While on the other hand the hottest temperature of weather is observed on the southern rim. The south rim is only 8 to 9 miles away from the phantom Ranch.
  • If you’re thinking that the Grand Canyon is the deepest Canyon in the world, well let me tell you, it’s actually not!! The Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon is amongst the deepest Grand Canyon that you can explore further. It is situates in the Tibet Plummets. Its depth is approximately 17569 feet deep, making it exactly 2 to 3 miles deeper than the Grand Canyon’s 6094 feet.
  • In fact, it is proved that the Tibetan Canyon is approximately 30 to 40 miles longer than that of the Grand Canyon. Many a times, we might have heard about finding dinosaur’s bones and remains from the Grand Canyon. There are no bones or remains of Dinosaurs in the Grand Canyon.
  • But, it might look amongst the perfect place where you can hunt for digging out bones, but the facts states something else. No of the bones of dinosaurs are ever found in here and for certainly some good reasons because the rock which actually makes up the Grand Canyon is huge and far more ancient than the dinosaurs. Well, I can say a billion more years than those of the dinosaurs. But it might say well that the canyon itself was not carved until the dinosaurs went off long back from the place.
  • But, But, But!! You might observe and find many of different fossils of different animal sand mammals. Dinosaur might have missed out in Grand Canyon, but there are different species and their fossils still prevailing in it.
  • Grand Canyon beautiful view
    View of Grand Canyon

    There are lots of other fossils found that highly suggest the presence of other creatures. You might find many of the historical and ancient marine fossils dating back long 1.3 billion years. The remains of some creatures in the caves of Canyon might be found ranging 10000 years back.

  • You might not know, but there is a town situates in the Grand Canyon. Yea! Something different to hear about, isn’t it? Many interesting facts of the Grand Canyon might not include this as its fact. The name of the village is Supai and is situated on the base of the Grand Canyon. It is within the Havasupai Indian Reservation which is not much famous and popular.
  • The village is inaccessible which consist of only the population 209 people. Well, you can say it as the most remote community in the lowest 49 states. It is the only place where still the mails or the letters area delivered by pack mule.
  • Grand Canyon is the best example that offers with the distinctive image of one of the most visible and worldwide geological phenomenon known for its great unconformity. You can find 260 years old rock strata lie back to back within 1.3 billion old rock remains in the Grand Canyon.
  • The Grand Canyon south rim is the attraction for more than 6000 visitors and travelers in a year. Well, I can say it is amongst the most popular and the famous spot in the entire Grand Canyon.

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