Interesting Things to do in Cuba

Lady standing with a car in Cuba
Cuba – Things to do

Cuba is oozing with varieties of beauty and personalities that makes it among the biggest island of the Caribbean. And we all know the fact that Cuba is well-known for its famous beaches and laid back vibes. Well, I can simply say, there’s something very different about this sunshine little destination. Visiting and enjoying its perk things to do in Cuba is something that will definitely add up a statement of travel in your travel experience. Taking from the political system to its Latin culture and its extra ordinary history, Cuba is considered among the most interesting and attractive tourist destination you’ll find.

With much of Cuba’s fascinating history, travelers has the chance of doing varieties of things in Cuba like visiting approximately 266 museums, 71 theater sand 120 art galleries simply for seeing the upper surface of Cuba. Well, when all this things are done, you can simply enjoy the fun time by grabbing a Mojito and sit by the beach side for experience the fresh and beautiful breeze of Cuba. Travelers has the chance of performing several things to do in Cuba that you should not miss at all while visiting the destination.

Here are several things to do in Cuba that might increase your views upon visiting Cuba again and again! Don’t miss the photo up. Make sure you grab your camera for capturing each and every moment you lived in Cuba!

Things to do in Cuba:

Explore the Cigar City:

Lady smoking a cigar - Cigar City
Cigar City – Lady smoking

Havana, as called by the name of Cigar City, well, it would be rude if you’re not turning up to any of the cigar factories for watching the experts and professionals hand rolling the tobacco leaves into the form of world famous Cigars.

Taking from the Partagas Cigar Factor, which is oldest one in the Cuba to the El Laguito Cigar Factor, recently set in a manicured garden oasis, offer the travelers with a mesmerizing view by the heady breeze, aroma, unique craft and hard work that simply goes into the centuries old export. Well, I can also say that you might also get the chance of rolling a cigar for yourself there!

Are you interested in rolling your own cigars? Cuba is the perfect destination for the travelers. You’ll find the fine grade tobacco that comes from the countryside of Cuba. It is taken off there and then transported to Havana and then into the factories for its manufacture. Habanos is the most famous export where most of the cigars are rolled. It is included in the list of things to do in Cuba.

Depth of Havana History:

Are you confused about what to do while you’re traveling to Havana? Havana is the island capital with bursting and unique character. Well, I can say it is the home to many of the fascinating history that might increase your interest of visiting it again.

Enjoy the charming rainbow and colorful colonial buildings and the colorful American cars of 1950s that you might have seen on the postcards of on the wallpapers. Now it is time for enjoying it, hire it for rent and explore the city with the color you want to select. Ride it on your own and explore the paths of Cuba.

Don’t forget to explore its Baroque cathedral, ancient plaza and fort ruins and some of the restored mansions and churches of Havana that might turn up to be an interesting thing to do in Cuba. You never know, it might be one of your best trips that you’ve never thought of. There are many UNESCO stated sites by the world heritage. Any step towards this metropolis city might take you back to the times of 90s!

Fan of drinking Mojito?

When you’re visiting to Havana, Cuba for exploring your list of traveling experience, Don’t for to grab a mojito for the best time of the trip. It; is said that if you’re visiting Cuba and not grabbing a mojito, you might have done nothing in Cuba. And for a true experience in Cuba, the authentic Havana Club Rum is the perfect thing you cannot afford to miss.

There are many places in Cuba, where you can enjoy your mojito. The top places for enjoying it are Hotel Nacional de Cuba contains of many things in it like Sinatra, Ava Gardener, and Churchill. It offers with some of the good stuffs with a beautiful view of harbor, the city and the sea wall. But if you’re interested for a modern day out, let’s take the rid as the local takes. Lluvia de Oro and Bar Monserrate are some of the best places for enjoying your mojito with a band playing on the other side.

Pinar del Rio:

If you’re visiting Cuba for your destination or travel, it’s advisable to surely visit the Pinar de Rio. Well, it is no doubt considered to be a less visited corner in Cuba, but it is a town closet to Cuba which is among the world’s largest tobacco producing territories. For enjoying a distinctive Latin American feel, a tour to the town is worth spending your some amount.

Simply it is said to be a picturesque countryside that is soaked in different colors of the city. Enjoy the scenic view of watching cigars getting rolled in the old factories, brightly colored Spanish architecture and some of the finest art and sculpture of Cuba in many of its museums will surely make your day a well spent aspect.


Streets of Trinidad
Trinidad – Day time view

Some of the finest thing to do in Cuba is visiting Trinidad. Simply step ahead in the history from the slave trade and the sugar, to the visit to Trinidad. It is a UNESCO world heritage site with charming features and character that simply take you back in the time. Palatial and huge colonial sculptures and architecture and Spanish plazas are certainly some the features that makes Trinidad to be the gem of the city which is due to its overflowing features and characteristic makes it more relevant for visiting it by the tourist. it is also among the most visited place in Cuba by the tourists.

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