Interesting Things to do in Macau

Lady standing in the streets of Macau
Macau – Day time scene

Macau is situated in the country of china. It is just an hour away from Hong Kong by making the use of ferry. It is considered among the special administrative region in china. The influences of its former Portuguese colonial masters have been successfully weaved into its Chinese heritage, as seen in its buildings, tradition and food. Macau is well known and famous because of the presence of high end shopping malls and many of rich casinos in such a small peninsula. In fact, Macau is well known by the name of “Las Vegas of Asia”

Even, there’s nothing to worry about your budget, as there are many budgeted hotels and places to stay. Explore the beauty of Macau by seeing and enjoying many things to do in Macau. But, wait a minute! There are many things to do in Macau rather than just gambling. Here is the list of beautiful and adventurous thing to do in Macau that might increase your interest of visiting it again and again. Here are certain beautiful things to do in Macau that you can explore in this wonderful and beautiful destination.

I know, you might be thinking where to stay in Macau, as you’re totally new to this place, as you’re totally new to the destination. There are many different hotels, ranging from the budgeted hotels to the luxurious hotels, you can simply choose your selective one sand enjoy the stay ahead! It’s advisable to make a checklist of the hotels you selected according to your choice and go through, which one is best suitable for you according to your needs and budget.

Macau – Things to do:

Enjoy the scenic view of the ruins of St. Paul at night time:

St. Paul - Night view
Night scene of St. Paul

We all might be thinking of visiting the ruins of St. Paul during day time in according to the tour which you have set, but have you ever thought of visiting it during the night time? Well, I think you should not miss the change of enjoying the beautiful view of St. Paul at night. It is something different that will surely give your eyes some different view to look for.

Check it after the sunset. The church’s grand stones and the front façade simply show up something different and a beautiful charm when the sun goes down and the city lights are turned on. The lighting effects on the church are something which you cannot afford to miss at all.

But, you might face a little disadvantage of visiting it at night, as the Macau museum and the Monte Fort gets closed nearly by 6 o’clock. But, you have the option of visiting it back the next day and explore its beauty further. You can simply explore the place free of cost. This is a perfect thing to enjoy in Macau that you can add up in the list of your things to do in Macau. Even, there are many buses that can easy take you there. So the issue of traveling is now easily sorted.

Don’t forget the Portuguese egg tart:

One of the most famous things to do in Macau that you cannot afford to miss at all is the famous Portuguese egg tart. It is Macau’s most famous food item. It is a type of pastry that is basically made up of a flaky outer shell including a rich and creamy egg custard used in the form of filling for the pastry. This type of pastry is found almost in all the parts of the country.

But, it might vary in price. Per price of the pastry depends upon where it is sold. It is approximately comes in 9 to 10$, but trust me folks, if you’re going to eat even one, you won’t be able to resist yourself of eating the other one.

Senado Square view from the Leal Senado building:

If you’re coming back to enjoy the scenic view of Senado Square and St. Paul, it’s advisable of not missing out the to take a stand for watching out the beauty of the Leal Senado building which is situated just across the building. For the best view, you need to visit the second floor. Have a better and beautiful look of the structural building around the place. Don’t forget to check out the exteriors sides of the building.

Check out the courtyard garden around the building structure. Don’t forget to have a look on the ceremonial meeting room that simply leads to an elaborated library where you gain more of your knowledge and even expand it. There is no admission fee for visiting the structural buildings. You can simply enjoy the view with no worries of paying any amount for visiting the place.

Don’t forget to explore the casinos:

Casino in Macau
Night view of Macau Casino

Just because you’re not lucky enough for playing and winning the casinos, it doesn’t mean you cannot try for your luck hard again. Enjoy the free shuttles offered by the casinos. They offer free of shuttles that you should take the advantage of. Whether coming from Taipa temporary ferry terminal or from the Macau international airport, you can simply take the advantage of the rid from any of the free shuttles that are arrived for honoring their guests.

Even, each and every casino in Macau has its own parking space. It’s you turn of selecting where you want to go and ride up. The shuttle leaves once it is full. There’s nothing to worry about if you’re unable to make in the first one, you can definitely join another one that arrives in 5 to 10 minutes to the spot. But, it also depends upon the hotel where you want to visit and make your stay.

Before you step ahead for huge hotels and big casinos, why not to watch out the vintage beauty of Macau? Visit the Taipa Island which has its narrow lanes and also the colorful colonial houses that makes it more relevant to the tourist for exploring. This is something really interesting thing to do in Macau, which you cannot afford to miss at all.

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