Lower Oneonta Falls, Oregon USA

Scenic waterfall of Lower Oneonta Falls, Oregon USA
Lower Oneonta Falls, Oregon USA-a spot for adventure

If you are adventure lover then you must be hunting for the spots which give you such freaking adventurous experience. Lower Oneonta Falls is one such place which is full of adventure and thrill. There are plenty of waterfalls then you must be wondering this one? While exploring other waterfalls you might not experience the bit of haunted feeling, but you really want some haunted adventure you will cherish for the rest of your life the Lower Oneonta Falls is a must see spot.

While exploring this waterfall the most attractive things you will find is experiencing the Oneonta trail. In this specifically middle Oneonta falls and triple falls are spectacular to watch. The loud sound of rushing water will increase your curiosity to know what is deep down there in the waterfall. Lower Oneonta Falls is 100 feet deep and it surrounded by the cliffs which are steep vertical walled. There are fronted clear pools whose water is crystal clear. The water is so clean and clear that you can see the fish swimming in the middle of the submerged rocks. It is that clear. The cliffs, lush green plants and the giant waterfall with the loud noise will take you just to another world. The shape of the rocks is also such that you cannot take your eyes off it.

The falls are in the back of a narrow but still it manages to ne the most scenic and most popular waterfall in the Oregon. Lower Oneonta Falls sits on the head of the Oneonta gorge and thus it makes it really difficult and potentially challenging to access to this waterfalls. Even the climate is also ever changing and it is also a big hurdle in accessing this waterfalls. Lower Oneonta Falls gives a nice shower type effect when it plunges 120 feet down into the pool. The walls of Lower Oneonta Falls are 200 feet tall and you will definitely feel a little bit claustrophobic when you first watch it.

There is a small problem with Lower Oneonta Falls; the fall is penchant for logs to collect at a specific point throughout its length over past years. Going back into the previous years, the situation of Lower Oneonta Falls was better as there was a flat and almost uniform platform of pebbles and small rocks and it was much easier to stroll the length of it. It was so easy that many of the times you don’t even need to get wet. But the3n after of severe storms came and there was a log jammed near the mouth of the canyon which invited a creek and it start6ed pooling and shifting the rocks towards the opening. Now due to this there were several pools in between having water from knees to chest length through which you have to make your way or swim in order to reach the falls. In the months of winter and spring it is too dangerous to do so in fact it is practically impossible to do so. Also the log jam also become more dangerous in the past years and many people are drowned while trying to reach the fall.