Places To Explore In Chicago

Places to explore in chicago
Places to visit in chicago

Chicago is the windy city as it is generally called as and it is located around the shore of Lake Michigan. Chicago is very much popular for its plenty of cultural attractions, splendid shopping, vibrant arts scene and extremely interesting architecture. This city is having a great reputation worldwide as one of the prime spot of 20th century art and architecture. The famous architects of here involve Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan. Chicago is also home to many world famous artists like Dubuffet, Chagall and Picasso. These artists have left their mark behind. This city also has many attractive places to explore and have fun from. From expansive lakeshore to towering skyscrapers there are radiant places and landmarks of Chicago. Chicago is by far the third largest city in entire USA and it has a bucket full of beautiful places which should not be missed out while you are in this city. The places to visit in Chicago will give glimpse of the memorable skyline of this city. If you are in Chicago and you are not able to decide as to which places to visit and which not then you can refer this article and make a list of some of the best places to visit in Chicago.

  • Sears tower

There are certain people who would think that the popular skyscraper which is renamed as Willis tower in the year 2009 has lost some of its charm since it lost its title of world’s tallest building then they are totally wrong. Sears tower though not the tallest building in the world, it is still one of the most popular places to visit in Chicago and you must not miss out this site at all. Sears tower is 108 story building, the construction of which was completed in the year 1973. One of the best things about his building is that it has the fastest lift in the entire world covering 160 feet in one minute. Just 70 second ion the elevator and you will be taken at 103rd floor of this building. There is sky deck on 103rd floor of this building where you can feel the building swaying under you on a windy day. Taking a visit at the sky deck will also give you the views of Lake Michigan and Wisconsin.

  • Magnificent Mile

One of the sections of the Michigan Avenue which runs from Oak Street to the Chicago River is the magnificent mile. Magnificent mile is one of the most popular and best shopping spots in the entire world and hence if you are a shopping freak, you must visit this place of Chicago and shop some of the cute things for you. This street has attained its pet name from the Arthur rubloff who was the real estate magnate ion the year 1940. It is called mag mile certain times and it gives access to some of the popular landmarks and also some beautiful tourist attraction in Chicago. The Chicago water Tower, the Wrigley building and the museum of contemporary art are some of the places which get access from mag mile.

  • Navy pier

This is one of the cutest places to visit in Chicago and is the lake side playground of Chicago. This place includes gardens, restaurants and several attractions which you would love to visit and love to spend your time in. It was built in the year 1916 and it is 3300 feet long pier juts which is out of the Michigan Lake and have an IMAX theatre, Ferris wheel and Carousel. This is one of the ideal places to visit in Chicago for family and this place is also having children’s museum along with the smith museum having stained glass windows which is having more than 150 pieces including the tiffany windows.

  • Millennium park

Millenium park, chicago
Morning view of Millenium park

Long time before this place was even opened; it has become popular for its delays and cost over runs and missing out its opening date by large margin. However the biggest shock which came upon when it was finally opened was that it was very ice and it soon attained the title of one of the popular places to visit in Chicago. It has plenty of open spaces and lush green grass and apart from this it also has some of the best pieces of modern sculptures in glass and steel. This spot has become the best spot for taking photos for visitors. The bean which is most popularly known as the cloud gate and frank Gehry are most popular spots for outdoor concerts. There is also ice r ink which is favorite spot for skaters during winter and it would work as an open air restaurant during summers.

  • Chicago river

Popular Chicago river
Famous Chicago river

There is no other feature which can depict the beautiful character of Chicago other than the waterways which runs through the city. In the year 1900, this city was able to complete one of the biggest and fantastic engineering projects which were to reverse the flow of Chicago River. With the installation of several canal locks, the water of Chicago River was directed to get empty into the Mississippi River Michigan Lake> Now there is miles f long river walk where tourist can take stroll and enjoy the view of lush green space in the city. There are also river cruise available which will give the tourist a stroll to some of the historical in sight and some of the beautiful landmarks of this city.

  • Chicago water tower

This is probably one of the best places to visit in Chicago and it was built famous architect William Boyington and it is 47 meters tall in height. This water tower played very crucial and important role in the water system of Chicago. There was once this accidental fire which happened and it destroyed the entire business district of Chicago.  However The Chicago water tower is the symbol of resilience of this city which should be preserved and seen.

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