Places To See In Gothenburg, Sweden

Boatsin the sea of Gothenburg, Sweden
Places to explore in Gothenburg, Sweden

This city being the largest port in Scandinavia is home to a million thousand people who live here. This is a busy city with no rest for ships and flight traffic buzzing into the city continuously at random timings. Gothenburg is also blooming with tourists throughout the year and there are a lot of spots which make Gothenburg an amazing place to visit in Sweden itself.

Southern Goteborg Archipelago:
except for the fact that everything here remains shut during the winter months it is a complete treat during the summer months. There are kayaks which are offered on rent and allowed to be taken into the water on your own and enjoyed to the fullest.

Liseburg Amusement Park:
this place is a treat for people of any age group and is also the largest amusement park in all of Scandinavia. There are flowers of various kinds to fill in the background, fast roller coasters for adults and children, children’s carousels and musical entertainment provided by renowned artists.
The botanical garden: also called the Botaniska Trädgården is the largest botanical garden in Sweden. A bamboo grove and 12000 plant species find a home in this beautiful floral saving park. A greenhouse with exotic species, a rock garden, herb garden and bulb garden are also featured here.

Kungsportsavenyn also the main street of Gothenburg is also known by the name of the Avenyn meaning avenue. This is like the main street of every place where people go to shop and eat after the whole day of sightseeing. A whole range of food with varying price tags can be found on this street and you can shop for your necessities too.

Slottsskogen means the ‘castle forest’. Over here people mostly come to visit the natural museum, a family park and a children’s zoo.