Places To Visit In Bangkok

Bangkok is just exactly what you expect from the capital of Thailand. This place has crowd, noise, excitement, colors, enthusiasm and every other thing which a person desires to visit. There are innumerous thrilling places to visit say ancient sites, modern malls, and high end ambience. Bangkok started as a small trading centre but now it emerged as a most trendy city which people has a fantasy to visit. Bangkok offers you with spectacular temples, dazzling palaces, colorful market and lively Chinatown and each of these places has a history of its own to tell. If you are planning to visit Bangkok then here are some of the places to visit in Bangkok which will amaze you.

  • Grand palace

Brighht and attractive Grand palace, bangkok
Day view of Grand palace, bangkok

If you have to visit only one historical attraction in Bangkok, then undoubtedly it should be this. It is such a royal attraction and its glory lifts up its fame with all the fantastic structures which would leave all the monuments to shame. It is the home of Wat Phra kaeo which possesses the jade blue Buddha.

This ancient palace was built in the year 1782 and it was the royal residence for many generations. Now it is no more used for residence but many of the important ceremonies are conducted over here. There is a rule of wearing decent clothes while you are visiting this palace. This decent clothes means such clothes which covers your arms and legs and clothes which are not sloppy. Grand palace is really an amazing place to visit in Bangkok.

  • Wat Pho

Day view of wat-pho, bangkok
Beautiful structures of wat-pho, bangkok

Situated just in the south of grand palace, wat pho is easy to reach and a good addition to your tour. Train yourself to walk as you have to walk a lot while visiting wat pho. This temple is the oldest temple in Bangkok which was built by king Rama 1. Before long time, this place was considered as the place for healing. Before centuries, this place was well known for pharmacy and it was the first university of Thailand. It was established by King Rama 3. You can get excellent foot massage or Thai massage at this traditional school but make sure you have a good budget as the prices are comparatively much higher than other massage parlors in the city. It is also very famous for temple of reclining Buddha. Thus it is a must visit place in Bangkok.


  • Wat suthat

Golden structure at Wat suthat bangkok
Idol of Buddha at Wat Suthat bangkok

Wat suthat located in Bangkok is a attractive and well deserved place to be visited. It is located near great swing so if you have been to great swing then it will be in your route only. It is one of the oldest and most amazing Buddhist temples. Three kings came together and constructed this beautiful temple. It was started by rama1 then continued by Rama 2 and finally finished up by Rama 3 after 10 years. Thi8s temple possesses some artistically amazing wall paintings. This place is not so much popular so you can enjoy peace and privacy and get some solitary moments with yourself.