Places To Visit In Canada

Places to visit in canada
Must visit places of canada

Considered is the second largest country in the entire world, after Russia. Places to visit in Canada are filled with amazing adventures and fascinating activities. Canada is the home to ice hockey, maple syrup, Mounties and the great Niagara falls. While talking about Canada, you cannot forget Drake, Justine bieber, Celine Dion and Ryan Gosling. In short there is some or the other thing which everyone knows about Canada. If you are fascinated about this place and planning to visit it then you need to know make proper research before you this place. Places to visit in Canada is filled with everything you need and expect from any particular destination, starting from cultural heritage to historical spots, from modern infrastructure to kid friendly zone, Canada has it all. The immense beauty of Canada lies in its stunning landscapes majestic peaks and glittering lakes. There are plenty of p-laces to visit in Canada and of course you will not be having that much time to explore each and every place to visit in Canada. Before you reach there and get confused as to which places to visit in Canada, you need to narrow down your choices, plan properly and then hit this place. If you are not aware as to which places to visit in Canada, here is selected list of places to visit in Canada which will help you throughout the process.

  • Toronto

One of the best places to visit in Canada and undoubtedly one of the most popular and well known city. It is also one of the largest cities of Canada. Many people misguide that Toronto is the capital city of Canada but it is actually Ontarian. Toronto is kind of more civilized and cleaner form of New York. Toronto has its own zone of attractions starting from the skyscrapers downtown to bohemian district in Queen Street. If you are a shopping freak then you can consider doing shopping in the Yorkville. Canada is also home to the famous CN tower which is considered to be the world’s tallest having the height of 1815 feet.

  • Niagara falls

This epic falls is located on the US Canadian border and it is just within the reach of the US and Canadian border. Niagara Falls is having the highest flow rate of the waterfalls in the entire world as it combines the three falls altogether, bridal veil falls, the American falls and the horseshoe falls. The view of this epic waterfall is mesmerizing and is considered as one of the best places to visit in Canada. You can also explore the park esque town as it is quite one of the best tourist attraction to explore.

  • Montreal

Beautiful night scene of Montreal
Night view of Montreal

Montreal is considered as the second largest city of Canada. Montreal is considered as the home of France and is one of the best places to visit in Canada. The official language of this city is French and this language is spoken by majority of the population residing in this place. This city is the cultural hub of Canada and it celebrates almost more than 100 festivals in a year. It has lots of international flavors also.

  • Vancouver

This city is declared as the best city to live in entire world. Now this totally makes sense why it is included in the list of one of the best places to visit in Canada. This city has a west coast area and has British culture. This city depicts enriched cultural life. It has a plenty of beautiful restaurants and an attractive cosmopolitan population.

  • Whistler

This place is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Canada. This is just two hours away from the Vancouver city and it is very much popular for its famous ski resort and the beautiful village of whistler. This place is always considered as one of the best winter spot area. With interesting activities like mountain biking, golf and atmosphere of lively town, now it has also been developed as the summer destination. This village has attained a lot of international attention also and is one of the best places to visit in Canada. The winter Olympic Games of this village is famous worldwide and an must attend event. This village offers nice hotels, restaurants offering delicious food, world class skiing and plenty of outdoor recreational events along with naturally beautiful scenery.

  • Ottawa’s parliament hill

Must visit place in ottawa, parliament hill
Parliament hill in Ottawa

The parliament hill of Ottawa is places high above the Ottawa River and it is constructed in the Neo-gothic style of parliament building. This epic building was built in the half of the 19th century and is still intact and one of the glorious places to visit in Canada. One of the must visit place here is the peace tower. This divides the House of Commons and the senate. The front side of the parliament building has the centennial flame. It was lit in the year 1966. This was built for commemorating the centenary of Canadian confederation. There is also a beautiful sculpture garden behind this building. During summer, guard changing takes place. this occurs in the front lawn of this parliamentary building. There is also a lovely walk which runs along the Ottawa River in the below part of the parliament hill.

  • Bay of Fundy

This beautiful place is located in the eastern part of the Canada in between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. This place is one the best places to visit in Canada and is very much popular for its amazing tides. The variation of the high tide and the low tide is considered as the largest variation in the entire world. The maximum measure of this variation is 19 meters. Some of the very much famous spots of Bay of Fundy are rock formation at the Hopewell cape, cliffs, Fundy trail parkway, Fundy national park and Grand Manan Island.

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