Places To Visit In China

Exploring places of china
Places to explore in china

China is like a big gateway of East Asia. China is such a fascinating country having much ancient civilization. When you say about china, you have noodles, gun powder and Peking man in your mind but china is much more than this. There are plenty of adorable places to visit in china but however the language can be a bit of issue. China has a varied geography and is massive in size. With so many places to visit in china, if you are thinking to visit china, you cannot explore all the places there. You need to have a selected bucket list of places to visit in china. There are plenty of beautiful and interesting places to visit in china that choosing few of them can be a bit difficult. China is an ancient and historical yet so much modern place to explore. If you are confused as to whether to plan a trip to china or not? Or are the places of china interesting to be visited or not? Then here is a brief description of the places to visit in china which will help you to make your mind whether to go for exploring places to visit in china or not.

  • Beijing

Beijing is one of the best places to visit in china and has been the capital city of china for a long period of 700 years. Beijing is a combination of modernity with ancient touch. Beijing has some of the beautiful collection of the beautiful remaining of the china’s imperial past. Some of the remarkable spots to explore while you are in china include the great wall of china, one of the well preserved and ancient palace complex, temple of heaven which is literally one of the best place for worship, the forbidden city which is indeed best line for defense. One of the other remarkable places to visit in china and specifically in Beijing is Tian’anmen Square. This is the place where inauguration of china was executed by Chairman Mao, body of whom is still lying there in the show casket. The past of one of the best places to visit in china is glorious but this does not mean the place is anything like its past. It has developed itself very beautifully and is on the top in the list of places to visit in china. One of the outstanding places to visit in china and in Beijing is crimson palace; it is one of the modern buildings of Beijing. Some other spots to explore are Olympic village, water cube and Birds nest stadium. There are also some extraordinary shopping malls which must be visited, some other entertainment centers of houhai and wangfujung street. One of the best local cuisines to try while you are exploring places to visit in china and while you are in Beijing is Peking duck. If you have option to try only one thing in china then it should be Peking duck.

  • Shanghai

Night view of shanghai
Decorated view of shanghai

One of the best places to visit in china includes shanghai and it is by far the largest city of china. Shanghai has the atmosphere of vitality which can give competition in terms of modernity to Paris and New York. It is one of the best places to visit in china because shanghai is considered as the leading business cities and economic cities across the globe. The modernity of Shanghai can be seen by the extraordinary skyline it has. Chinese people have created a very different unique culture by combining the colonial legacy with several other things. The culture of shanghai is a mixture of west culture and east culture. One of the example of the blend of east and west culture is The Bund which is the waterfront of shanghai city. It’s actually a varied yet beautiful collection of colonial architecture. Some of the considerable sights for exploring places to visit in china that too in shanghai includes Jade Buddha temple, Yuyuan garden and Huangpu River cruise. The real pleasure of exploring one of the best places to visit in china, shanghai is to enjoy the modern infrastructure and atmosphere of the city.

  • Hong Kong

Hong Kong is basically a mixture and indeed a very good mixture of different cultures. There are remaining of colonial past, there is Chinese culture shared along with the British culture. These one of the best places to visit in china was once very popular for the eastern trade which is now famous for the movies. This place is very much popular as the shopping paradise across the globe. Hong Kong is also very much popular for its tourist friendly people. For shopping you can visit the central shopping malls or you can also visit admiralty or you can also try and go the street Fashion factory located in causeway bay. There are many tourists who love visiting this one of the best places to visit in china because of the shopping and its trendy things. Hong Kong also houses some exotic beaches and plenty of splendid natural sites for those who love outdoor sights to explore. Words are not enough to make you understand the essence of Hong Kong as this place is that beautiful.

  • Chengdu

Pandas of chengdu
Famous pandas seen in chegdu

Chengdu is like home for cute and giant pandas. However you can see pandas in various zoos across the china but the best place where you can see pandas and that too giant pandas, you must visit Chengdu. One of the best where you watch giant pandas is Chengdu giant panda breeding and research Centre. Apart from panda watching, Chengdu also offers other beautiful destinations to visit like qingyangpalace and sanxingdui ruins museums. If you want to explore the local life of Chengdu then you can visit jinli old street or wide and narrow alleys or sip tea. You can also see the magical face changing of the Sichuan opera. Don’t forget to explore the local food of this place as it is delicious.


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