Places To Visit In Colombo

Tourist exploring the city of colombo
Places to visit in Colombo

Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka and is also popular as the port city. Colombo is very rich in colonial heritage. Colombo has varied range of places and the places to visit in Colombo are filled with culture and heritage. Places to visit in Colombo are the perfect display of the best and worst of the country’s heritage. Places to visit in Colombo are very contrasting in nature and have all what you expect from a fine destination. Places of visit in Colombo offers varied dining options with best local cuisine, lush green garden for peace, huge mansions, Shopping malls having all the brands that you need and wish for, street market and congested roads filled with various people. Colombo being a small place has various places to visit and interesting things to do like exploring pettah market, playing golf in golf clubs, eating the local kottu, having fun from a tuktuk ride and having the famous tea sitting at some exotic hotels having the view of Indian Ocean. For those who are last minute shoppers, one of the best places to visit in Colombo is the boutiques round the street which showcases best fabrics and local arts. To explore Colombo more, here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Colombo. Visit this some of the best places to visit in Colombo and get the unforgettable experiences out of it.

  • Colombo light house

This is one of the most ancient places to visit in Colombo. Basically the old Colombo light house was established in the year 1860. After five years, there was some addition made to this light house, a lantern and a clock tower was added to this site and then it was ultimately transformed into a proper light house. This clock which was added in the year a865 was again replaced in the year 1913. This tower is situated at the junction of the Janathipati Mawatha which was previously known as queen’s land and chatham street. In today’s time, this light house is not in functional condition but is working as a clock tower and is described as a monument and one of the historic places to visit in Colombo. It is said that this brick tower having gallery and lantern s probably the only light house across the globe which describes the time in the center of the busy road.

  • Colombo fort

Colombo fort, must visit attraction
Colombo fort to explore in colombo

One of the top places to visit in Colombo is the Colombo fort. This fort was primarily built up by the Portuguese which was later on developed by the Dutch after capturing the Portuguese region. The Colombo harbor and the Colombo fort have a detailed history. This was majorly used for the shipping purposes by Egyptians, Arabians and Greeks merchants till the year 1506. The Portuguese people capture the Colombo harbor and the constructed the fort as a part of defense mechanism for those who invades this land. The fort which was constructed by the side of harbor is called as the Colombo fort. The Colombo fort was first invaded by the Dutch in the year 1815. The city was further invaded by Dutch in the year 1658 and after that systematic development of Colombo fort was initiated. Beira Lake was also extended and developed for increasing the Dutch defense strategy.

  • Independence square

This one of the best places to visit in Colombo is considered as national monument of Sri Lanka. This beautiful place to visit in Colombo is located near the cinnamon garden and built up after a long time after attaining the independence. The independence from the British rule was attained on 4th February 1948 and this place was developed since then. The structure of these beautiful places to visit in Colombo was made from concrete and it has columns which are same as that which was found in the architecture of ancient Sri Lanka. This place is designed in such a way that it can resemble the kandyan audience hall. This piece of art is really very impressive and it shows the ancient architecture and extraordinary stone carvings paintings which can be seen at the memorial hall and are truly magnificent. This beautiful place to visit in Colombo is not just a monument but more than that a place where annual nation day is celebrated and such other cultural events and national celebrations takes place which signifies the national unity. In today’s time, Independence square and its surrounding area are considered as one of the most dignified location in entire Colombo and are now converting in recreation and academic activities and research purposes. This site in Colombo is great for tourist attraction and it has a great level of historical importance and shows extraordinary piece of architectural beauty.

  • National museum

Beautiful national museum, Colombo
White colored national museum, Colombo

The national museum depicts the Italian architecture style. It is basically a colonial type mansion. This beautiful place to visit in Colombo was discovered by the British governor of Ceylon. This best places to visit in Colombo is like a treasure house and is considered as the most prestigious and the biggest and oldest museum of the entire Sri Lanka. It is said that this is the first public museum of Sri Lanka and has an array of collection of plenty of artifacts and antiques from all across the countryside. The national museum was first time opened on 1st January 1877 and it had a display of 800 things. In today’s time these lists of items have increased to 100000. This one of the best places to visit in Colombo also has a library which has a collection of historical books which are really rare. Those who are fond of exploring the history are definitely going to love this place. This place is actually proactive in making research on the pre-history anthropology, culture, ethnology and crafts. There is also periodic arrangement of seminars and lectures.


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