Places To Visit In Fiji

Places to visit in Fiji
Island of Fiji

Fiji is such a beautiful and amazing place and it is blesses with 333 glorious islands some of them are inhabited while others are not. Fiji is a real vision of tropical paradise. Fiji is a romantic getaway which takes you in a totally different world. Long swaying coconut trees, white sandy beaches, pure and pristine oceans and beautiful waterways are waiting to be explored. There are such astonishing places to visit in Fiji along with the appealing things to do which attracts the travellers from worldwide. There are bucket full of natural places to visit n Fiji combined with the modern amenities. You can enjoy staying in the beautiful five star resorts, revel the glittery white sandy beaches, enjoy the ravishing sunset, kayak or surf around the pristine oceans, explore the clean and clean waterways by doing water rafting, snorkel and dive along the beaches, cruise the ocean around the mainland of Fiji, track the huge bulky and green rainforests. With such interesting activities to do and astounding places to visit in Fiji, any person would love to travel here. Not only this, there are several other places to visit in Fiji like overwhelming villages of Fiji and getting along with the beautiful culture and history of the Fiji, experience sustainable living of Fiji and blend in with the locality and people. If you want city type holiday then there are several places to visit in Fiji which can give you taste of city life like Nadi which is a total jet town. Nadi is one of the places to visit in Fiji which is full of action; you can see packed streets with people hustling with each other, shopping stores and tasty cuisine and dining. Here are some of the places to visit in Fiji which should not be missed while your visit to Fiji.

  • Yasawa Island

Sunset of Yasawa island
Yasawa island, natures gift to Fiji

One of the places to visit in Fiji, Yasawa island which is a remote island and is located in the western border.  This island is very high and is covered by the grass and it looks truly beautiful. Yasawa Island has fabulous porcelain beaches and the water looks like it is painted in crystal blues. This island is far far away from civilization, it does not have any bank or any trendy shops but it is naturally eye pleasing and soothing and you definitely need a break from this routine and highly civilized places. This place is a nice getaway from people and crowd and you can spend some solitary moments with you and enjoy the nature, beauty and peace. This is one of such places to visit in Fiji which gives an affordable retreat in paradise. Yasawa island offers you with white beaches, beautiful sunshine and wide range of delightful resorts to enrich your stay.

  • Vanua Levu

Beautiful waters of Vanua levu
Beaches of Vanau levu

Vanua Levu is second largest island of Fiji and is one of the best places to visit in Fiji. Although its second largest island of Fiji it is still less tourist oriented when compared to Viti Levu. But if you are adventure lover then it is one of the perfect places to visit in Fiji. If visiting Vanua Levu, you must have a stay at savusavu town. It is protected by a bay and is set in a lovely surrounding and it is highly popular for yatches. Another one of the unforgettable places to visit in Fiji is the popular Wasali nature reserve. It is an untouched rainforest which has magnificent hiking trails which leads you to spectacular jaw dropping views. Some of the magnificent places to visit in Fiji also includes snake temple near Labasa or you can dive and have a view of soft corals or you can explore the hibiscus highway, all these places of vanau Levu gives a great experience.

  • Taveuni

Hiking trails in Taveuni
Taveuni-natural reserve of Fiji

Taveuni is well known as Garden Island and considered as one of the best places to visit in Fiji. It is a dream of eco- friendly tourist to visit taveuni, one of the wonderful places to visit in Fiji.

It is a natural reserve with a collection of abundant wildlife and native plants. Taveuni is also very much popular for its diving sites like great white wall, eel reef and a fantastic drop off covered in white coral which came into force in 1990 which houses fish and corals. There are also places to visit in Fiji which are loved by hikers and nature lover’s people like bouma natural park which gives world class bird watching and hiking trails. Species of birds includes orange doves, silktails, Kula lorikeets and such other 100 species of birds which you would love to watch.

  • Suva

Suva, beach destination of Fiji
Suva, cosmopolitan city of Fiji

One of the most popular places to visit in Fiji, Suva which is capital of Fiji. Not only it is one of the best places to visit in Fiji but also it is one of the largest city and most cosmopolitan cities of Oceania. Suva is having a bustling culture, not only bustling it is also multicultural place and regional. Suva is one the places to visit in Fiji which can offer you anything which you expect from a large city. Suva possesses many shopping malls, entertainment centers, spots of cultural activities, farmers markets, nice restaurants and such other hang out spots. Suva is totally a modern city but it still has many buildings which show the pride of colonial era. Suva also has places like adorable parks, beautiful gardens, knowledgeable museums and many outdoor activities. Suva also has a great and fascinating nightlife which most people expect from a large city. Suva is lively and more than lively it is a dynamic city. Suva is one of the places to visit in Fiji which will totally dazzle you with its cultural mix and plethora of varied things to do. Being the capital city of Fiji, Suva fulfills all the expectations one have from a developed place.