Places To Visit In Japan

View of japan in night
Night view of japan

If you want to witness a unique blend of modern and traditional culture then you must consider places to visit in japan. Now it’s not every country where you can see the blend of culture which is totally opposite but still works in best manner and entertain plenty of tourists and none of them goes unsatisfied. Places to visit in japan are so interesting that japan in among the list of top destination to be visited by tourists. Places to visit in japan will show you perfect combination of sacred temples co existing with old buildings which has got modern achievement in terms of architecture. Places to visit in japan will also show you some great examples of advanced technology. Places to visit in japan have a tremendous history and the present architecture you the glimpse of the technologically advanced view of japan. One of the best things about Places to visit in japan is that all the historical places are still serving their own original purposes and still they are open to public so that they can also witness the great history of japan. One of other attractive things about Places to visit in japan is that they have the lowest crime rate and this gives tourist a great level of safety. This makes the destination ideal for tourist and they can explore it without any kind of fear. The natural beauty about the Places to visit in japan is also tremendous. If you are also considering Places to visit in japan in near future then you must make some research and decide where you would you go first and which are the spots you can leave due to lack of time. To help you out with this, here is a researched article on top Places to visit in japan. Check this article and choose the destination you like the most and add to your bucket list.

  • Golden pavilion

One of the top Places to visit in japan includes golden pavilion temple or Kinkaku-ji as it is popularly known as. This place is located in Kyoto. This one of the epic Places to visit in japan was built as a retirement villa in the 14th century for Shogun Ashikaga yoshimitsu. However the sad part is that this one of the ancient Places to visit in japan was burnt in the year 1950 by a monk who was highly obsessed with it. After passage of five years, this temple was built again in the same manner as that of the old one. More importance was given t the surrounding garden and the building  and care was taken that it blends with each other and looks similar as that of the old one. This one of the best Places to visit in japan is covered in gold leaf which will highlight the reflection of this pavilion in a pond and the reflection of the pond can be seen on the building. Make sure to see this beautiful place covered in lush green trees while your visit in japan.

  • Mount Fuji

Mount fuji, must visit place of japan
Biggest mountain of japan, mount fuji

Considered as the highest mountain of japan, Mount Fuji is 3776 meters high. It’s actually a volcano is of the shape of symmetrical cone and is one of the popular symbols of japan. If you are unsure of this, you can check out the arts and photos of japan as it is clearly depicted there. Climber and sightseers are totally in love with this spot and if you bare also one of them then it is undoubtedly one of the most amazing Places to visit in japan for you. Missing this place is like missing half of japan. The average estimate is of 200000 people to climb this one of the most spectacular Places to visit in japan and 30% of them are foreigners. The ascent climbing can take time of 3 to 8 hours whereas the descent climbing can take time of 2 to 5 hours. Make sure to not to miss this top Places to visit in japan.

  • Tokyo imperial palace

The home of emperor of japan was this beautiful palace. This one of the top Places to visit in japan also works out as administration center and museum for showing off the history of japan and also its national art. This palace is situated on the ruins of old castles which got destroyed by the fire during the war. To make this palace right, the architecture have put their heart and soul and added some design elements of various eras into this modern palace. The newly built palace is surrounded by the beautiful Japanese gardens and consists of plenty of reception rooms along with function rooms for incorporating the guest and also the general public.

  • Jigokudani monkey park

This is one of the unique Places to visit in japan which is a popular hot spring area located near Nagano. The meaning of the name of this place is hells valley and this is because there is boiling water and steam which bubbles out of the frozen ground gathered around by the steep cliffs and also by the cold forests. This place got so much popular due to large population of wild snow monkeys which will gather around the valley in winter when the snow will cover up the park. The monkeys will come from the forest and the steep cliffs to stay in the hot springs and keep them warm and comfortable in cold. They will get back to the security of the forest during evening time.

  • Himeji castle

Beautiful himeji castle
Himeji castle, must visit place in japan

Himeji castle considered as one of the best Places to visit in japan to explore the exciting architecture of japan. This castle was actually forfeited for defending against the enemy at the time of feudal period but still it has been built again and again.  As it has been rebuilt so many times, it will reflect designs of various eras. This one of the epic Places to visit in japan has survived the bombs of World War II and is seen in various foreign films and domestic films. You can see it in one of themes bond movies named “you only live twice”. It has nick name of white egret castle due to its structural design of bird taking flight.


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