Places To Visit In Krabi Island

Places to explore in krabi island
Places to visit in krabi island

Krabi Island is one of the most relaxing parts in entire Thailand. It is one of such place which has the most beautiful scenery and scenic views which you can’t even imagine. Krabi islands has beautiful white sandy beaches which stretches for miles and miles to go along with a lush green jungle and have over 200 vast islands off the coast. Krabi covers up a vast area and hence exploring any area of krabi will need quite a lot of travelling. Exploring Places to visit in Krabi Island are such a pleasure to see as anywhere you see, it’s just natural beauty. Places to visit in Krabi Island have a particular time when you can enjoy this place to its fullest. The appropriate time of places to visit in Krabi Island is between November and April. The weather conditions of south island is quite unpredictable but now there plenty of places which are now open all around the year and you will find some or the other thing to do in that time. The fantastic places to visit in Krabi Island have made it one the most loved destination across the globe. If places to visit in krabi Island is in your bucket list then you must be hunting for some more details about it. Here are some of the best places to visit in Krabi Island.

  • Explore Railay beaches and caves

Scene of railay beaches and caves
Dine at railay beaches and caves

Railay beaches are one of the most attractive beaches in Thailand. One of the most exciting things about this beach is that it is accessible only by the boat as it has large cliffs on each and every side which cuts it off from the mainland. You will be able to site some exotic white sandy beaches and some breath taking views and lavish limestone cliffs. One of the surprising thing about this one of the best places to visit in krabi Island is that you not spot any car or roads as it is a cut off location and you have just some of the bars and some long tail boats to spend to evenings in. If you want a siolent escape from the world then this can be a perfect spot for you to separate yourself and get lost in the Railay beaches and caves. One of the best things about this place which makes it different from others is mighty cliffs and limestone caves. Capture the beautiful moments on this beach and take some really exclusive memories with you when you go back.

  • Krabi Town

Even being declared as one of the best places to visit in Krabi Island, this place has managed to preserve its simplicity and the charm of old world. Along with all the rush and hush of today’s life, this place is still able to breathe and live just like it used to do before several decades. This is considered as one of the best places to visit in Krabi Island and has a modern approach but it is still considered as a great cover and a homely place which gives help to all the troubled and home sick people. Most popular things about krabi town are the well maintained old charm and undeniable beauty of Thailand. There are many fishing boats lined up in the dock and many exciting bars which gives warm welcome to the tourists and many cute and inviting café which host many evening tea and morning breakfast along with some naturally amazing parks where there is jingling and mingling of locals and tourists. You can spend some lazy nights and laid back days in Krabi Island and take a stroll on dock and explore the sea side view while enjoying a cup of coffee. You can also watch a musical galore if the bar you are visiting have a gala time.

  • Krabi shell cemetery

Shell cemetry in krabi
Krabi shell cemetry

This is considered as one of the oldest places to visit in Krabi Island. This is one of the scary spot and is there since 40 million years. It is basically a 200 m stretch which is fossilized shells which came into existence when limestone deposits covered up the beings and getting them trapped into the process. There are total only three such cemeteries in the world and Krabi shell cemetery is one of them. If you are a sea relic lover or a geology buff then this is a must visit place for you. There are some of the small Chinese temples and mangrove forests to see around this cemetery. Apart from this unique cemetery, there is an unexplored beach of Susan Hoi which steals the show. Some of the inviting things about this extraordinary place are natural surroundings, white water, unlittered beaches and fresh and unpolluted air. You can play a game of hunting and check out who can find more shells and more unique shells. You can also check out the reserved forest area and also the parallel beaches which are basically not accessible for the public but it can be accessed if you are going to the cemetery. It is advisable to hire a guide who can help you to explore the fossils of shells deeply.

  • Klong Thom hot springs

It is free flowing warm water which is studded by shiny rocks which are smoothened by ferocious flow of water. This is exactly the correct scene of klong Thom hot springs. These are basically deep routed thermal springs which are situated inside the volcanic chambers of Klong Thom. It is believed that this warm water has certain healing power which can heal the skin diseases if any. There is also beautiful stretches of vegetation which can be a great get away from the hustle and bustle of city. Even on the day with highest temperature, the temperature of the water is 42 to 45 degrees. If you are not able to deal with the hot springs, you can also have bath in the cool water which flows just by the side of the hot springs. This is one of the best places to visit in krabi island and ensure you don’t miss out this place.




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