Places To Visit In Pattaya

Beautiful places to visit in pattaya
Amazing places to visit in pattaya

The reputation of pattaya has emerged a lot since past some years. Pattaya is situated approximately 200 kms away from Bangkok. Places to visit in pattaya are very convenient to get some sun and enjoy the sand. Places to visit in pattaya consist of several beaches and hence it has been nicknamed as beach town which has been successful for drawing attention of plenty of tourists.  The profile of places to visit in pattya has emerged quite a lot and it has been steadily increasing and is now considered as one of the most popular beach in Southeast Asia. Before some time pattaya was considered as bachelor destination but the government has taken several efforts and has converted it into a family destination. Places to visit in pattya are bustling with people and considered as a lively city with plenty of activities to do and have fun from. If you are considering places to visit in pattya, you must make a bucket list as to which one to visit and which not to in your limited span of time. To help you out here is a list of some of the best places to visit in pattaya.

  • Jomtien beach

If you are searching for a place where you can have a good escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life and still be able to enjoy the charm of pattaya then you can consider going to jomtien beach.  This is one of those places to visit in pattya which is family friendly and hence if you are with your kids, you can probably explore this beautiful beach.  Lie across the peaceful shoreline of the beach and take shade under the trees at the edge of the beach. Now this is not the only thing you can do as you would not have come so far just for lying across the beach. Some of the enduring activities to do at jomtien beach are parasailing, jet skiing and windsurfing. Water lovers can go for a swim in the refreshing water of this beach.  There are also some good restaurants for refreshment to try some really good sea food and other cuisines.

  • Sanctuary of truth

Sanctuary of truth, Thai architecture
Sanctuary of truth in pattaya

This place is regarded as the glory of heaven recreated on the earth. Now you can imagine yourself how beautiful this place would be and why it is in the list of best places to visit in pattaya. Sanctuary of truth is a huge building which will be a study of the Thai architectural patterns. Each and every available space in this building is decorated intricately with wood carvings and whole structure of this building was constructed to serve as home to some ancient and historical philosophies and religions. This is a kind of reaction to modern attitudes and egoistical behaviors. While visiting this tremendous sanctuary of truth, you can have a look at the Thai boxing and other cultural shows. You can also enjoy the activities like horseback riding or elephant riding or even try roaming around in a speed boat.

  • Nong Nooch village

If you want to see the culture of pattaya then this is one of the best places to visit in pattaya. Nong nooch village offers everything on a spectrum.  There is this beautiful orchid garden which will evoke the horticulturist in you. There is also one zoo which is really fun to visit for the people for all ages. You can also enjoy the boxing match or the cock fights or even the elephant show. Now with all these cool things to do who would not like t visit his one of the most adorable places to visit in pattaya.

  • Mini Siam

This is one the cutest ways to see the wonders of pattaya and the world. Mini Siam will show the models of some of the most popular international sites. Some of these famous sites includes statue of liberty of New York, Sydney’s opera house, Tower bridge of London, Wat Arun and victory monument of Bangkok. Hence by visiting this one place mini Siam you can explore all the popular places of entire world. However while you are explore this one of the best places to visit in pattaya, you need to make booking before one day for your convenience.

  • Four regions floating market

This is the first and the only floating market in entire pattaya. This is actually a bustling commerce life which gives the visitors an opportunity to get to know the local living and indulge in mazing Thai fare.  If strolling through the market does not entertain you much then you can go on a tour which has boat rides where you can see the rice fields and also watch some traditional Thai houses along with the wicker crafting art and also watch the kite museum.

  • Pattaya park

Water park of pattaya park
Rides in pattaya park

It would really be an exclusive experience to visit Pattaya Park despite of the fact which age group you belong to. Whether you are young or you are old, you will have a great fun by going to this one of the most fun places to visit in Pattaya. You can go for adrenaline pumping by going on a ride on the roller coaster or try out the carousel ride. If you want to cool down then there is Water Park and you can also visit the pattaya park tower where you can see some of the beautiful views of the area while having some really good meal.

  • Under water pattaya world

Visiting the underwater world of pattaya is not some other visit to aquarium. This is indeed one of the best places to visit in pattaya as it gives you some memorable experience you can never forget. You can stay for a night with the animals and also feed the fish from the bottle and dive with rays and sharks in the water. You can also try feeding otter and sharks. If you want some activities like snorkeling, diving and such things, then make sure to book this tings in advance only.


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