Places To visit In Toronto

Places to explore in toronto
Places to visit in toronto

Toronto is considered as the capital city of Ontario. It is located in Canada and is considered as the largest and most populated city of Canada. Toronto is such beautiful spot and has a mixture of diversified and beautiful places to visit. Toronto has a dynamic mix of various attractions like if you want to chill and relax there are white sandy beaches to explore, if you are a creative person, you can see the gallery of art in the famous CN tower, if you are interested in exploring history and culture you can visit the museums. The city of Toronto is considered as the entertainment district as there are plenty of shows and all held here. Toronto is also a great mix of art and creativity as there are lots of musical shows held here along with performance of art. If you are considering exploring Toronto and you are in search of places to visit in Toronto, then this article will help you with it. As one of the largest city of Canada, Toronto is very large and it has plenty of places to visit and if you are not planning your trip for too long then you need a short list of only those places which are best and should not be left out while your visit in Toronto. Here are some of the top places to visit in Toronto.

  • CN tower

Night view of CN tower
CN tower, Toronto

Undoubtedly CN tower is one of the most significant places to visit in Toronto. It is one of the most popular landmarks and is having a height of 533 meters. This tower is placed above the downtown and it is so huge that it can be seen from any corner of the city. If you are Toronto this is one of those places to visit in Toronto that you cannot afford to lose. The travellers have the choice either they can just watch the beauty of the tower buy stain doing on the ground or they can they can have a tour on one of the observation areas or dine at restaurant in there and take the amazing view of the city and the splendid lake Ontario. If you want to reach at the highest viewing area of CN tower then you can visit the skypod. It is situated 447 meters over the city showing some of the greatest views which can extend to the great Niagara falls and also New York state. For reaching this point, you need to take two elevators. At the top point of the main elevator there is horizon restaurant which is at 346 heights. Below one floor of this, there is outdoor sky terrace and glass floor. The glass floor is the same as its name suggests, it offers a view straight down the city when the tourists stand on the glass floor. If you are adventurous and want to try something wild, then you can probably try edge walk. Here there is a hands free walk on an edge which is 1.5 meter wide on the outside part of the main pod where there is an elevation of 365 meters. Those who are trying this activity are attached with a rope and also with the safety harness.

  • Art gallery of Ontario

The art gallery of Ontario is very much renowned and it has a unique and modern structure. It is located on the west side of city Centre. There are so many temporary exhibitions lined up and organized though out the year in this fabulous art gallery. The collection of this art gallery includes the work of African, European, and Canadian and oceanic. This museum specifically holds a special collection of Canadian paintings.

  • Royal Ontario museum

The royal Ontario museum is popularly known as ROM. This is one of the most premier museums and it has its international reputation for its high level collection and excellence. It has extremely awesome collection and conducts major exhibitions across the globe. There is a huge expansion of facilities and it shows modern wing depicting glass and sharp angles which are added on an extremely traditional building. This museum has such collection which covers up a huge period from all over the world.

  • Casa Loma

Must visit place of Toronto, casa loma
Castle type structure of Casa loma

It is an extremely ancient structure standing on beautifully maintained ground. This somewhat give the idea of the remnant of the medieval castle. This building was basically constructed for sir henry pellet who was a Canadian multi-millionaire who was first in the list of the one to recognize and even exploit the potential of money making part of Niagara Falls. This structure has approximately 100 rooms in it and also has approximately three dozens of bathroom and now it is converted into a museum. Tourists can have a glance to the period back then and see the European splendor and glory. The foremost castle of Canada is fully complete with secret passage and decorated suits, splendid towers, and an 800 foot tunnel, five acres of estate garden and stables.


  • Toronto zoo

One of the best places to visit in Toronto is Toronto zoo. If you are exploring Toronto with your family and have kids then you must visit Toronto zoo. Toronto zoo is very huge and have a collection of thousands of animals which are lying on the red river located at 40 kilometers in the northeast of the city Centre. Some of the most popular attractions include the panda exhibit which was opened in the year 2013 and now is one of the favorites of people. Toronto zoo is divided in various sections each of them signifying one of the major regions of the world. One of the unique sections is North American section which grizzly bear, attractive polarium and vast bison park. Some of the other attractions of Toronto zoo include the great barrier reef and the African savanna.

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