Places To Visit In Venice

Places to explore in venice
Places to visit in Venice

When you are in a city which is filled with plenty of tourist attractions, it is really difficult to decide where to start and where to stop. Venice is also such a place where you would be confused as to which place to go and which one to leave. The best way for places to visit in Venice is to just get lost for some hours and strolling around the exciting streets and passages wandering beside the canals and exploring the secret corners. While you are exploring the places to visit in Venice, at each and every turn of Venice you will find something to remember and take a picture of.  Now if you are worried how you will get back from this exploration then you don’t need to worry about it a bit as you can easily get back to Grand Canal and Piazza San Marco as these are most remarkable places to visit in Venice. These two are the best sights where you would want to lie and don’t return back. You can also a take a stroll around and visit some of the beautiful islands of Venice like Burano, Torcello, Lido and Murano. However if this is not helping you out with places to visit in Venice, then here is a brief of some of the best places to visit in Venice which should not be left out  while you are there in Venice.

  • Marks Basilica

This is one of the best places to visit in Venice as it is one of the most popular churches in this place. This church can be easily recognized in the world as this church was originally Doge’s private chapel which is decorated with art treasures. These arts were brought by the Venetian ships after there was fall of Constantinople. This is one of the major attractions showing the accumulation of wealth of Venice and also the military power of this place. The design of this one of the best places to visit in Venice has a mixed design of gothic architecture and byzantine architecture styles in a different way. There is a tomb on the behind part of the church which is holding the remains of the saint mark which has a jewel adorned screen of gold which is one of the finest work and craftsmanship in the entire world.

  • Grand canal

Evening view of Grand canal
Grand canal, venice

This is one of the top places to visit in Venice and you cannot find any better way to start the exploration of this place. You can try the gondola ride and explore down the Grand Canal and have fun of seeing the places of Venice. Venice is a city where cars are banned and hence public vaporetti, gondolas and water taxis are the best ways of travelling around the city. Grand Canal is crossed up by four bridges and the most popular and famous among all the bridges is the Rialto Bridge of the 16th century. The best time to take a gondola ride is in the early morning when the canal is shimmering with golden light.

  • Rialto bridge

This bridge is one of the four bridges which is lying around the grand canal. Since last three hundred years, this bridge is only way to cross this canal y foot if you want to. Stone bridge which is again very popular one was built and completed in the year 1591 by Antonio da Ponte was used for replacing a wooden bridge which broke down in the year 1524. The engineering of this bridge was such that many of the architectures have predicted it to collapse in the future date. But however this bridge has proved to be one of the best architectural icons of Venice despite of such critical acclaims. Hence while you are exploring this place, make sure to have a walk at this bridge with such interesting history.

  • Piazza san Marco

This is one of the top places to visit in Venice along with the only public square present in Venice. Since many centuries, this place has been the main gathering place of people. There are several open air café’s and also several land mark attractions to see including palazzo ducale and San Marco basilica. This is one of the epic places and also must visit place in this wonderful city of canals. This place has been actually laid out in a trapezoid shape which will be widening itself as it will reach the Basilica. It’s a memorable Venetian experience to get exploring this place in any season.

  • Santa Maria Della salute

Morning view of Santa Maria della salute
Santa Maria della salute in Venice

This place is commonly referred to as la salute. This is basically a 17th century church which is situated at a point where the Grand Canal will be meeting up with the Venetian lagoon. The remarkable things of this church is white stone edifice and the massive dome which is built as a shrine to the virgin Mary for protecting the city from plague which killed one third of population of this place. There is also a beautiful altar structure which will be showing the Madonna of health which will kick out the demon plague from this city. There is also a beautiful collection of work by the titan on the display itself which will have painting on the ceiling depicting the scenes of the Old Testament.

  • Ca Rezzonico

Of all the beautiful places which lines up the Grand Canal, there is no place which depict what the life was in the 18th century in Venice better than Ca Rezzonico. There are many paintings which will show the popular ceiling of frescos and reproduction and also some of the authentic paintings which will restore the original glory of this place. The grand ballroom of this palace is also worth visiting as it has served plenty of parties since 200 or more years. You can see it in one of the movies of 2005 Casanova which was featuring heath ledger. This entire building is now open to public for visiting and hence you must also have a look at this place.


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