Popular Beach Destinations In Asia

Famous beach Destinations In Asia
Coconut trees on beach destinations in Asia

Asia is home to some of the best of beaches of the world. Whether you are planning a beach honeymoon or in a mood for a fun-filled beach retreat, the oriental beaches are ready to cater promising best of experiences. The article here is a little bit on the popular beach destinations in Asia.


Lombok in Indonesia is famous for its Senggigi beach which is a true paradise with pristine sandy stretch and cool blue water. . The good bit is that Lombok carries a versatile range of tourist interests. Albeit a fair share of Lombak beaches are renowned for their serenity and tranquil ambience yet you will also find a handful of beaches here bustling with great shopping stalls & other amusing venues.


When you are looking for best Asian beach destinations, you cannot miss out on Thailand’s Ko Samui. Chaweng Beach is the most visited destination here which is popular for its adventure packed beach antics for the tourists. You will love blue waters and soft sand bordering the beach- moreover there are awesome Thai eateries, an electrifying nightlife and shops waiting for you just behind the Chaweng.


Then, obviously you have Langkawi from Malaysia which is loved for its beautiful private beaches perfectly suited for those in mood for a tranquil gateway, far away from the hustle bustle of daily life. The Tanjung Rhu is the most famous beach in Langkawi which never fails to mnesmerize with its true postcard beauty. Tanjung is really wide and looks magical with deep ocean blue waters, palm trees and soft sandy stretch. The beach has got a single resort only and hence you are guaranteed of the much desired space and privacy amidst beautiful surrounds. In fact, this Langkwai beach is ideal for the newly married honeymooning couples.