Safety precautions to be taken while going for trekking in mountains

Be safe while trekking in mountains
Safety tips while trekking in mountains

Trekking in the mountains is not as easy as it looks. You need to carry certain things as a precautionary measure. The luggage you carry with you for mountain trekking should have certain things which are almost mandatory to carry. Waterproof carry bags or kits should be used so that everything is safe inside it. Usually there is a limit to the weight for your luggage while mountain trekking, and if you exceed it you will need to pay some extra charges.

The first aid box is something you can never forget about while going for trekking anywhere. Carry adequate amount of drinking water and eatables so that you are not caught thirsty or when hunger strikes while trekking. Carrying a pair of extra clothes is advised. Carry a sun cream to keep your skin safe from the strong rays of the sun. Some other small essentials you should include in your luggage are torchlight, batteries, sunglasses, rope, hand gloves, etc.