Some Cool Facts About New Zealand

Cool facts about new zealand
Interesting facts about new zealand

New Zealand is so beautiful that it is considered as the land of white clouds. New Zealand is so drop down gorgeous that it is listed in the list of one of the most photographed places on the earth. New Zealand is Small Island and has population of 4.5 million people. This cute little place is made up from two land masses, North Island and south island and several numbers of Small Islands including the Stewart Island. It is located in the south west Pacific Ocean. The main two islands are divided by a stretch of 22 kms of water known as Cook Strait. New Zealand is situated 1500 km in east of Australia and 1000 kms from the pacific islands. This island has relative remoteness and gets water locked and sues to this reason it is the last country to be found, explored and settled. Eve4n though found in last, New Zealand has some of the spectacular landscapes and some wide mountain ranges, some exotic volcanoes and sweeping coastlines. New Zealand is a natural playground gifted by god to thrill seekers and adventure lovers and also for the one who love landscapes and culture. I am sure you will be flabbergasted with the description of this beautiful place but there is lot more to learn about this place which will make you fall in love with a New Zealand even more. If you want to know more about this place, read this article and explore a lot about it. Here are some of the cool and interesting facts about New Zealand.

Facts about New Zealand

  • New Zealand is the only place where you can find the archey’s frog. This frog is very unusual and will not be seen anywhere else except New Zealand. This is because such frogs will not pass through the stage of tadpole. These frogs lay the eggs on the land only in moist vegetation and they come out as froglets having tails. The father of such frogs will carry their froglets around their neck. However these species is getting scarce and they are rarely found.
  • New Zealand is the second country in the world after USA to have maximum number of McDonalds per head of population.
  • You might have a misconception that the mozzarella cheese used for the worldwide chain of pizza huts would be coming from Italy only which is totally misconception only. Even though majority of the people have this thought, this is wrong it actually comes from taranaki city of New Zealand.
  • Natural wonder, waitomo caves
    Waitomo caves, New Zealand

    New Zealand does not have any four legged natural mammal. Bats are the only land mammal found in New Zealand. The first one to settle here were Maori and the animals they bought with them were the non-flying mammals and this happened before 735 years.

  • One of the examples of New Zealand’s natural beauty is the caves with stars. Tourist takes a underground visit to witness the mesmerizing Waitomo caves. This is the region of glow warms or fire flies as they are popularly called. The river waitomo runs underground through the caves where natural light cannot reach. Visitors take boat trip along the river where you will find plenty of these tiny insects high above the cave which will give you the effect of night time with plenty of glow warms looking like stars twinkling in the dark sky.
  • New Zealand is the home to world’s smallest dolphin. Hector dolphin is the smallest dolphin in the world and it is seen only in New Zealand. Such adult dolphin would be 1.4 meters in length and hence they are even small then most of the adult humans. They will need shallow water and hence they don’t go far in the sea to sail.
  • Are you resident of New Zealand and intending to give oddball name to your kid? If yes then don’t do it as it is officially prohibited by the law to give the kids oddball names. You cannot give names like got Lucy, fat boy, Lucifer, Beauty blossom Cinderella, Keenan and general. New Zealand doesn’t allow the [parents to give their kids such names.
  • New Zealand was not discovered and was also out of human beings before 800 years.
  • Queen of New Zealand was Elizabeth 2 and also the head of the state.
  • There are three official languages of New Zealand and sign language is one of them.
  • You will be shocked to know that New Zealand is the fastest country in the entire world for starting a business. It started business in just one day.
  • Out of all the modern countries which are independent in today’s date, New Zealand was the first country which allowed the women to vote.
  • Drug companies are not allowed to advertise directly with their customers and it is considered illegal in the entire world except for two countries New Zealand and US.
  • Bungy jumping in new zealand
    Man trying bungy jumping

    New Zealand does not have any terrestrial snakes.

  • In the year 2013 in New Zealand, there was a bacteria found which are resistant to every type of antibiotic known.
  • Based upon the result of corruption perception index, New Zealand and Denmark are the two least corrupt countries in the entire world.
  • New Zealand is the home to steepest street in the entire world having the steep of 38 degree gradient. The name of this street is Baldwin St located in Dunedin.
  • The ninety miles beach of the New Zealand is actually only 55 miles long.
  • The first commercial bungee jumping was organized in New Zealand for the very first time in the entire world.
  • The logo of the Royal air force of New Zealand is Kiwi which is bird without flight.
  • In the year 2006, there was an Australian man who tries to sell New Zealand on Ebay. The starting price was AU$0.01 and it reached up to $3000 before the auction was closed by Ebay.
  • The government of New Zealand will deny residency Visa if the person applying for that is overweight. There have been cases of several rejection due to obesity of the person.

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