Things to do in Dubai

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Explore Dubai – Things to do

Dubai, one of the most trending cities that are increasing the trend of many tourist attractions now a days. Well, travelers can enjoy a delicate balance of both the historical as well as the modern taste of Dubai, if planning is visiting it for your trip. Taking from the palm Jumeirah to the Burj Khalifa, here’s the list of things to do ion Dubai. You should not miss any of such things because there’s a lot more things to do in Dubai that is simply offered by it. Dubai is a city that simply needs to be believed. There are different records breaking artistic as well as architectural structures along with the traditional aspects that should not be missed by any of the travelers visiting Dubai for the trip.

Simply enjoy the scenic beauty of man-made islands that are out of the coastlines of Dubai. Here is the list of different things to explore and do while selecting Dubai as your favorite traveling spot. But first thing first, get known to the city before you head ahead of exploring for the same. Start your journey from heading straight to the top most section of the great Burj Khalifa where you’ll definitely get mesmerized from the incredible view of stretching over the entire space of Dubai. Here is the list of interesting things to do in Dubai.

Things to explore in Dubai:

Dubai Mall:

Start your journey of exploring Dubai by visiting the world famous Dubai mall. Skirting the Burj Khalifa in the downtown of Dubai is something every shoppers are in need of. Dubai mall is amongst the largest shopping area in the world that is the hub of over 1200 and more stores. Even, if you’re not really interested in buying anything, but a visit to the mall is worth.

The Dubai Mall also contains and includes huge facilities of entertainment like Movie Theater, ice rink, aquarium and several kids’ friendly attractions. The featuring aquarium consists of more than 33000 species of underwater creatures that should not be missed by the travelers.

But, But, But, if you happen to be around the night, it’s advisable to stop around the Dubai fountain. It’s among the hugest fountains in the world. It is situated outside the mall premise. It is constructed and created by the world famous Bellagio who are famous in presenting with beautiful dancing fountain all over the world.

The fountain featuring mainly the night show offers with the music of eastern as well as the western music. It’s advisable picking up a guiding map before you visit the Mall because it is huge in space that might lead in getting you lost from where you started off. And the best way for visiting and reaching to the Bruj Khalifa is by taking the metro from the mall station.

Jumeirah Beach:

Jumeirah Beach - Day view
Jumeirah Beach beauty

Jumeirah beach is simply situated within the walking distance from the beautiful Bruj Al Arab. It is accurately said that it is amongst the Dubai’s best strip of sandy beach that you should not miss at all. Many of the sun seekers visit this beach for enjoying the lively shoreline for revealing and enjoying Dubai’s bright sun rays. While on the other hand water experts take the benefits of enjoying the calm and turquoise blue water of the Gulf.

It is also equipped with different children playgrounds where your children can easily explore their age games and fun things.

Burj Al Arab:

Burj Al Arab is opened since 1999 and its spectacular view between the perched Persian Gulf taking from the Jumeirah beach to the Palm Island offers the view of a stunning construction of architectures that you cannot let your eyes to resist any more.

It is shaped in a curve glass façade. It is modeled and structures after the sails that had invited Dubai’s great waterways all of these years. It is among the uber luxurious hotel that is situated on a man-made island of his own. Isn’t it something different that web should not miss while visiting Dubai for our holiday?

This hotel not only offers world’s tallest atrium at nearly 600 to 700 feet high in the sky but it is amongst the tallest luxurious hotels in the world. Taking the architects aside, there are many luxurious antiques that mesmerize your wish of coming and visiting back again and again. Its amenities and facilities include helipad and revolving beds in many of its suites. But, let me tell you Burj Al Arab is amongst the most expensive hotels of the world. You might not be able to afford its price ration because it is even more than 15000 dollars.

Burt, it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy it; you can simply visit one of the hotels of Burj Al Arab for enjoying the sea food which is popular all over the world. Grab a bite in the on-site restaurant of the hotel which is considered to be in your budget if you’re not planning of spending more amount of dollars for a night.

Burj Khalifa:

Burj Khalifa - Night view
Scenic view of Burj Khalifa

How can we forget world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. I know right, it’s something that makes our trip more worthy. Who don’t want to have a look at this huge construction of architecture? Approximately, it is 132 floors high up in the sky which is something unique and beautiful. You can simply have the look of entire Dubai by stepping up high in Burj Khalifa.

It is the most crucial architectural structure on any Dubai agenda till now. It proudly holds the title of world’s tallest building. Visitors only offer and say two words: simply gorgeous. Travelers can take the ride through the elevators and climb up high to the 124th floor ops Burj Khalifa. Even you can travel to the highest floor that is 148th floor but you need to take special passes and permission because it is amongst many of the residential areas of many celebs and people.


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